Starting over... Some suggested role plays (MUL)

Started by Older And Wiser, December 14, 2009, 11:32:06 PM

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Older And Wiser

I have been away for a bit, and have come up with some new ideas in my absence...

My writing style tends to be more like Hemingway than Faulkner or Saul Bellow, I like to set a scene, but not delve into emotions.  I would rather let the actions and images control the story.  I try not to godmode.  If I have an idea for you, I'll send it in a separate PM so we can discuss it. 

I am open to all ideas.  I love strong and aggressive women, elegant clothing and the great outdoors, so anything along those lines would be great.
I am not much of a TV watcher but a friend turned me on to Firefly and I loved it.  There are so many combinations that come out of this setting
The prim and proper alliance person meets the rogue captain…
The companion and her clients…
Not necessarily erotic… some exploration of earth that was in an attempt to gain salvage/find treasure/figure out what went wrong/find survivors
An attempt to cure revers (hope I spelled that correctly) that improves them from the zombie like creatures they were into sexual preditors, gorgeous looking and seductive and feeding off your passions.
Dresden Files
I became a big fan of the Dresden file books… they make great reads during business travel.  This is another series with great potential.  For example, the White Court Vampires would make a great and very hot role play. 
Airline to California for business... $450
Upgrade to First class... 20,000 bonus miles
Nailing a stewardess half my age... priceless
Sitting in an airport waiting for my flight I have these thoughts.  I know they are classics, but they are classics for good reason.

Double Life
I love the idea of women who lead a double life.  The prim and proper, strait A student working her way through college as a stripper, or the nice perfect wife who works on the side as an escort. 

Market Research
The makers of sex toys must do market research, right?  So the idea is that I am doing this research for a line of products for women.  Some are to be used solo (like vibrators), some with a partner (like a strap on or a cock ring or massage oils) and some can be used either way.

Mile High Club
Anyone who has flown for business lately knows that the opportunities for joining the mile hi club have been sharply diminished.  The planes are crowded, there are much small bathrooms and many flights have only one bathroom, so taking the time to do anything will spark a minor war with your fellow travelers.  Most private areas in the airport are locked tight for security.  So how do we overcome this problem for spontaneous fun while flying?

Weight loss
I have just lost 70 lbs, and have some ideas from that weight loss.

First, hit on me... I am not accustomed to women noticing me or seducing me.  Like most fat folks, I am not accustomed to women flirting with me or seducing me.  This story has a very aggressive very sexy woman trying to seduce me, with me not getting it or catching on.

Second, is more of a “what not to wear” spin off.  She is a woman who has been obese and has no idea how to be sexy now that she has lost the pounds and looks hot in a bikini.  I am a fashion guide who teaches her how to be sexy.

Rich People
I was looking at some real estate ads at a ski resort and saw these huge houses for sale, some of which have guest houses or guest wings.  This prompted a number of fantasies, all centered around making special arrangements with hot women to stay in the guest facilities for alternative methods of paying rent, or women trying to make sales to me, trying to sell me stock or get me to invest in various items, or perhaps attempts at blackmail.   

It is a recession and making sales are tough.  Many men make decisions with their dicks, so a sexy sales lady, teasing a guy, in a sexy business suit does what she needs to do to close deals and make sales.

Recession 2 - The suburban housewife takes a job (possible MUL)
Times are tough and her husband has lost her job.  This suburban trophy wife has already invested in Mommy Makeover cosmetic surgery, so she looks 10 years younger.  This would take a few forms.  She takes a job as a stripper or escort while husband stays home or she opens her own escort service with a few of her friends in similar situations, running it from her home - Not sure if she keeps the actual work secret from her husband or not or how she deals with neighbors or kids who may be in a situation to catch on (e.g. one of the neighbors stops by the strip club or becomes a client).  There is an awful lot to play with here.

Great Science
An experiment goes wrong.  The scientist and his assistant are doused with a chemical that changes their gender whenever they sleep.  They need to fund their search for a cure, and a way to make this potion a marketable product.  This might be a good small group, as we'd need experimental subjects.

This can go several ways. 
Male Biker:  She is a good woman, loving wife, who has always done everything correctly when he rolls up on his Harley and takes her for a ride on the wold side.
Female Biker:  He is a bit weak and hen pecked - completely dominated by his wife.  She watches this from her seat at the bar.  When she leaves to go to the bathroom, she takes him on the ride of his life.  There can be an element of her forcing him to do it.

Outdoor sports
I love outdoor sports and I have several ideas on this.

Skiing:  We meet in a lesson and hit it off... and speed down to our ski in condo to test the mattress springs.

Fishing:  I am fly fishing and she (or maybe more than 1 she) float down the stream on inner tubes, a bit drunk, and stop to watch me, tease me and seduce me.

Hiking:  Want to do it on a mountain top, by a stream, or other hiking destination?

The Changeling
I got this idea from Star Trek DS9 (yes I am a geek!):  A changeling is sent to earth to experiment - who enjoys sex more, men or women?  It takes various forms and fun, as well as silliness can follow.  for example, if it has no real sex organs, what makes it cum?  Is it different then a humans?  How?  I would like to play the changeling.  This role can have many participants coming in and out (puns intended) of the alien's life.

Escorts for hire
I am fascinated by the idea of escorts.  I am a switch, so I'd love to play the woman in this.  I have some characters developed, which you can see at

The office flirt
I like to play with genders, so in this one I would love to play the woman (though I would not object to being the guy either).  She loves to flirt with and tease the married guys and watch them squirm.  She wears outfits that are just short of human resources violations.  She flashes skin when only her victim can see.  Going to lunch with her is a lesson in exquisite torture.  Occasionally she goes further then the tease and pleases her victim.  Will you be the lucky victim this time?