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Author Topic: Darwishi's Superheroines [NC-H, NC-E, possibly EX] (Need M/F)  (Read 6784 times)

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Darwishi's Superheroines [NC-H, NC-E, possibly EX] (Need M/F)
« on: December 13, 2009, 06:55:05 PM »
Major Update as of 4-7-2010!! There are new superheroines listed, all of the stats have been removed so we can start anywhere in their career, more details have been added to some of them, and everything is in order that I would enjoy playing them.  Plus there is a "Taken" section full of heroines that I've created but are currently in play.


Name:Mckenzie Tuel
Aliases: Mac, Heatwave
Height: 5'11"
Date of Birth: June 9, 1991/ 18 years old
Occupation: College Freshman
Appearance: Mckenzie is a tall curvy girl of a dance and swimmer background.  She's not skinny by any means; in fact one might describe her shoulders as broad for a woman, abs well defined, and her long legs being just defined enough to still be attractive, but also warn others that getting kicked by such powerful muscles would be the last thing that they want to happen. 

Most of the time, though, she tries to keep her curves hidden.  Not because she's ashamed of them, but because she doesn't feel like dressing up in skin-tight clothing to try and woo someone.  The ample curve of her rear and her chest, though, seem to defy this logic.  Almost nothing is loose enough--not even her men's cargo pants and tee-shirts--to completely cover her up.  Which is also not the point, she dresses in what's comfortable.  And for her nigh six-foot tall frame those clothes can most often be found in the men's sections of the store.  Though this frame of mind doesn't extend to clothes for working out.  At that point she likes the clothes to be tight enough that they don't get in the way.  Bicyclist shorts accompanied by a sports bra go with her to the gym or a jog in the park.  Where as a one-piece swimsuit go with her to the pool.

Her long wavy brown hair hangs clear to the top of her rear when she allows it to be free from a ponytail or a bun.  It's happening more and more often now that she doesn't swim competitively.  Her eyes compliment the dark-locks of hair a bright hazel with green/gray flecks closer to the pupil. 

Attitude: Down to earth geek.  She's seen enough of the bad to know what's really bad and what could be.  And she's seen enough of the good to know that tomorrow always holds something new and exciting.  If a person can get her to crawl out of her shell a little bit, they might find her amiable...even if she does ramble on about comics and movies a little too much.

Abilities: Thermal Manipulation.  Mckenzie's body reacts to temperature different than most people's.  She can't feel hot or cold anymore. It's been said she can walk around in the arctic with nothing more than a bikini and not get frostbite, or in the sweltering heat of the Sahara Desert on the hottest day dressed in ski clothing, and not get shed a single drop of sweat.  She can also manipulate the temperatures outside of her body creating extreme heat or cold using the natural water vapor in the air to even create ice or steam.  Below is a list of possible effects of such abilities including the one's listed here:

Flight: By encasing herself in an extremely warm casing of air and shooting hot currents through her feet she can achieve flight or even hovering status. 

Wind Currents: She's able to form her own hot and cold wind currents from her hands or her feet.  These take on the feeling of wind that's either super-heated or super cooled.  In humid environments they can become steam or ice powered which would leave the water molecules on a person.

Mini-Cyclone:  By forcing the hot and cold currents together in her hands she can form a miniature cyclone.  It's luke warm, so the temperature won't hurt anyone but the gusts of wind can reach up to 100mph  and reach about a hundred feet away though the closer to her the more powerful the wind.  She could, in theory, lift a car with the wind.  The downside being that she wouldn't be able to control where that car would go very well.

Temperate Bubble: Mac can create a sphere of temperature around herself.  This means that within about 25 feet of her center mass she can cool or heat the air to fit her needs.

Healing: Healing really isn't healing all that much.  Instead her body cools or warms an area to help the natural healing process.  This is similar to constantly having an ice-pack on a bruise, or elevating a foot even when it's not elevated.  It helps, especially with bruises, but it's no miracle worker.

Ultra-Violet Vision: She can see on the ultra-violet spectrum if she so chooses.  This means she can see and recognize heat signatures given off by people or other objects.  It also means that if she concentrates she can see "through" walls and to the heat signatures inside if there are any.

Hot/Cold Immunity: Her body doesn't react to heat or cold.  She can't feel either extreme either.  The only hitch here is that if her body is trying to help itself heal it'll produce these temperatures from within Mckenzie's body.  No matter what, though, she still can't feel these temperatures.  That means if she's dressed for winter in the middle of a sun-blistering desert she won't sweat.  Or if she's in a bikini at the North Pole she won't get frost-bite or even be cold.  Then again, it also means she can never feel the warmth of a hug.

Weaknesses and Limitations:

Bubble Fall-Off: When she creates a bubble of either heat or cold, Mac can only effectively affect the area within twenty-five feet of herself.  After that the effects of the cold or the heat diminish relative to the temperature outside.  Which means that if she's got a cold bubble and it's 90 degrees outside not only is it harder to reach the lower temperatures but it's going to diminish rapidly after those 25 feet.  In the winter time it'll diminish more slowly because it's not as warm outside.  Same goes for the heat, except in reverse.

Oxygen Required: Mac cannot "flame-on" simply because she requires oxygen just like the rest of us.  The fire would burn up that oxygen and she'd pass out.  Similarly, if there's not enough oxygen in the air then she cannot create an area hot enough to make the air combustible.

Wind Distance: Just like with the bubbles, the wind currents die off after about fifty feet.  After that they die off and leave her ability to manipulate them.

Healing:  Healing only covers bruises immediately.  Broken bones would have to be set and given a few days to heal, cuts would take a few hours, and again deep ones would have to be stitched to heal correctly.  Plus cauterizing her own wounds is not going to be a fun experience.

The Wind: She cannot manipulate the wind.  She can manipulate the air into "currents" but she cannot take the already existing wind and use it to her advantage.  Likewise, if someone else has wind powers, she can't take their wind and turn it against them.

Humidity:  If the air is extremely dry around Mac she can't cool or heat it enough to manipulate the water in the air because there is either very little or none at all.  The most common point of this comes in a burning building.  She can cool an area down all she wants, but no ice will form.

Costume: Her costume is a simple outfit consisting of a black pair of spandex pants and a black sports bra; knee-high black, three inch-heeled boots; black, elbow-length gloves, and a black domino mask that covers from the top of her forehead down to over her soft cheek bones.  There is cloth that extends up from her boots and acts for a safety net for her knees.

The Mask:

The Sports Bra:

The Pants:

The Boots:


Name: Taylor Bristow
Age: 23
Height: 5’3”
Appearance: Taylor is a curvy young woman with dark brown eyes and equally dark black hair.  Her skin complements her at a light shade of caramel.  Even without make-up her features are soft; when she smiles it gives her a "cute" quality that attracts many guys but gets her carded when she goes to order drinks.  She has rock solid abs that accompany a very athletic frame.  Her daily work outs give her such a physique; where as genes take care of the rest.
Clothing: Taylor's a jeans and whatever-fits-the-bill kind of girl.  Be it blouses for club-night or date-night, hoodies during the winter, or tanks and tees during the summer almost nothing can beat a good pair of jeans.  Though there are times where she won't be in her trademark denim; like at work they have a specific dress code of a Video Mania forest-green polo shirt, khaki pants, and tennis shoes.  While the shoes aren't hard rules for the company the khaki colored pants and the shirts are very "you will get fired if you don't wear this" kind of rules. 

