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Author Topic: Faith has returned and looking to start 1 or 2 games! [ New story!! ]  (Read 419 times)

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Offline FaiithTopic starter

Hello, I am Faith and I have just finally gotten back to Elliquiy after an insanely long absence. I'm thinking up new stories and making a point of messaging everyone I can track down about the stories I disappeared during.

**If a story we were playing was cut off, please message me if I haven't gotten to you!**

** I do only partake in hetero roleplays for the moment. **
I'll be up front and honest about the things I will not do so you can find out right away if I suit any story or pairing you might have in mind.

I'll just tell you a bit about me before the big list.
I have been roleplaying for years so, don't worry, I will not hit you with one liners.
I don't mind playing the Dom, but I'll be honest, I'm terrible at it.
I won't give you a ditzy moron of a sub, unless that's what you would like. I can have her be as resistant or tame as you would like.
I will never just bail on you, if I am no longer interested in the roleplay, I will tell you. Hopefully you will do the same for me.

I am fine with about any pairing really, save the ones listed below in my big red Don'ts! section. I'm open minded about plots and such things, just pm me and I'll be more than happy to hammer out the details.

Thank you for your time!


Curious to try!!

Bestiality. - In discussion
Anthro. - Game in progress.


Macro <- I tried, some guy weirded the HELL out of me with it and I just can't go back to it.
Anything to do with children.


Now that I've gotten that business out of the way, I figure I'll post some preferred pairings. I'll bold the role I wish to play, though in some I can swing either way.

Homewrecking Taken by Sparkling Angel

A man who has always lead a normal and successful life finds himself interested in a younger woman who has recently moved into the house/apartment next to his.
He loves his wife but, curiosity tends to get the better of him as she brings back memories of when he was younger and free to do what he pleased.

The girl would be about 23-24
The man between 30 - 50

Revolution Taken by Lord Drake

In the future, 2320 to be exact, things are very much different after the fourth world war. Nothing is really left of the world, just sanctioned areas where people are expected to obey and serve the new ruler of whats left of North America.
Hundred foot stone walls surround the cities now, keeping those who choose to disobey, far away from resources.
The world is seemingly made of concrete now, no forests to hide in, just collapsed buildings.
Everyone in the city is now chipped, easily tracked, health monitored, every breath recorded. It is illegal to remove your chip, but a few select people have cut the chips out and chosen to raid the cities for supplies and to create mischief.

A special group of soldiers exists to exterminate the people who refuse to obey every given order. They sweep the outer city areas and terminate anyone found with out a chip in their system.

Unfortunately one soldier is injured during a scuffle with a group of rebels set on killing off the soldiers, and true to the code, he is left for dead. Of course he'll still fight for his life and do what he can to attempt to follow through with the mission, he'll find himself caught and taken prisoner by the group. One of the female members grows very much fascinated with him, though she is very much unstable and wild, he has a rather bizarre obsession with the captured commando.

Little Red Riding Hood. In discussion

Little Red Riding Hood, you all know the story but in this version, Red is much older.
She is traveling to her grandmother's house in the rural countryside when her car breaks down and she is forced to walk the rest of the way.
Where in she meets the 'wolf'
A werewolf that is, who decides he'd like her goodies.

.Broken Lives // Fairy Dust.   Open

Two star crossed addicts find each other through abnormal means.

(I have a few different ideas to go with this)

1. She's clean, he isn't. He's the bad boy and she falls fast and hard, soon to be taken on a wild ride through his world.

2. She's the addict, he's the clean one, he meets that girl.. the one they all call a slutty drug addict. He can either try to save her or go forth and join her.
Side note: I'm really not looking for a 'needy virgin' type for this one. Awkward and nerdy just does't interest me ^_^

3. (The original idea) They're both addicts but, she is with someone else in the house, a rather possessive and jealous lunatic with a herion addiction to boot, he likes to take his frustration out on her. The thing is, her abusive boyfriend provides various drugs for those who take shelter in his run down home.
The guy in this story would connect with her over time and a strange affair would come to be.

The House Guest. Taken by Aiden

A man is asked by his boss and good friend to house sit for him while he is on a business trip to Europe, of course his fun seems to come to an end when his boss' bratty younger sister decides to skip a couple of weeks of school and hide out at her brothers. Of course, if he could crack her, it might be a lot more fun.

Lessons Taken by Ty5550
An assassination attempt goes very badly when the young woman is distracted before ending the life of her target, the repercussions could be very worth the mistake.

Leashed to a Master Taken by Dark Clown

In a world where Anthro's rule and humans are pets, a young girl is brought to her first home by a new master. Despite mating with humans being taboo and seen as inappropriate, sparks fly.

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