Wanting a Rock Star's Assistant [M/M]

Started by Sho, December 08, 2009, 03:35:23 PM

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So, as some may have seen, I have quite a few open plots floating around here. What I'm looking for in a partner is a literate roleplay who can give me about a minimum of two paragraphs, up to as many pages as they'd like. Obviously, I understand having off days or days lacking inspiration - this is just a general desire of mine. I'd like the roleplay to be M/M.

My character would be a well-established rockstar, topping the charts. I'm thinking preferably in Japan, though setting is entirely negotiable. He'd be cool, confident, a bit of a 'diva', if you will. And talented, extremely talented. His life would be hectic - going from photoshoot to television appearance to concert without ever getting to go home, having to stay in hotels most of the time because of his busy schedule.

What I'm looking for my character to play is a staff member, maybe a personal assistant, maybe a roadie...anything, really, that would put your character in close proximity with mine. Your character would get to see all the ups and downs that mine goes through, and would start to see through the seemingly perfect facade, would start to notice the real person under the image he'd built. They would start an affair, yours helping support my character, helping him get things done. Yours could either be a long-time staff member or a newcomer to the staff. My character would be the sexually submissive one in the relationship, though.

Any takers? Please?



Ooh ooh oh, mememe! It sounds... Adorable.