Occupation: Assistant Manager at Video Mania and Registered Superheroine
Income: $40k/year.  It largely depends on overtime worked and how many hours she puts in. Being a registered superheroine means she pulls in an extra $30k a year.
Belief System: Taylor isn't rightly sure what to believe in. At least she's not sure which religion to follow.  Maybe there's a higher power.  No, there's definitely a higher power at work.  Call it the Universe, Fate, Destiny, God, Allah, Adonai, Zeus, Odin, or whatever there just seems to be some other force that acts upon people's lives. 
Moral Compass: While it may be human to sympathize with someone that's stealing to support their family, it's also not right.  People work damn hard for what they have and stealing that from them is simply wrong.  People excuse what they do all the time, especially if they know it's wrong.  That doesn't make it any less wrong.  What's the saying? The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?  How does this apply? Well there are a lot fewer gray areas in life than most politicians would have you believe.
Marital Status: Single/Dating
Friends: Jerry, Tony, Terri, Jason, Bobby, Michael, Chris
Family: Little brother:  Andrew.  He calls her his little sister because he’s over a foot taller than her, even though he's three years younger; Mother: Cynthia; Father: Gary

Abilities: Wave-Form Manipulation.  For the foreseeable future it only pertains to light wave forms.  She absorbs the light through her eyes so that it can be manipulated by her brain.  From there she's learned to manipulate the light in several ways.  Not nearly the array she had before, but still a decent scope of manipulating light.  Thus she has to be able to see a bright enough light in order to manipulate it.

Light Saber: While Taylor could pull light together and form it into a beam of light that's about three or four feet long it's not very practical.  It takes entirely too much effort to do so.  Instead she carries with her, as Sunbeam, a hilt to a Star Wars' replica light saber--provided by Lester Jenkins.  Inside of it she and Dr. McCoy have fashioned an LED flashlight that shines brightly.  Thus all she needs to do is cap it, turn it into a laser and change the color to bring out the light saber.  The hilt is charged by movement, so walking and running, even while in use constantly charges the device. Also, she can change the way the light acts to change it more into an electro-stasis field.  The result is that her light saber is thereby set to "stun" rather than "kill".  The stun portion is like getting hit with a taser.  It'll hurt, and it'll probably drop you, but it won't kill you.  She can't uses the sword to bludgeon anyone, it isn't solid, instead someone could pass right through it just like a flashlight beam.  However, this is ill advised when set to "stun" or "kill" for obvious reasons.
Laser Blasts Strapped to Sunbeam's left thigh is something right out of a Star Trek movie.  The blaster is also a replica again with an LED motion-charged flashlight hidden in the barrel.  Likewise to the light saber she can use her abilities to create lasers that will cut through most anything, or tone it to a different station so that she can create the "stun" effect. 
Laser Shield: She can bend light.  It's a hell of a deal for some people to grasp that she can even do it.  The shield is made up of  lasers that are coiled together rather than shooting out straight.  She often forms it on her left forearm while using her light saber.  Anything to hit it will get incinerated on "impact". 
Flash: She can take a light and make it much, much brighter in an instant creating a bright flash effect to blind someone.
Ultra Violet Vision: As Dr. McCoy predicted Taylor can absorb light on a spectrum that normal humans can't see without assistance.  It also makes her able to see such ranges of light.  In this case she's learned to control the ability to see in extremely low light situations.  A dark room will appear light as day to Taylor, though everything will be as if it were green monochrome.
Hard Light: Using the same physics that the Danger Room uses to manipulate light to affect space and physicality of objects, she can create multitudes of weapons.  Most often she can use this to grind on light-created railings like a skate-boarder might.  This allows her to traverse rooftops more easily.  Also she can create platforms directly under her soles to allow her to walk on.  She can also shoot this hard light, so it'll be like getting hit with rubber bullets.
Invisibility: Through a master manipulation of bending light, she can bend light around her so that she appears to be invisible.  Thermal vision would still pick her up, but night vision would still find her to be invisible. 
Illusions: She can create illusions down to the minute details that someone is somewhere else.  If someone is on a rooftop, she can make an alley appear further way, thus causing them to walk right down into the alley while the ground gives out from under them.
Hard Illusions:Just as she can create hard light, she can create a scenario around a person that allows them to believe that they're somewhere else.  This takes a hell of a lot of concentration and leaves her open to outside attacks from those that she's not manipulating through hard illusions.  Often these will be used to temporarily confuse an opponent while she makes a getaway, though without her there they only last for about thirty seconds before dissipating due to her being out of range.

Blind: Since all of her powers come from her eyes absorbing light, then if her eyes are closed, or she has a blindfold on then it'd be possible to keep her powers at bay.
Dark Corners: She can't manipulate light that she can't see or that isn't bright enough.  If she were kept in a dark room with the only light coming in from under the door, she wouldn't be able to do anything with that.  It'd have to be a fairly bright light on the other end of the door for her to even get on the ground and look under the door to absorb the light.  Similarly if it's anything but a full moon she can't use the ambient lights from the sky to power her.  She'd have to find a street lamp, apartment, or the LED lights on her thighs to manipulate. 
Mirrors: They can be her greatest weapon or her greatest weakness.  She can bounce light off of them so that the light becomes brighter and enough for her to use, or the opponent can wield them.  Light bounces off of mirrors.  Even her light saber in kill mode, or her laser blasts.  Anything with the silver-mirror finish can effectively deflect any of Taylor's attacks. 
Out Matched:  She's trained in Judo for a while now but she's still only so good at it.  She relies heavily on her powers to fight with, and while they are formidable they do require concentration and they can be countered.  She's taken some other martial arts, but her punches are horribly telegraphed as are her kicks.  An experienced fighter could easily take her on in hand-to-hand.

Sunbeam wears a solid silver unitard that reaches from her neck all the way to her feet.  Up the outsides of her legs are black, but shiny strips that do nothing but add to the design of the costume.  She wears a slim, black stretchy belt around her waist, and two thigh holsters.  In her right holster rests a damn good replica of a Star Wars light saber, and in the left holster a replica of a Star Trek blaster.  Each holster is black as well.  Her boots have no heels, and are of the gothic variety.  Thick soles with steel toes and metal braces over the leather straps that keep the boot on.  She wears black finger gloves on her hands.  Her torso is covered by a black leather jacket with zip ties in her various pockets.  Finally the costume is topped off with a black domino mask that fist snug to her face and doesn't appear to have straps that go to the back of her head.  The unitard sleeves do have the black stripes up to her shoulders, but those go unseen due to the jacket.


Name: Coral Anemone
Age: 24
Job: Fire Fighter
Abilities:    The ability to control water molecules.  At age twelve she discovered the power and has been practicing since her parents died to refine it.   Coral can draw water from it's source, but its volume will shrink as she controls it.  Not because of evaporation, or because she can't control it all, but because she can only control the water molecules.  The dirt and air filters from the water source briefly as she takes control of it.  After ten years of training with her power, she can control something as massive as a 25- yard, 8-lane swimming pool. (eight feet deep in the deep end, four feet deep in the shallow end.)  Though that's the max, and takes a good deal of concentration to pull off.  Also, depending on how much water she has she can speed the molecules up, or slow them down, thus creating boiling hot water, or freezing cold ice.

