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Author Topic: Just a few cravings i've been having.  (Read 625 times)

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Offline Keikai KamiTopic starter

Just a few cravings i've been having.
« on: December 11, 2009, 07:44:07 AM »
Knowing me, I’m constantly ready to jump into any type of Roleplay, usually, Besides F/f, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be persuaded into it :). This is my first time making Roleplay ideas instead of joining them, so don’t be too harsh with me. Also I’m an anime freak, so if you have any anime cravings Pm and I’ll be up for it usually. Ie: Bleach Naurto Pokemon DBZ Lol.

School Scene M/F~ One of the most populated schools in the world is filled with intelligent bright students. Yet in every perfect scenario there is that one person who takes the peace and twists it into utter chaos. This person is known other.. Then a regular run of the bunch bully, or bad boy as some people like to call them. His name is Alex, but is commonly known around the town, and the school, as ‘’Graverobber’’ . His nickname came because of the constant sight reports of a red and black haired male sitting, or wandering around a burial site. After a few weeks of investigation it was proven to be Alex, yet no actions were taken on the matter, besides rumors that had spread across the town giving him his ghastly reputation. One day a female known around the school for being the goodie two shoes of the school had caught Alex’s eye. Her name was Amber, and she was the apple to every teacher’s eye, she was a very bright student, but she was every definition of the phrase ‘’Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Even though she is polite to the higher ups, and usually anyone around her if a teacher of higher status staff member is around, she is actually sarcastic and rude at certain times, certainly not to be messed with, a way to describe her, a smartass in disguise. One day on his usual reign of bullying he had walked to Amber, his hand being placed against the wall just in front of her path, intending to scare the girl that was in the grade just below his, maybe hoping to get some money, or a few tears out of the girl, but instead, surprisingly he got a good case of verbal abuse, and a stomp on the foot, and with that Amber moved on with her day, but for some reason instead of feeling anger towards the girl, her felt a strange form of lust towards her, as if her defiant smart ass attitude was pulling him to her. [Taking the Cliché  out of the badboyxgoodgirl pairings Lol, I’d be happy to play either characters, and I’ll be happy to make this NC if wanted. Name can be changed afterwards if there are any preferences, those names were just example names.]
School Scene M/M~ A small martial arts school a few miles from a main town has many potential fighters within it. Each of these students live in small dorms that reside within the temple like building, most of the students that live here were either forced by their parents or wanted to get away from life in the big city, wanting to live a more traditional life. One boy named Eric didn’t appreciate the life his parents forced him into, him rather having stayed back in the city, where there was technology, music, clubs, and video games. He hated living in this ‘’hellhole’’ so he stayed isolated by himself unless forced into social activities, never taking his training seriously even though he was fairly strong, and acting very defiant towards his sensei’s and peers. One day Jacob, one of the class’s most flourishing students when it came to fighting and weapon use, like wooden katana’s. Decided to check up on Eric and maybe get down to the bottom of why he acted so, distant from the others, what was meant to be a simple talk, ended up in a slight fight and restraint, after Eric lashing out towards his older peer, had ended up him back first onto the ground with both of his arms pinned. The older peer Jacob had at that point felt a strange lust for the younger male, feeling how soft his skin was and how strange it felt to be able to take control of someone else like he was at this moment. [We will probably start the rp from here, whoever is playing Jacob can pick whether to act on their emotion or not, and if there is any sexual activity it would probably be Nc at first. Names can also be changed afterwards.]

I am happy to play either role, the roleplays will be in pm, unless someone has a preference for a seperate thread.
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Offline Gannameade

Re: Just a few cravings i've been having.
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2009, 11:06:40 AM »
Sure I will play with you?  Do you mind them being superpowered.  It doesn't have to be NC unless you want it to be, but he will more than willing make her his craving for sure if that is what you were wanting.

Offline Keikai KamiTopic starter

Re: Just a few cravings i've been having.
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2009, 04:06:38 PM »