Grandaughter Torino (Based on the Eastwood Movie)

Started by Doomsday, December 10, 2009, 12:59:05 AM

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I was recently inspired by the movie "Gran Torino" to play a one shot game here on elliquiy. The scene in particular is early on in the movie. During the wake of Walt's wife, he's in the garage talking to his granddaughter, and she's hopelessly trying to sucker him into giving her the Gran Torino (and she's not very good at it because she's basically saying "Umm, so yeah, grandpa, when you die can I have your car? By the way I'm very vain and not even interested in you as a human being").

The scene would be me as Walt Kowalski (If you don't like old old guy he could be a decade or more younger) and anyone who is interested would play Ashley Kowalksi, Walt's 17-18 year old granddaughter. Either she becomes very persuasive or Walt offers her a deal she can't refuse. Just PM me if you're interested.

Dreama Walker, who portrays Ashley