Water Tension: Coral is able to control the water at the molecular level, and therefore can bind the molecules closer together and make the surface tension greater.  Allowing her to create walls, or the ability to stand on water.
Slow/Cool Down: Controlling water at the molecular level means she can vibrate the molecules and slow down that vibration, therefore cooling the water and possibly turning it to ice.
Speed/Heat Up:  Controlling water at the molecular level means she can vibrate the molecules and speed up that vibration, therefore heating the water and possibly turning it to steam.
Limit: She's only able, during a fight to control a maximum amount of water, equal to that of a large swimming pool. (Measurments listed above)  However in deep mediation she may be able to control quantities larger than a swimming pool.  Yet mediation in a heated situation is nigh impossible.
Velocity: If flinging the water at a person she can push the water, or ice, up to 200 miles per hour.
Water within objects: Such as within humans she could control it, but it'd kill the person.  Therefore she normally sticks to more solid objects like water bottles.  By controlling the water in them, she can turn a water bottle into a 'grenade', or possibly a 'missile'.
Water Sense: Coral is able to sense the water in an area, though it's harder to tell humans from animals and other surroundings unless in a dehydrated enviorment (like a fire or the desert).  Then she is able to sense where water is and what the water is (person, in a pipe, an underground stream, etc.) more easily.

Skill: Black Belt in Tai Chi.

Arid--Deserts, fires, any place where there is no humidity she has no water to manipulate.  Extreme heat makes it hard to condense the water in the air into something worth fighting with.
Typical Human Weaknesses

Costume: She wears a spider-silk treated costume that's bullet proof, rip proof, and cut proof.  It's a black, wet-lycra, look with a shimmering, rippling (as if it were water) silver H on her chest.  She wears no weapons on her, but lives where it's humid so she always has water at hand.


Name: Ashleigh Crow
Age: 18
Job: Comic Book Store Clerk/College Freshman
Miniature Black Holes: Essentially Ashleigh can create ball of light and shoot it out in front of her or make it hover in one place. When this ball of light collapses (much like a star) it creates a miniature black-hole. The gravitation field that results will pull anything within it's pull towards it. Ashleigh also has the ability to shut these black-holes off. Meaning they'll dissipate into nothingness.

Spheres: The spheres themselves don't do any damage. They're about the size of a baseball, and at their best they light the way like a flashlight. The spheres are intangible meaning she can float them inside of other objects such as soda cans if she so wishes. Ashleigh can hover the spheres in place or throw them at someone.

Collapse: When the spheres of light collapse they create a massive suction all around them. In this sense it's much like a black hole will force all things to come into it. Her own mini-black holes are far weaker than what happens after a star collapses. They can drag up to 5 tons with them. Albeit very slowly and the object probably won't get to them if it's that big before it dissipates. Given a weak enough composition, she can shoot a sphere into something like a soda can then collapse the sphere, which would then collapse the can of soda into a much more compact form. She's killer at doing recyclables.

String: Depending on the size of the object, Ashleigh can set up a series or a string of spheres to turn on and off in order to throw the object at an accelerated rate. She has to have all the spheres lined up in order for it to work, and she has to collapse them one at a time, and turn the previous one off in order for it to work. This takes a great deal of concentration, but when it works it can accelerate something like a brick up to about fifty miles per hour. The heavier the object is, the closer knit the spheres need to be. So if she's accelerating a penny (several feet), she can have them further apart, but if she's accelerating that brick, they'll need to be closer together (several inches). Thus, making heavy things go really fast is nearly impossible. And making small things go fast often hit terminal velocity before they can do severe damage.

Eye for Detail: Ashleigh has an ability to pick out what other people might miss. This is great for spotting that fiber on that sharp piece of wood in that giant warehouse that even forensics teams may have missed. Or otherwise spotting clues that may have been left at a crime scene.
Gumshoe: Spotting clues wouldn't do much good without the ability to interpret them. It's one of the few cases where having an over-active imagination can come in handy. She can connect the dots between clues and then create a story around it to fit the facts. Whether or not its true doesn't always matter at the time. When she gets more clues, like a good detective, she can reconnect the dots with the new information.

Unskilled: She's not trained, at all, in hand-to-hand combat. She's seen movies. She's watched a little bit of fight quest. She knows just enough to get herself into some serious trouble. She does know not to hook her thumb inside her fingers when making a fist, but that's about it. She telegraphs her moves like crazy and when they impact it's not with the force that should be behind them. She's easily put off balance, she kicks too high, and she leaves herself open all the time.
Normal Human Weaknesses: She can be shot, stabbed, slashed, burned, frost-bitten, poisoned, gassed, etc. just like any other human. Except when she's in costume, then it goes down to being darted, gassed, gooped, poisoned, beat-up etc. like any other human.
Spiiiiiders: EW. They have eight legs and they're nasty and most are poisonous. Essentially they make her shudder and lose all concentration on anything except for killing said spider.
Unconscious/Dazed: If she's hit hard enough, simply chloroformed, or otherwise knocked out or dazed she can't use her powers. She has to be able to concentrate on them and, as aforementioned, she can't do this while dazed or out cold.
Light the Way: When using a string of spheres any intelligent person can see the path that an object will take. Making it easier to dodge an object.
Powers: She can't negate the effects of her spheres on herself. She has to direct them away from her or far enough apart that they won't hit her and drag her into the path of whatever object. This can become problematic in tight spaces.

Nova's costume consists of very little besides the aesthetics. She wears a pair of knee high boot with a two-inch heel. Big enough to make her seem a little taller while small enough that she can still balance and run easily enough. She also wears what appears to be a metallic-silver spandex body-glove. It stretches over her form perfectly ending in a cowl that slips over the top of her head. The cowl itself has an opening the back to allow her loose blond hair to fall free. In the center of her chest is a black star-burst complimented by black elbow-length gloves, and a slim black belt slung around her hips. She also wears a short black cape that hangs down to her hips. It doesn't really serve a function but she thought it looked cute.

The silver parts of the suit are a treated form of spider-silk. Something that's ten times as strong as kevlar but as stretchy as spandex. Being treated with sheer thickening fluid (STF) allows the fibers to stiffen upon high-velocity impact and disperses the force over a larger area. This makes it bullet proof, slice proof, rip proof, and stab roof (with blades). Needles and darts can still penetrate the suit about 75% of the time, and the suit itself still breathes really well. Allowing for insulation against the weather.

The Shield

The Shield
Name: Alexandria Powers
Age: 28
Occupation: Superheroine

Superheroine Costume: Her costume, referenced above, is a solid blue bodysuit that appears to be spandex.  It's actually made of unstable molecules (explained below).  There's a red and white striped belt that covers her abdominal region completely and fits to her body quite well.  It zips up in the back, and isn't obvious, but isn't hidden either. She has knee-high, thick-soled, red boots, and matching red gloves.  Her sleeves are white and there's a big white star embroidered on her chest.  Her mask is attached to the rest of the suit and pulls over the top of her head, having a hole in back for her hair to hang out of it...


