Looking for Literate Roleplays that involve D/s!-Updated!

Started by Obsidian Isolabella, December 16, 2009, 03:42:30 PM

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Obsidian Isolabella

Hello everyone!!

Alright, so I have been kind of out of commission lately with my daughter, in case some of you didn't know already, I am having a little girl named Kiera Rose and she has been SAPPING most of my literate desires and abilities lately, BUT since a couple of days ago, I have finally gotten it back!! YAY!!! I felt like I was dying without it!!! So, I am really looking for some good and literate Roleplays and when I say literate, everyone, I mean that lately I am writing like four LONG paragraphs or more per post, so I don't really want anyone who is going to write less and not be able to keep up with me.

I am really looking for something with D/s in it right now whether it can be something Fantasy based with like Angels, Demons, Werewolves and those such things, but I am looking for those kinds of Roleplays right now. I will post my RH page at the bottom of this topic when I am finished talking about what I am looking for.

Now, when I say I am looking for a Master and everything like that, I am wanting to do a Master x Slave Roleplay, guys! I do not want a Master online right now because those have been turning out badly, so that is NOT what I am looking for so please don't PM me and ask if you can be my Master. I am a submissive and a slave in training, but I prefer to do that stuff in real life and not over the internet, especially being pregnant right now. SO, like I said, I am only looking to ROLEPLAY a Master/Slave Roleplay that maybe has some roles or the roles are Master/Slave.

And with most of my Master/Slave Roleplays I normally like the Master and Slave to fall in love because to me a relationship like that is based on trust and love, maybe not to everyone, but that is just to me. So, even though it would be a HIGHLY sexual Roleplay and mostly based around sexual activities, I do want there to be feelings being developed between the characters.

Okay, so now that I have established what I am looking for, I am going to post some roles that I like for a Master and Slave relationship between them, and if any of you have any you like and would like to recommend than feel free to PM me and we can discuss it!


Werewolf x Vampire
Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Human
Witch x Demon
Demon x Human
Demon x Angel
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Angel x Witch
Human x Witch
Dragon x Human
Dracula like character x Human -NEW!

Brother x Sister
Father x Daughter
Servant x Prince
Prince x Princess
Teacher x Student
Best friends
Best man x Bride
Groom x Bride's maid
Boss x Employee
Employee x Bosses daughter
Model x Photographer
Actress x Actor/Director -NEW!
Flight Attendant x Pilot -NEW!
Pirate x Captive -NEW!

And like I said, if any of you guys have ANY other ideas for good roles for M/s then please just PM me and let me know so that we can discuss, okay? Also, anyone can contact me about this on MSN, YIM, or AIM. I usually am on all three for most of the day and night, okay?

ALSO! On a bit off the topic of D/s, to be honest, I am looking for a more Romantic Roleplay Roleplay right now that is based off of the Fairytale Beauty & The Beast. It would still be sexual, BUT it wouldn't really involve the beastility in it because I want it to be more Romantic than anything. Though I want the Belle character and the Beast to have sex, I have a bit of a twist to it that I want to make so that they can have sex without beastiality, okay? So, if anyone is interested in that as well, just please let me know!

Another thing as well, I need everyone who is interested to READ THIS:

I am in NO WAY into Rape, okay? I do not want anyone to PM me or post in this thread about Roleplays that have Rape in it. I do NOT like those kinds of Roleplays  AT ALL, so please do not ask me to do ones like that. I do Roleplays with Force in it, but my characters ALWAYS want the forced sex that they are getting, but it never is Rape. Thank you!!

Obsidian Isolabella


I think I can help you out, AngelicGrace. I don't like playing hardcore masters anyways, and I like a little emotional attachment in my master/slave roleplays. I'm also quite capable of literacy, and most of the pairing you have look interesting. PM me if you want to talk some more about it ^_^

Obsidian Isolabella