Seducitve ideas (females required)

Started by seducer12, December 22, 2009, 04:46:49 AM

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Model Photographer
Rita Davis was thirty three years old. She had established herself in the photography business with a lot of hard work and dedication. She was also extremely talented. She was regarded as one of the best. She is happily married and is exactly where she wants to be.
Rafael Da Silva was 26 years old. He was the perfect male model. With the perfect body and the perfect face, women all over the world  swooned over him. He was known to be a womaniser. No one woman seemed to satisfy him, and he could have them all.
They meet when Rita agrees to do photography for a book on a model’s life, the subject being Rafael Da Silva. The book aims to capture the ups and downs of a model’s life as well as the advantages and hardships of celebrity. Rafael is attracted to Rita and seduces her like he does for many women. Rita resists at first but in the end just cannot resist him. She gives into lust and passion and soon grows to find out that she cannot do without him. She needs him. After a while, Rafael grows tired of her, but she still wants him.
This could go a number of ways.

Zac Efron/ Married woman
Samantha Jones has always had a crush on Zac Efron. She is 35 years old, married and has a daughter. She is also a housewife who gave up her budding career as a journalist when her child was born. One day she is book shopping and sees Zac Efron at the bookstore. He is with his girlfriend. She can’t take her eyes off him. She decides to get his autograph under the premise of getting it for her daughter. As she takes the autographed cd from his hand, she palms him a note telling him to meet her in the restroom.
This can be taken forward in many ways
Woman CEO/ Hunk at bar
Jennifer Mitchell is a successful woman. At thirty five she is the CEO of a huge multinational company. She has got to where she is because of her ruthless attitude and extreme dedication. Unfortunately, because of this she doesn’t have much of personal life. Just one night stands. One day after a tiresome day at work, she goes to the swanky bar near her apartment for a drink like she always does. As usual, drunk men start hitting on her and she rejects all of them. But she notices an extremely sexy young man eyeing her from the corner of the bar. He seems to be with a girl but keeps looking at her. When he comes over, Jennifer thinks he’s the usual, but he turns out to be extremely intelligent and seduces her with her words. He takes her back to her place that night and she has one of the best nights of her life.
She starts to fall in love with him, underneath her hard exterior.
This also can be taken forward in many ways.
In all the plots, I play the male. All the plots can be modified to suit both the roleplayer’s needs and any thoughts are welcome. I would require my roleplay partner to be intelligent and literate, and I would like to really concentrate on the seduction in these situations.


One more idea.

John Lewis is a very successful businessman. But he is balding has a growing tummy. He has not aged well. He is 40 years old
Maria Lewis is 35 years old. She has aged extremely well. She is the consummate woman. Sexy sophisticated, intelligent. As the years have passed she is continuously dissatisfied with her sexual life. She feels she needs and deserves more. At one party, she is extremely attracted to this beautiful young man, and he tries to seduce her. She tries to resist in the interest of her marriage but can’t. He takes her to a room upstairs and satisfies her like she never has been before. As they are having sex, her husband walks in. Maria knows she has been caught red handed. So she decides to try on last thing. She commands him to sit down and watch and be her cuckold. To her surprise, her husband meekly accepts.


Does it need to be female in real life, or can it be a male playing a female?



No worries, I'm new here so just thought I'd find out LOL, good luck in your search


Hello Seducer,

Well you certainly know what you want and how to ask for it; I like that in men. I am up for playing with you so have a look at my profile and see if we are a match and then contact me by PM please.