Belt/Suit: Through advances in technology, the belt houses a plethera of pocket dimensions which fuel the unstable molecules to simulate certain abilities that could not otherwise be achieved.
Super Strength: She can bench up to 5 tons. Normally this kind of modification wouldn't be possible, but with the guarantee that her bones won't break under her own strength, SHIELD has decided to up the ante.
Flight:  She can fly up to 120mph before it becomes too difficult to see and react in a reasonable amount of time.
Belt's Pocket Dimensions: All Alexandria has to do is put on the belt and she transforms into The Shield.  The suit is held in the pocket dimensions of the belt, and so,  through a specially made program, when she puts on the belt, it'll take her current clothing off and put the Shield suit back in in less than a hundredth of a second, making it appear as if she's transforming. And of course, the pocket dimensions are able to supply the suit's powers.
Unstable Molecules: While not an actual ability, the unstable molecules will take on the properties of whatever they're in contact with.  So this is where she gets her powers from since the belt is also in contact with her.  The suit, of course, being in contact with Alexandria will be just as unbreakable as she is.
Mask: Her mask has several features embedded in it as well.  Top of the line technology allows her to have night vision and thermal vision.  She also gets a heads-up display (HUD) coupled with a Wi-Fi connection so that she may access records at a given time.  The process takes time, though, so it could be several minutes before she knows anything about a stolen car, or a warrant for someone's arrest.

Wrist Shooters- Along each of her wrists are three shields that resemble the large one she carries on her right arm.  Each of the miniature shields are about the size of a sand dollar.  They can be shot and ricocheted off of a wall or a car, the force is meant only to feel like someone of normal, but strong, strength hitting them with their fist.  The triggers for these are on her hands, and she has back up mini-shields on her boots, but it takes time to reload.
Shield- Her shield is her most valuable weapon.  It's made of a synthetic vibranium alloy able to withstand impacts from bullets and blades alike.  It dampens electricity and radiation attacks.  Plus it can be thrown to ricochet and take out multiple targets with a single throw.  Thrown correctly and her shield will come back to her.
Lock-Pick Kit- She has four of these kits hidden on her person.  Two are in her gloves on her suit, not in the gauntlets that house the wrist shooters.  There are also two on either boot, hidden in the thick sole.  With a series of specific pressure activated points it will come loose and allow her to access the blades and the lock picks hidden there. 
Small Blades- There are small thin blades hidden in her gloves like the lock picks, and also there are small blades in the kits on the soles of her boots.  Where she can pick the locks of handcuffs or locks on a cell door with the lock picks, she can cut through rope just as easily with one of these blades. 

Abilities: Unbreakable. Most people grow up getting cuts and bruises, even broken bones.  Ever since she was 18 Alex hasn't had this problem.  Her skin, muscles, bones, and the rest of her organs all are completely unbreakable.  This means no cuts, no bruises, no bleeding, not even the ability to poke her eye out.  At first she didn't even notice it.  It wasn't until she should have gotten a broken bone and didn't that she even knew something was different.

Invincible does not mean Invulnerable: Alex is flesh.  While this flesh may not be broken, she can still be bludgeoned into unconsciousness.  The less surface area the more pain.  High caliber bullets will hurt more than low caliber bullets.  A blade will hurt more than a bat.  Essentially it's equivalent to beating up a person but she's not going to die from internal bleeding.<p>
She can also be poisoned just like anyone else.  The only exception to this rule is that she cannot be injected with anything.  Though if you slip something into her food, clamp an ether-soaked rag over her face, or even spray her with mace, she will react the same as anyone else. 
Heroes Code:  While she has more leeway than her predecessor, she's still obligated to save a civilian first and foremost, even if that means letting a villain or criminal get away just to save the innocent.  And though SHIELD makes this a mandatory law for The Shield agents, she holds herself to this standard and would never consider letting someone die just to pursue a villain and/or common criminal.
Belt: This should be obvious, but perhaps not.  Removing her belt will remove all of her suit's powers leaving her with only the natural power of being unbreakable.  While the belt is clasped together with an adamantium zipper and a clip that keeps it from unzipping in mid battle, those are the only two obstacles standing in one's way from removing the belt.


Name: Kirsten Jordan
Alias: N/A
Age: 19
Job: College Student
Strength- Lift 140 tons. Throw 100 tons.
Speed- Mach 3
Mask- Keeps her identity a secret on a magical level.  People that should recognize her won't while her mask is in place.

Poison/Drugs- Darts, syringes, chloroform, gas, etc.  Delivery methods and all drugs work on her.
Unmasked-Once the mask is removed the spell is broken, people can recognize her in and out of the mask.
Attractive- Extremely attractive, most men want to get a piece of her.

Costume: In addition to the pictures below she wears a red domino mask, keeps her hair in a french braid, and wears knee-high, red boots, with a four inch heel.


Name: Tamara Baylor
Age: 18
Job: College Freshman
Power Bracelet- Can stop time, allow her to go back in time, slow time, speed it up, etc.

Poison/Drugs-Any and all work against her
Power: She can only manipulate time for three minutes relative to her not to the world.  After which, the bracelet needs to recharge for three hours.
Bracelet: Can be stolen
Beat-Up: She's not very skilled in hand-to-hand.

Costume: See Below

Blue Angel

Name: Danielle Cunningham
Alias: Danni Odyssey
Age: 26
Job: Porn Star/Executive Producer of Odyssey Adult Entertainment
Transformation-She can transform from Danielle Cunningham into Blue Angel. 
Strength- Lift 12 tons. Throw 10 tons.
Speed- 200 mph
Mask- Conceals her identity on a magical level.  It'll prevent a person's mind from recognition even if she transforms right in front of them.

Danielle- She has no powers without transforming into Blue Angel
Poison/Drugs-Darts, goop, lotion, syringes great ways of delivery, she has no immunity to drugs.  Chloroform included.
Flexible Suit-While the suit is impenetrable in terms of bullets and such, it can stretch a great amount right around the crotch and ass areas.
Unmasked-Removing her mask means the person removing it breaks the mask's spell.  Remover can now recognize her even with mask on.
Attractive- She's gorgeous and dresses in spandex and fights the scum of the earth.  Villains and thugs want to get into her costume.

Costume: Full body, royal-blue spandex body-sheathe.  It leaves just enough up to the imagination and blends into her gloves and boots.  Also it has no zippers or seams to speak of and is impossible to cut or tear...but it does stretch.


Name: Phoebe Grant
Age: 20
Occupation: Ex-Olympian Gymnast Author.  She's written several books on being a mutant under her pen name "Lillian Thompson".  For being so young, she has an extraordinary talent for writing down her life experiences on paper and getting people to read it.
Income: Residual income off of her books.  It varies, but it's enough to live pretty comfortably in Santa Monica (or Manhattan if in Marvel).
Marital Status: Single.
Abilities: Growth.  In simplest terms she can alter her height proportionately to the rest of her body.  Meaning she'll keep the same figure/build throughout, but she can grow or shrink according to her will...most of the time. She can also make anything within a couple of relative centimeters of her skin grow or shrink as well. 
Grow: She can grow up to twenty stories tall.  Naturally she also gains strength and the weight that comes along with that.  Her skin gets a hell of a lot tougher (if only, for bullets are more like grains of sand at that height) and she can simply crush things with ease.  Also, if she gathers a wound while she's extremely big, the size of the wound and the thing that caused it will be proportional if she shrinks.  Therefore if she gets shot and the bullet hole is a relative pin-prick in size, then when she shrinks back down to normal, the bullet and the wound will still be just a pin-prick.
Shrink:  Shrinking is a bit trickier of a process, if for only she's a hell of a lot more fragile in this state.  Her body becomes slightly more dense than she should be at such a small size, but it's her body's way of not dying if she should get stepped on.  Her smallest height is one-inch.


