Always looking for Rps.

Started by Ryhana, December 07, 2009, 12:12:34 AM

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I am always always always always always looking for New Rps. Did I mention Always? I am very story driven, and kinda socially driven, so Rping has and always will be a major portion of my life as long as I can find sources of it.

As for Rps of an adult nature...I'm kinda new to it...especially on forums...well to say that this will probably be the first time in forums that I have an adult Rp. Whee. I've had a few experiences in a chat program, even through email and IM...but most of mine come from a MMO....City of Heroes to be exact which I'm always looking for new people to rp with in that too (if you do have an account for that and want to try to set something up drop me a pm!)

I'd love to get something set up here on these forums, but I am always open to RPing in emails, IMs, where-ever. So please please please read my ons and offs and if you think you have a situation or a story I'd like send me a message!

Some very very basic Ideas of mine right now are as follows: (Some might get some example, or detailed situation drawn out for them sooner or later...but not right now.)

~Male Teacher and Female Student


~Super Hero and Villain (come had to see this one coming!)

~Two Villains or Two Supers.


-Brother/sister or Father/daughter (included step relatives, so why not blood? >.>)

~Cop (Investigator/Detective/etc.) and a Criminal


~Stalker and Innocent Girl

yeah going to end the pairing Idea list to that...
oh! and as a General rule of thumb I prefer an Older Male partner to my Younger Female Characters.

Oh and I seemed to missed mentioning this here...incase people don't drop by my Ons and Offs...I am submissive by nature, hence I like to play submissive characters. You try pushing me into a Dom role...and well I can't guarantee the rp will go well >.<


hello, I'm willing to play a game or two with you, especially the hero vs villan one :p


Definitely interested in teacher/student, Classmates or Neighbors scenarios. Call me conservative... :)

Drop me a note some time. What's your preferred format?

Older And Wiser

there are not any scenerios there I am not interested in.  The female cop "torturing" the male criminal into confessing by sexual teasing is a huge turn on for me.  Teacher sturdent, classmates, neighbors are all good too.


The superhero/villain things I wouldn't mind getting in on.


I would be willing to start something with you. We can discuss an idea if you want?
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