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Author Topic: Welcome to the Sabbat (WoD, VtM)  (Read 598 times)

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Offline joeyfxTopic starter

Welcome to the Sabbat (WoD, VtM)
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:52:54 PM »
you wake up and all you know is hunger. it isn't even you that's knowing it. something deeper... instinctual... animal has taken over and it begins to thrash. fingers curl into loose packed earth as a scream is rewarded with a flood of dirt. then fingers not belonging to you catch your calf, pulling you back down and as the beast fights to surface from the literal plane as it had already done with the metaphorical plane it finds itself using your hands to grip another body struggling slightly above you. fingers sink into flesh an with your face rubbing right up against a filthy sweaty leg, somehow, even with your nose packed with grit, you smell the blood beneath the surface of skin.

as you use the squirming twisting body as leverage to undig yourself, you realize you've no interest in going any further once you reached neck level. you swallowed dirt to clear your mouth to free the way for the blood that your teeth suddenly freed. there was no disgust, no revulsion for your savage act. All you knew was the Blood. It's everything. It's pantie-soaking, pant-tenting orgasmic bliss.

It is the closest your damned soul will ever get to Heaven.

Suddenly the body is fighting you, a last ditch effort and in his flailing and your effort to restrain him, you feel the surface of the dirt break and your head shoved into the cold night air. vision is slow to return with so much soil rubbed into your eyes, but it doesn't matter; all you'd see would be red anyway. All you'd want is more of that soul shattering blood. suddenly a hand is breaking free beneath you, trying to pull itself up at your expense.

you can choose fight or flight... either way you aren't running on logic. all you feel is hunger, and confusion, and a mud caked steel shovel. that last bit was experienced upon delivery by a hulking blur of a man. it was enough to knock your fatigued ass right the F out.

You. the true You. You returned to control and awareness with the sudden realization that your fangs were buried in a cooling throat. Even in control, you second guess jumping away from the tap that eeks it's slow warm drip of liquid mana, but once you do, you're aware of the dozens of bodies around you, some moving and covered head to toe in dirt, some not. Then there were the ones standing. They watched with callous amusement, silhouettes, obscured by the shining headlights aimed at the stretch of impromptu burial ground... mass burial ground.

Eventually a figure stepped forth. He was imposing in a way you'd never seen before, muscle bulked and tone, even with a pronounced gut. His massive paws ran over his bald head as he barked at those with enough sense to listen. Clearly this was the sort of thing that would only be gone over once. This was your introduction to the Sabbat.

"it doesn't matter what you did in your old life. construction worker, soccer mom, cheerleader, tax auditor; none of the shit gonna matter for what we need ya for. Yer dead. Every one of ya. Dead. We killed you. We strangled and stabbed and beat you to death. We took you out of your homes, your cars, right off the street. Anyone that was with you when we took you? Well... look real close at those clean bodies you were just sucking the blood out of. They didn't dig their way out of the dirt. See anyone you recognize? You are vampires now. You are fodder for the Sabbat war machine. Those that survive might live another week, or another. You are Cainites, and in the Sabbat, being a Vampire does not beget being immortal. Any questions?"

ooc: any takers?

if you know vampire the masquerade, great. you can make a character or just a concept, but you're fresh out of the grave. i wanna choose your clan and so forth but if you have preferences, let me know OOC and we'll talk it out.

if you don't know world of darkness or Sabbat, don't worry. this will be the perfect introduction to the world as i see it.

i'm not big on dice rolling but if you wanna make a sheet you can if you'd like to stick around with this thread or with my ideas for awhile.

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Re: Welcome to the Sabbat (WoD, VtM)
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 11:32:42 AM »
Her eyes tried to open but the heavy soil covering them made it impossible. The realization that she was buried alive caused a panic to rise, followed quickly by the secondary knowledge that she had a lack of breath in her chest and no beat of a heart. A choked, inaudible scream tried to sound its way through the dirt. The figure flailed amongst the mass, kicking and digging at this point not caring if anyone else is in the way. Her long nails dug into the dirt pushing her way through it, clawing to get out not caring if she began to bleed or not, at this point it was all about survival. The constant dragging down and tugging on her from the countless others around her made her fight more than she ever had on the surface.

Finally breaking free of the dirt, she used another's head and shoulders to help push off and upward out of the fresh grave. Her dark green eyes flashed open toward the sky as she felt the gnawing deep in the pit of her stomach, deep within her core. It was nigh insatiable and she found herself latching onto whatever came her way. The animal in her had taken control and she had little choice but to listen to its call. It was then she heard the sound of a voice. Her focus had slowly returned and she stood up to her full five foot eight inch height, listening to his words.

As she stared down at herself now and those around her, she realized just what a monster she was. The mud and dirt clung, caked to her nice Armani Suit. Her ruby red locks no longer their lustrous color but covered in mud and slowly drying blood. Her manicured nails broken and filled with bits of flesh and gore. She frowned some and felt the sudden swirling in the pit of her stomach causing her to suddenly lean to the side and purge all that she had just taken in. It was a mistake to be sure, but the humanity within her made the ideas of what she had just done unbearable.

Angelina was a well to do business woman, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she was no more than the beasts she helped to prosecute. A killer. An animal. A monster.