Gymnastics: She's been in gymnastics since just after she learned to walk.  While she's young, she did manage to make the Olympics in 2004 but got disqualified when her blood tests turned up she was a mutant.  And at the time the abilities had not surfaced yet.

Emotions: Some people can hide their emotions, some people wear their emotions on their sleeve, and Phoebe can only hope that her emotions don't take control.  If she's depressed she'll shrink, normally by only a few inches, but she's been known to become sad enough that she's let herself become half as tall as she should be. Putting her at a whopping 2'8".  On the opposite end, if she's feeling over confident, or ridiculously happy that she just can't control herself, she will likely grow a few inches.  Most she's ever grown, though is about a foot.  Giving herself an Amazonian look but nothing that's too out of the ordinary.  Still, when you're trying to keep a secret about being a superheroine, this can be a big problem.
The bigger she is: The harder she falls.  She has to be extremely careful when she's at some of her larger heights.  If she slips, or falls, she could wind up crushing cars, people, and causing small tremors that could very well feel like earthquakes.  It also means she can't fit into small alleys, and must have an open area in which to grow.
The smaller she is: The easier it is to knock her out.  If she's stepped on, luckily, she won't be like a bug and get her guts splattered everywhere.  But she will definitely be knocked unconscious.  Not to mention she has to watch out for animals bigger than herself, and she can also be picked up and crushed fairly easily.  Again, luckily she won't die, but she has the relative strength of a girl of a particular height.
The more normal she is: In terms of height, between the heights of five and seven feet she's more normal than anything else.  Meaning that all normal weaknesses apply.
Gas: Fumes, knock out gas, tear gas, pretty much any type of gas, no matter her size, will do her in.  Granted, it takes larger amounts if she's big, than if she's tiny, but the stuff still does her in.
Naive: She's relatively new to being a superheroine, and therefore hasn't experienced all the horrors that it has to offer. 
Martial Arts: She's agile, and quick, but against someone with actual martial arts experience (rather than the couple of self defense classes she's taken) she's no match on a normal level.
Transformation Time: It takes time to transform into something large or small from her average height.  About five seconds both ways, although if she changes too quick, or without the proper concentration, she could overshoot the target height.  Also, changing rapidly between big and small will wear her out quickly, so if she's getting squeezed, it wouldn't do her to transform into her normal or bigger than normal size, since that would likely just wear her out just as fast.
Concentration:It takes a certain amount of stamina and concentration to transform willingly.  Once in a size, she can hold it for as long as she wants, the problem really comes in when she can't concentrate.  That's why her emotions get the better of her sometimes. The down side is that transforming too many times will wear her out quickly.  Or if she's in a state, be it drugged, worn out, scared, angry, or what have you, where she can't concentrate then she can't change sizes on her own accord.

Picture of Phoebe

Picture of Phoebe

She wears a dark-red bodysuit that has three black rings in the center of her chest.  The center ring is thicker than the inner and outer rings.  And despite it looking something like a target, she's not thought of that application.  She was just going for a unique way to display her abilities without giving too much away.  Her eyes are covered in a black domino mask that conforms to her face and 'pinches' together at the bridge of her nose.  It's just bulky enough to hid her identity and just form fitting enough so it doesn't block her line of vision.  She wears a black belt around her waist, and knee-high black boots with 1.5" heels.  That's the limit that her ability will cover to make it bigger when she grows so that's what she wears.  She also wears black gloves about her hands, though that's about all they cover. 

Alternative Superheroine Costume: Is the same as the one above, but it's a leotard, leaving her legs bare, and the boots only cover her ankles.  This suit also doesn't sport the belt that the other does. She does still wear the gloves and mask though.

Alternative Superheroine Costume 2: Is the same as the one above, but it's more like a swimsuit with a solid back, leaving her arms and legs bare, and the boots only cover her ankles.  This suit also doesn't sport the belt that the other does. She does still wear the gloves and mask though.


Name: Abigail McCabe
Alias: Jade Jamison, J.J. (pen names for modeling)
Age: 21
Job: Ultimo Lingerie Model
Crystal of Ragno Rock- Upon finding this crystal, Abby found that it absorbed itself into her body.  The crystal of forgotten legend immediately transformed her body into one of the legendary hero Ragno.

Transformation: Abigail can transform into Spider-Girl no matter where she is or what she's wearing.  The crystal that's now fused with her body and spirit gives her the ability to create spider-silk out of the pores of her skin, and even make a costume in a matter of seconds.  Thus she can effectively 'transform' into Spider-Girl where ever she may be.
NOTE: Abigail doesn't know this yet, but her mind actually controls what the suit will look like.  She feels her powers make her like Spider-Girl therefore the crystal interprets that to mean she wants to look like Spider-Girl.  In the future her costume may change due to a realization that she can control what it looks like, instead of assuming that it's just naturally this way.  Also, once the suit if formed, it's only just a suit, she doesn't have any lingering connection to it.
Strength: She can lift 75 tons above her head and throw it for about ten feet.  With adrenaline and in a dead lift, she could max out at 100 tons above her head...though it'd only last about five seconds and she'd pass out afterward.
Spidey-Sense: Possibly her most powerful ability.  The ability to sense danger directed at her, and from what direction it's coming from.  Giving her the ability to get out of the way or at least prepare for it.
Web-Slinging: She's able to produce, naturally, webbing from her wrists.  This can be used in a variety of manners, from swinging from buildings to shooting globs off, to tying up the badguys.  The strength of these extremely sticky, stretchy bands, can hold up to 300 tons. She can actually produce the webbing from anywhere on her body, but she prefers using her wrists.
Wall-Crawl: Almost identical to Spider-Man, little barbed, microscopic hairs come out of her skin and allow her to stick to any object.  It works great for scaling large buildings, or sneaking up on people, or just flat out giving her the advantage in a fight.  She hasn't applied it in this way, yet, but she also has the ability to hold onto people extra tight or other objects like bats or crowbars if she's trying to steal them away from someone else.
Agility: A precognitive sense would almost be worthless without some heightened agility.  She's able to jump, flip, and tumble with the best of them, making her ability to dodge uncanny. 
Tough: Not as tough as she'd like to be, but tough enough.  She can fall from a height of fifty stories and merely be a human bruise, upon waking up a good twenty minutes later.  It takes more force to break her skin and her bones, even to cause burns, but the potential of getting hurt is still there. This really is just secondary to her other abilities, one that makes sure she won't get squashed by something she's trying to lift.
Spidey-Suit: Not really an ability, but once the suit if formed it acts as another shield to her body.  It'll block most blade and bullet attacks from penetrating her skin. 

