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Started by Petra, December 13, 2009, 07:09:14 PM

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So I got on my laptop and the Internet security found a Keylogger and a trojan on my computer. I use Kaspersky Internet Security (and am going to ask for help on their site too) but whenever I go to try and quarantine it, it won't let me do anything >.<

Any suggestions/advice please?


If it managed to ID the trojan by name, you could try googling that, and how to remove it.
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If it's an actual keylogger I'd be tempted to nuke and pave... or at least pull out the hard disk and scan it on someone else's computer (make sure they have all autoplay features disabled).



That just went over my head at about 100 miles per hour. . .

um... can I get some computer retard's translation purdy please? ^^


Nuke and pave would be to do a complete reformat and reinstall of the system.  I'd even go so far as to install anti-malware software as the first thing after the OS, and run it before reinstalling any of your other software.
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