Looking for Fun. (MUL, Seeking Male/Female)

Started by UpFromTheAshes, December 05, 2009, 12:20:36 AM

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Hi, I'm UpFromTheAshes, and I'm new. I have a few ideas that I'd like to try. I will add more ideas as I think of them, and I will mark ones I have found somebody for, some I may take multiple partners for. All my ideas can be done either Forum or IM. Some ideas may even work as group games. Almost every game can be played with a Male or Female.


World of the Dragons - Dragons can turn humanoid, its a power they have always had. Most people have forgotten the Dragons still rule. The Elves think themselves great, the Dwarfs the strongest. The Humans are a more humble race, while also being the most likely for disorder due to their diversity. There are dark races and some rarely even thought about. The story is of a young Dragon who has chosen a mate, who is not of the Dragon race. ~I am looking for somebody to be my Dragon.. Also I am looking for somebody to play an Elf.*This can also be group*~

Love me, Master - Not the way you think. This is of a Vampire and their 'Pet'. A strong Vampire saves a pet from a very abusive Master. They then take the pet as their own. She starts to fall for her Master, and does whatever she can to get noticed over the others that come and go from the home. (I am looking for a Master.)

D&D me, Baby - This is kind of what it says. I am looking for somebody to be D&D charcters with me. This can just be one-on-one or a group up to 7, counting a DM(or god) and 6 characters. This has many choices and ways to go, so this an interest in MANY ways.

I will add more as I think of them. ^_^

Daimon de Broken Hearted

I Could be up for either Love me, Master, or World of Dragons, have played dragons and Dragon Kin before.

Heart Owned By None, It is a broken shell of what once was. Its Light died.

I have some things going on right now with health, I am sorry replies come slow.
Love is a circle of Trust and Caring, all into both becoming One, in Completion. This is like a Ring, or a Collar.
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