Gas: While Abby wear's a full mask it isn't built for filtering the air.  Just like any other person, gas (from mace to knock-out gas) will affect her in the exact same way as a normal person.
Darts: Her suit may be bullet proof, but darts or syringes can get through the fibers just fine.  Thus injecting her with toxins is a perfectly reasonable option for taking her out.
Blunt/Blade/Bullet: Blades won't penetrate the suit in a slicing motion, but in a stabbing motion the blade can penetrate up to a half-inch.  Not much but it still hurts.  High caliber rounds also will slice through the second-skin without much of a problem.  Finally regular bullets, blunt objects, and slashing blades all have about the same effect.  They hurt like hell and might cause welts or bruises, but won't penetrate the suit.  And while Abigail is tough a normal guy swinging a baseball back towards her skull is still going to knock her silly, or getting hit by a speeding car is still going to take her out for a moment.  Just not kill her.
Multiple Attacks: Referring to her spidey-sense, she can dodge single attacks pretty well.  Even two or three attacks at the same time, though once the attacks start coming from all directions and multiple sources, the ability to dodge goes way down.  Just one attack landing can cause her to lose her balance and start taking other hits.
Electricity: Tasers are quite effective against Abigail.  It'll make her body seize and then be extremely weak if not unconscious after such an attack.
Famous: No doubt about it.  Abigail is famous in Japan.  Taking off her mask as Spider-Girl could be horrible for her health.  Even if someone happened not to recognize her off the bat, it'd only be a matter of time before they saw her face in a lingerie ad, or in a superhero film, or even some star roles in American films. 
Goop: Creams, gels, and all gooey substances (and liquids) inbetween.  Assuming that it's got some kind of chemical agent to be absorbed through the skin, soaking Abby and/or Spider-Girl in such things will be quite effective at subduing her.
Untrained: She's not trained in anything but stage-fighting.  She knows how to make a fight look real on screen, and even a few techniques of martial arts for stage-fighting, but the actual martial arts? Never been trained.  Doesn't really need it with the ability to sense danger and react so quickly.  Not unless she comes up against a martial artist, or ten...
Extreme Heat: Like in a fire.  Her suit has to scale itself back when in extremely hot and dry situations.  Spider-silk is almost constantly moist due to the body oils of her skin, and the ability to maintain the moisture levels.  In hot and dry environments her body protects itself, and the suit becomes brittle.  Thus it often has to scale back into protecting core-elements (just her torso) and takes on a more swim-suit like appearance.  This opens her up to all kinds of attacks, and often, even the scaled-back suit can be ripped fairly easily.
Other Poison: Any and all types of poison can harm Spider-Girl/Abby, so long as the method of delivery is sound, she will likely find herself in a world of trouble.


Silver Lynx

Name: Katsumi Miyamoto (Sandy's roommate)
Alias: Kat
Age: 19
Job: Student at Julliard (dance)
Transformation--she can transform from Katsumi into Silver Lynx so that she gets all her powers. Also, transforming from one identity to the other heals all wounds of the previous form.  Three transformations, though, in a row will knock her out cold.
Mask: It conceals her identity on a magical level. When removed she has a halo of bright light around her eyes to blind the unmasker.
Cat-like: She has cat-like abilities, strength of a lion, speed of a cheetah (eighty miles an hour for about thirty seconds), ability to scale walls, ability to grow one-inch claws from each finger tip, super sight, super hearing, super smell.  Most of all super agility, a cat always lands on it's feet.

Flexible Suit

Skills: Able to speak seven languages fluently, and has training in multiple martial arts.

Costume: Her costume has no seams or zippers just like Blue Angel.  It appears to be a shiny silver spandex, and often looks to have silver boots, gloves, and the silver body sheathe that conceals the rest of her.  A silver domino mask is set over her eyes and her hair is in a long braid that hangs clear to the curve of her butt.


Name: Mi Young Moon
Alias: Hack & Slash, Slash, Cyber-Goddess
Job: Professional Dancer
Computer Interface: She can indirectly interface with computers, using an avatar to battle viruses/badguys within computers and the internet.  Or if she finds the avatar is too weak she can boost her power by jumping into the internet herself to eliminate the threat. She can also control anything with a microchip (which is most everything now) without even touching it, or she can jump into it and be absorbed by said microchip, allowing her to control it (works well on cars).

Skills: Multi-task, martial arts, swimming, and hacking. She could hack even before she got powers.

Concentration-Her avatar requires her to be at a computer to control it.  She can also feel whatever the avatar feels.  Plus if she's significantly distracted in the real world, then it weakens her avatar, whatever happens to it happens to her and vice versa.
Terminal-If she's in cyber-space and her terminal is shut off she must find another exit.  Or if a hacker is good enough they can "download" her to their terminal where she'll appear right in front of them.  This could make traveling the world easy, but extremely dangerous too.
Real-World-Mi Young is great in cyber-space, but in the real world she's just human, and a rather small one at that, not even topping 5'4".



Name: Angela Berkley
Age: 29
Job: Inner City Art Teacher
Force Spheres-creates blue light spheres in her hands that can be thrown and guided to target.  When it "explodes" it releases a wave of kinetic force.  Anything as small to bend a paper clip, or as big to throw an eighteen wheeler.
Unbreakable- Secondary so she doesn't kill herself.  Her bones, organs, and muscles can't be broken or punctured.
Flight- By gathering kinetic energies around her, she can manipulate herself in order to fly.

Skills: Mixed Martial Arts

Poison/Drugs-All drugs can affect her, but darts and syringes don't work, must be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
Attractive-she's hot.
Force Spheres-Her spheres explode in a radius directly proportional to the force exerted.  A paper-clip bender might only have a millimeter radius, where as throwing an eighteen wheeler could be as wide as a street.  If she's too close, she'll hit herself.
Blunt Force- Sharp objects, bullets, and darts bounce off but still  hurt.  Also blunt objects hurt as well.  A two-by-four to the back of her skull will knock her will a wrecking ball, or gunshot.

Costume: See Below

Spy Girl

Name: Victoria Little
Alias: Buffy (yes that Buffy), Paris (rather famous porn star)
Age: 22
Job: College Sophomore, Vampire Slayer, Porn Star, Superheroine
Magical Shape Shifting: She can only take the form of someone she's practiced at a lot which is why she only has four forms total.  She can also only take the form of someone the same height and gender as herself which leaves her somewhat limited.  However body-type, features, skin color, hair color, eye color, etc. can change.  When one form is injured she can shift to another form to allow the injured form to heal faster.  Also if one form is killed she'll automatically shift to another form.

She can also produce weapons or tools out of no where to aid in her fight against crime, or vampires.

Kill them all: Killing all of the forms within an hour of one another will mean she'll die.
Under the chin: She has a weak spot.  Instant orgasms occur when someone rubs the underside of her chin.
Daddy Issues: Her dad, though she doesn't know it, is a crime boss.  And Spy Girl is a thorn in his side.

Spy Girl


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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Count me in, do you have a heroine you would prefer me to make a story for?

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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I like any or all of them, but if it'll help I'll list out which ones are really good at their jobs (the elites) to which ones need a few years seasoning (the newbs). The stats, of course, are up to the point where the story between us begins. 

