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January 21, 2019, 01:49:29 PM

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Author Topic: Supers - M looking for F (Back after a while.)  (Read 501 times)

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Offline GannameadeTopic starter

Supers - M looking for F (Back after a while.)
« on: September 16, 2017, 07:10:32 PM »
If you are interested send me a PM!  (Back after a Looooong Hiatus!!)

These are me, if you have something else.  Let me know.  Just a slow restart for me, sorry.

II am sure we can come up with something DC, Marvel, orignal characters for sure.  Trying to survive or simply exist with their abilities.


On the hunt:
New supers just discover their abilities, find out that others have manifested powers.  They have a choice run and be hunted or work for the man.  Neither will be easy.

My wife the enemy:
What happens when you find out being one the greatest heros/heroine that your lover is also one of your worse enemies.  Will you keep it under wraps will you turn him/her in.  Will your marriage be lost??

Live in love:
The two of you have been friends for a long time.  You have shared everything....almost.  He never shared that he was a costumed hero.  You never shared that you were either.  Now as you both start to get much closer than you imagine have after attending college together.  Will you tell or continue to try to live the dream....or the lie.

Never too careful:
You have been a hero for a while.  You maintain your secret ID, you are all but flawless.  Only think you didn't count on was your wicked attractive step-sister being a telepath.  Issue behind that she wants to use this to her advantage, not only does she want to have you service her.  But she is pimping you out to the highest bidder superheroine/or villianess that might need an itch scratched of their own.  What is a guy to do???

Can't give her up:
You have been working through your own issues of being a super.  Your dad was one your mother died being one.  The three of you were close so both of you took it pretty hard, even to the point of moving.  The city was the same but you changed house and locations.  Even schools, now you have to start over not having problems finding dates only a good girlfriend.  That doesn't seem to be too hard, things are going well. With your new girlfriend.  Even your father has started dating again.  I meet her once or twice.  Next thing you know he tells you he has gotten married to her and she has a daughter.  Your girlfriend!?!  Do you break it off or keep it on the DL???

At my beck and call:
What do you do when you find out that your supervisor is the super you have had a crush on for sometime?  Do you keep his secret safe or do you bend him to your own pleasure, in hopes of making your every fantasy come true??

Worn Down:
She and the hero had been at odds for years.  She would get away just before he took her in.  A part of her wondered if he did it on purpose the other part was tired of getting caught.  Now she wondered if she could truly get him. 

She does, but now that she has him....she does what, kill him, enslave him, show him what he has been missing all of these years....or a combination there of??

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Offline GannameadeTopic starter

Re: Supers - M looking for F (Back after a while.)
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 03:21:44 PM »
Agency - Two agents find they are stuck with one another.  Actually fighting their true interest with one another.

College years - Friends finding themselves at the same college together, trying to decide between being together and continuing their personal superheroing pursuits.

Offline GannameadeTopic starter

Re: Supers - M looking for F (Back after a while.)
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2017, 11:25:47 PM »
Still here!!   ;D