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Author Topic: Willing to GM a 3.5 DnD Game of 10th level characters in a homebrew world.  (Read 11597 times)

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Offline DarthninjaTopic starter

I've got all kinds of good stuff for this game.  It's entirely of my creation though - and yes, there is some room for some furries, but only of the feline and tiger varieties.  If I get enough interest here on this message, I'll post some more of the game's information.  Right now though, I just want to see if there is enough interest for a 10th level game.

Offline Ellyssa

Mmm. Call me a sucker for D&D games, but a possibly here, though depending exactly on theme. :) I'm sure you will have the numbers though!

Offline Purple

I'm a sucker, too!  I personally am not into that part's not for me.  But I'm definately a sucker.  Count me in if my second sentence doesn't boot me out.  :)

*hugs darthninja*

Offline indarkestknight

*raises hand* I'd like to see more info, but I'll probably be wiling to give this a spin.

Online Muse

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Ooh!  Ooh!  Count me in! 

Offline Zaer Darkwail

I am intrested also. I have idea for Flind gnoll (MMIII) ranger/bloodhound :). So if canine furry does not scare of I would likely play this. Also I could play also a pure Catfolk (a race whit feline looks, found in Races of Wild) rogue/swashbuckler/Dread Pirate.
« Last Edit: May 16, 2006, 06:09:16 AM by Zaer Darkwail »

Offline National Acrobat

I might be interested after seeing more info and details on the game.

Offline Jefepato

I might be interested.  I do love a good D&D game.

Online LadyFox

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Interested here.... love to find out what kinds of other races are available, so as to have a nice set of options.  I like having unusual characters....

Offline WarDragon

*raises hand* I'd like to see more info, but I'll probably be wiling to give this a spin.
Ditto here.

Any restrictions on books?  And... how do you feel about "scalies," as opposed to furries?  >_>

Offline Rin

I would be interested as well. Mmm.. D&D!

Offline WarDragon


Offline Timiko

I may be interested.

Offline Alkahest

I'm up for it if there's room.

Offline National Acrobat

Looks like a lot of interested players so far...

Offline indarkestknight

Every once and a while I find it useful to use the "Last Active" part of the profile. He hasn't been on since May 17th. Something probably came up in RL. Mind you, coming back to find lots of interested players is probably nice, but until he comes back (if he's able to, which I hope he is), we should probably leave this thread be.

Offline Kandice Kaine

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It seems, GlabrezuBane, that you enjoy a good D&D game and so do I. I'd be more than willing to join this game, and probably one or two others I think you're running. Send me a PM or let me know here, either way, ok?

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Hmmm, I am tempted to start DnD game if there are SO many intrested join one. Anycase I want use diea what everyone likes so give up suggestions what sort fo game you want play in DnD whit touch of sex (but not as main element).

Offline Lirliel

I'd be up for it.. adventuring in a party's always nice so I'd pretty much be up for that. Don't matter much what type of party, Evi/Good/Neutral aligned.

Offline Purple

I can't play evil at all...but neutral or good is great.  I like all aspects of DnD so I have no preference Zaer.  Fighting, puzzles, RP, all of it...which books would/would not be allowed.  And in the Realms (please, please, please) or homebrew or what?  I'll take any setting, I just love FR. 

Offline Lirliel

oh.. FR prefered indeed, probably be playing a Hardy Dwarf, been a while since I played one of the bearded folk ;)

Offline Zaer Darkwail

I have alot sources for FR and neutral and good parties (champiosn of Valor comes to mind). You Liriel could be dwarf woman, a Valkyre (the special substitution levels in dwarven paladins) but of course I do not press this, just idea what popped in my mind :). Anycase I cna do FR and I ahve a ongooign FR game but so far everyone is on their invidual threads but I can open new game whit focus as group.

But I tought sounds 'Heroic Heroines and Vile Villains'? In that whole 'good party' is women only and bad guys would be men and both are so called 'champions' of the extreme alingment anxis. Of course we can fix this up so that there are both men and female in both good and evil but each side must have same number of male and female characthers. We of course follow DnD rules for conflicts and rules generally but we leave into roleplay the 'sexual encounters' between good and evil.

Also do not forget that a Sune paladin's worst weapon vs evil can be love. No better way defeat evil than seduce it and turn good side XD. While opposite there is evil seductress who does same tactic. This was example how two personality different group behaves similar fashion.

Offline Purple

How about a Favored Soul of Sune...that sounds intriguing...

Offline Lirliel

Hmmm.. I would play a dwarf woman, and if you'd explain to me what a Valkyre is exactly I'd might be intrested in doing one (que for PM me).

Uh... your ideas sounds fine to me, though considering, I might actually be tempted to switch over to the Vile Villian side. After all.. I tend to be drawn more into the darkside of life, maybe a Bane priest? (after all he did return ;))

Though the evil seducctres doesn't sound bad neither! But whatever your descision Zaer, feel free to write me name up ;)

Offline Zaer Darkwail

It does yes and drives same concept ;). Anycase we need see are there willing people to play both evil and good guys to make this work, both sides posting frequently of course.

Anycase I speak of Berronar Valkyrie subsitution levels. They have requirement that PC must be dwarf woman, main deity being Berronar Truesilver and be female. In their religious duty thes paladins go rescue seriously wounded dwarven male soldiers from heat of the battle and have special abilities vs oathbreakers. The levles are taked in 3, 4 and 6lvl and features are;

3lvl: Everbrigth blessing; Valkyrie's armor, shield and primary weapon are treated to ahve Everbright quality (Immune to acid and rust, shine like polished silver and gives Acid Resistance 5 to armor or shield wearer). This feature replaces Divine Health class feature. Of course weapons and armor which valkyrie drops lose this special quality until she picks them up again.

4lvl: Valiant Rescue; Valkyrie can charge 3 + Cha bonus times per day so that she haves (or her mount) haves mobility feat and can perform full attack onto charged target instead single attack. This feature replaces Turn Undead ability.

6lvl: Binding Oath; Once per week (plus one more times each three levels after 6) can do binding oath between two willing inviduals (or legal agreement). This makes all parties involved to know when the oath or agreement is broken anyway. Secondly this makes the oath/agreement breaker fatiqued at 1 day/valkyrie paladin level for breaking the oath/agreement.
Touch of Fatique; Beeronar Valkyrie can use this ability by will and they use it mostly only if someone who plans stray of path, break promise or do morally questionable act. Save DC of this spell-alike ability is 10 + Valkyrie's Cha bonus.

I agree however that Liriel would make excelent villain :). She can be devout worshipper of Shar (fits for dark seductress role), a Gazz'tz worshipping sorcerror (Gazz'tz is called Dark prince and is msot sensual and carnal pleasure approving demon lord) or cleric of Loviatar (mistress of pain) or evne female drow cleric of Lolth or bit roguish cleric of Vhaeraun.