Elites (No defeats.  *No defeats within the last ten years)

Intermediates (Have been defeated, but it only happens once in a blue moon and by villains not thugs)
Silver Lynx
Spy Girl

Newbies (Are just starting out or get defeated by thugs at least once a month)
Blue Angel
Ms. Cool

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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I had a few ideas for Perspective and Vendetta. If thsoe two are open I had a FxF idea or two one a vampiress another a demon.But also a male superhero/ ex villian

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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The only one not open at the moment is Silver Lynx.

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Are you looking for someone to play the heroines or their opposite character?

I'm still not sure if I want in either way but seems there are worth the thought if I can play the guy :)

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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I'm looking for someone to play the thugs and/or villains.

We can brainstorm a plot together if you're interested.  Just pick a heroine and we can get working on a plot.  Also, I'm going to start posting some possible plot ideas for a few of the girls.

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Sounds interesting but a disclaimer is that I never played fight based RP.
I will give it some more thought but "Blue Angel", "Spy girl" and "Batwoman" sounds interesting. The girls are hot and for the first two I love that one of their alter ego is a pornstar .. makes it so easy to get kinky with her specially if he knows who she is without her being unaware of it.

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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It's relatively easy, you post what your character attempts to do to the other then the other player decides if it hits or not. 

Blue Angel and Spy Girl also have parental issues. 

As it says Spy Girl's dad is a big crime boss and that's who she's actually investigating.  Meanwhile her dad has no idea that she's Spy Girl at all (or Paris for that matter) he's vaguely aware that Victoria knows any magic at all.  Much less enough to shape shift.  I was thinking, as a possible plot, for her to find out that it's him then goes to confront him.  She's always been a thorn in his side and now she's right there in front of him, only knowing his secret base because they used to live there (or something along those lines).  He, however, doesn't know it's her just that he's got this 5'2" blonde bombshell in front of him that he'd like to bend over.  As things go, he can either roofie her with a drink, or she'll be in a false sense of security and he can spring a trap, or fake passing out from the stress, any number of things.  Up to you really.  Or we don't have to do that it all, just and idea.

Blue Angel's parents are supervillains.  They also own their own porn studio to rival Danielle's, but Danielle's is doing much better and despite talks of a merger, she would like to keep the companies separate for obvious reasons.  Her dad is more of a crime boss and her mom is a supervillainess called Knock Out, with the ability to create toxins and project them through her mouth or out her hands.  Knockout is rather infamous for taking out heroes and heroines alike and publically humiliating them.  Meanwhile her dad brainwashes college students into becoming the next great Superheroine for his studio to use and abuse (not real superheroines just the actress kind with girls that would have never done it if he hadn't brainwashed them).  I figure Blue Angel could get wind of this and start investigating.  OR we could do something along the lines of a gang aiming to unmask her, once the leader does we could do as you say and have him get kinky with it.

Lastly, there's Batwoman.  I was thinking that C.K. gets a case that involves women losing large amounts of cash to a scam ring.  It's not normally her field of expertise but since the department is overloaded she takes on the case.  As she digs deeper she finds that they all see the same therapist, a hypnotherapist actually.  He's famous tagline is that he can't hypnotize someone into doing something they don't already want to do.  He's, of course, lying through his teeth.  He has the ability to hypnotize people into a trance and program four, one-time post hypnotic commands (meaning once they're used he can't use them again without reprogramming) and he must use them all before reprogramming.  C.K. could go to interview him to see what he knows, not as him being a suspect, but for information on hypnotism.  In the process he gets her to look at a device that can instantly put anyone into a trance, but insists its just a toy and makes pretty colors. 

From there we could have him do things to C.K. And thanks to her genius she recognizes what he's doing so gives him a visit as Batwoman.  He doesn't realize the connection until she forces him to tell her what he did to the detective, and then he uses a trigger word before she can stop him.

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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I was thinking a much simpler plot for Blue Angel or Spy girl. The villain unmasking her secretly and making a porn with her and later probably anonymously taunt the heroine about that or use that to unsettle or humiliate her when she catches up with him.

Just a little thought .. I am too sleepy now to think properly so will discuss later.
Who's C.K. though?

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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C.K. is Calliope Kearney, sorry.  It's Batwoman.  Her alter ego goes by C.K. she's a police detective.

As for the simpler plots those work too!  Blue Angel would probably work best in that situation as her mask projects an aura that confuses anyone that looks upon her features.  Since most guys are probably used to looking at her in a mask (she does superheroine porn, did that before she became a superheroine ^^) so it's impossible to tell who she is while she has the mask on, even if she transforms right in front of someone.

However, if say she's knocked out or just flat out unmasked, that aura goes away for the person that unmasks her/sees her face.  Not only for that time but for all future times, so he'd probably recognize her as Danni Odyssey (her porn star pen name).  Normally I don't like unconscious unmaskings because it doesn't give the "No, no not my mask!" plea, buuuut with this it'd be probably important.  That way he could claim not to have removed her mask while she was out, so that he could stalk her or whatever when he wants. 

I also like how he makes a porn video with her and then she escapes or is released so that when she next meets up with him it can be used against her as well.  I'm thinking maybe he becomes a villain through this set of events but starts off as a lowly thug?  He could make a name for himself with the videos he takes of him taking her and slowly, possibly, become her arch nemesis if only because he's the only one that knows her secret identity and well...rapes her on a regular basis.

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Updated what games are taken, plus gave stats to all the heroines.  Working on some possible plots for each one! Bear with me!

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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Just sent you a pm


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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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Eden City had been built with the idea of being a sprawling metropolis that would be the ideal place to live.  For about thirty years it seemed like it would stand the test of time.  No super heroes were required to keep the streets safe, which meant there were few supervillains around, and what there were made it easy for the officers of the law to take them down.  As with all good things, it had to come to an end.

The government created a super-spy, or rather, they had the ability to create a baby that would have the ability to become a super spy.  Able to traverse land or water, pick up how a weapon works in less than a second, able to learn a fighting technique just by watching another do it, and then modify it to their own will.  One tiny problem.  When the surrogate mother carried this baby for nine months, she managed to escape the government and slip into Eden City.

To cover their tracks, the government decided to offer abilities to the public.  If their creation got out, then the press would throw them under a bus.  Instead they offered parents the ability to pick what their kids would be good at, and then spliced their DNA with animals of those traits, insisting that everything would be fine.  What they wound up with is a generation of spliced-children that all have animal characteristics.

It worked! They successfully covered up their blunder and their company that had made all the promises to parents took the fall for it.  To make up for it they paid for a place for those families to live in Eden City, the utopia where there's no discrimination, no crime to speak of, and no one to rival the most powerful crime boss in all of America, Japan, and Russia combined. 

They couldn't know it at the time.  He'd been under a false (yet very well made) identity.  They moved him right into Eden city with his spliced-children, and caused it's very downfall.  The crime boss didn't have opposition in the way of rival gangs.  He strategically placed judges and officers into the system so that he could get away with whatever he wanted, and then he made himself comfortable for the next fifteen years.

It made Eden City fall from the greatest place to live on Earth to the very scum of the Earth.  Many people have waged the debate on if they should just get rid of it all together, though there are too many against the idea, saying there are too many good people living there. 

After fifteen years the city is little more than a cesspool that needs to be cleaned.  Every facet of the government there is corrupt, there are more murders, rapes, muggings, and crime sprees than anywhere else in the world.  Though those numbers did begin to dwindle off inexplicably. 

After another nine years the crime rates have been cut down to a thirtieth of what they used to be.  The city is once again beginning to prosper as a rebirth seems to be taking it over.  Obviously something changed, but the key is what.  There are rumors of a man that's able to pass through shadows, of ninjas cleaning house on the criminal portions of the city.  There are rumors, but no proof.

Noir not only has never been spotted long enough for someone to tell that she's a woman, but never long enough to really tell what or who might be attacking the criminal elements.  When she started, she started with thugs, then worked her way up to cops and judges, killing those that wouldn't see the light, and warning the others that if they so much as spoke of her, that they'd be six feet under so fast that they wouldn't know what hit them.  The only person she's never been able to get to is that original crime boss that moved into the city all those years ago.  He's a known rapist and murderer among many other things. 

And he's had it up to here with whomever is crushing his criminal empire.  He'd put a bounty out on their head, except he had no idea who it is that's doing this.  He takes it upon himself, and what's left of his empire (basically him and his son and daughter plus as few thugs), to figure out just who is behind this so that they can then kill the bastard responsible and regain some credit in this city!

However, when he finds out it's an attractive woman in spandex of all things his mind suddenly shifts from wanting to kill her to wanting to utterly humiliate her in the most sexual of ways possible. 


This game is about the crime boss figuring out first who Noir is and then his goal of wanting to utterly humiliate her.  However time and again he underestimates the assassin in her and often gets his butt or his flunkies get their butts handed to them.  I figure he probably has a fetish for the girls that turned up to have animal attributes and a think for body-gloves, so when he sees that Noir is both, his mind turns towards the sexual over wanting to kill her.

Eventually he'll get the upper hand on her, after trying drugs, to outnumber her, etc. etc. and unmask her then publicly rape her mouth, and possibly even through her suit.  She'd eventually get the upperhand on him again (after much humiliation) and then send him off to meet his maker, but not before he releases her weaknesses over the internet which gives thugs and other criminal masterminds the idea that they might actually be able to beat her now.

From there the game could go that she still wins most of her fights, but there is the occasional villain or villainess that gets the upperhand on her and then humiliates her sexually.



Name: Karen Frosch
Age: 25
Job: Super sexy superheroine.
Amphibian: She was born but her DNA was spliced with several amphibians in an attempt to make the perfect assassin.  Through a sequence of events, she was stolen away to a normal family with normal values.  People with animal features exist in this world so it's not odd. As such she's born with webbing between her fingers and toes, pads on the tips of her fingers, toes, heels of her feet and hands, as well as on the balls of her feet and hands.  The pads give her extraordinary gripping power enabling her to climb walls with the utmost of ease.  Not to mention the Amphibious DNA allows her to heal most small wounds almost instantly and allows her to regrow her limbs.

Her tail is amphibious in nature having a blue-green look to it with the natural wetness that comes with it.  The functions of the tail include being prehensile and filtering out any and all toxins introduced to her system.  It also allows her superb balance and to change her center of gravity.  Finally she's able to use it to allow her to deliver oxygen to her blood.  Normally a task for the lungs, which hers still do, but it allows her to breathe under water, or hold her breath for several hours at a time. 

She also comes with super strength that allows her to leap extraordinarily high, kick with tremendous force, and fight well.  Plus her brain is able to learn how any weapon works and use it within only a few seconds of picking it up.  In addition it's impossible for even the most powerful telepaths to access her mind.  Finally her mind is able to pick up martial arts extremely easily making her a hell of a foe to deal with.

Easy to spot: She has to stick to the shadows because otherwise someone can spot her and identify her by way of her tail.  Or at least narrow down the field.
Blunt force: Her suit might be bullet proof but she can still feel pain.
Super sensitive tail: Her tail is her greatest strength, but it has so many nerve endings in it (especially in the "leaf" on the end) that she can be caught in great pain of someone attacks it, or great pleasure if someone molests it.  It'll cause her to instantly orgasm if someone strokes the leaf of the tail or sucks on it, etc.

Time as Superheroine: 9 years
Fights Total: 9967
Won vs Thugs: 5376
Lost vs Thugs: 0
Raped by Thugs: 0
Won vs Villains: 4591 (Crime bosses too)
Lost vs Villains: 0
Raped by villains: 0


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Re: Darwishi's Superheroines (In search of devious villains)
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When Ashleigh first made her debut as Nova in her latter months of being 17 she couldn't have imagined the depravity which would be inflicted upon her.  The men and women alike in Centinennial City are perverts.  Every last one of them.  They see her in the shiny, metallic, silver suit and they want to grope and molest, and rape.  Her first costume met it's end on her seventh patrol.

She'd been doing pretty good, hadn't lost a single fight since she began only a week earlier and then she got it.  She got why superheroines say be careful that you never know when someone might be a mutant or will spring a surprise on you.  She'd been following this catburglar through her part of town when they stopped in at an apartment.  She'd followed and then her spandex was ripped from her body in the fight that ensued.  Left naked, the man proceeded to throw her on the bed and rape her sweet body.

It had been humiliating. Yet after determining that it wasn't THAT bad and that she could probably get up and beat the hell out of him, she ordered herself a new suit and went after him.  This time she won, but he still got a few gropes in.  It drove Ashleigh to seek out the rapists and molesters in the city and take them down one at a time.

Being a beautiful spandex clad girl often wound up with her taking spankings from the most perverted of thugs and supervillains.  Though as she's gotten more mature in her crime fighting career she's also gotten better at beating the badguys before they can have their way with her.  She did learn that she'd have to get a job in order to afford a better costume.

Now she's attending Centennial University and patrolling the campus area.  She's still relatively unknown as a superheroine but she's gone as far to get herself a better costume.  One that deflects bullets, doesn't rip, and is hard as hell to figure out how to get off of her.  While the mask can still be peeled from her beautiful features she's much more adept at never getting into that position in the first place.  Hell, she hasn't even been raped in the last month!


This game will be far more focused on Nova and her development into becoming a famous superheroine that's rarely beaten.  Through that she'll meet many thugs, serial rapists, villains and the like that will want a piece of her.  While her suit can't be removed very easily when it becomes damp it becomes more stretchy, allowing her to be raped while she still has on the silver suit. 

I'd also like to try to strike a balance between her normal life as a college co-ed and her superheroine life.  We can even have some of the thugs/villains be some of her classmates, a geek from the comic book store, or one of her teachers.  Just so long as when it's all said and done with she can defeat them and send them off to jail.



Name: Ashleigh Crow
Age: 18
Job: Comic Book Store Clerk/College Freshman
Mini-Black Holes: Ashleigh can create spheres of light about the size of tennis balls.  When she throws/controls these she can make them implode and create a suction powerful enough to throw a car, or small enough to just suck the air right out of someone.  She can also choose whether or not these spheres will affect her.  If she chooses that they do, then she can lift herself to fly, or if not, then she can set them off near her without having to worry if they're going to do harm to her.

Skills: Mixed Martial Arts


Time as Superheroine: 9 months
Fights Total: 762
Won vs Thugs: 428
Lost vs Thugs: 301
Raped by Thugs: 301
Won vs Villains: 10
Lost vs Villains: 23
Raped by villains: 23