Is the doctor in?

Started by Zombie Apocalypso, December 04, 2009, 01:11:50 AM

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Zombie Apocalypso

Greed, corruption, neon lights and criminal vices. For a small town girl fresh out of college, Las Vegas was a fresh new start, a sparkling venue of color and culture. However, it is also a place where a naive young woman could find herself lost and wandering down the wrong alleyway at the wrong time of night...

Meet Aubrey Knight, rodeo queen four times running and pretty little med school graduate looking for a job in the big city. Having never been out of the boondocks she isn't the most worldly little lass and is a prime cut of meat for any sleazy gentleman looking for a good time.

After being talked into going too a club with her best friend and spicy room mate, little miss sweet and innocent Aubrey finds herself a little too tipsy and in a back room with some rich little boys who mistake her for a working girl. If it wasn't for Him, she might have headed home sore in all the wrong places.

'He' is a rich executive, a money launderer in the arms dealing business, and somebody who is known for the beautiful women he keeps in his company. On the outside he is a bachelor, Vegas Socialite, who never has the same woman in his bed twice. Rich with money both new and old there is nothing money cannot buy him. For the right price there is nothing that money cannot buy his clients. Underground he runs 'Step Above Heaven Escort', where the right price can guarantee satisfaction for even the most devilish desires.

For whatever reason, possibly simply because she was in the right club at the right time, 'He' takes pity in little miss Aubrey Knight and takes her back to his place before any sort of real harm can befall her. Here he provides her a safe place where she can sleep off her drunken state and head home untroubled.

They don't necessarily hit it off. She is quite ashamed and angry to awaken in a strangers bed. It takes him a while to assure her that nothing went on the night before and that she should be grateful that nothing did happen. He then proceeds to scold her for her carelessness but offers to drive her home.

As fate would have it he gets shot when he approaches her apartment and steps out to open her door. He soon finds that she might be a most valuable asset to have around, as she seems to do a pretty good job of keeping him breathing until paramedics arrive. He vaguely remembers holding her hand while being wheeled back to the operating room before she is pried away by a couple corporate snakes.     

Of course when he awakens there is a room full of people, mostly people who were wishing him well, not because they were friends but because they were obligated. Once the crowd clears he notes a familiar face, curled up in a hospital chair very much asleep. Aubrey isn't one to allow a friend to spend nights in a hospital alone. Intrigued by her, he offers her a job as his personal live in physician where she would be required to tend to all his 'physical' ailments. Thats not to say that he doesn't intend to tend to hers..


I put a lot of thought into this story. I need somebody to pick up the part of Him. We begin her first day in the job, after she moves into a spare floor of his condo adjacent too a newly renovated doctors office. I do foresee his role being a more dominant role, however as I see his character I don't think there should be any 'rape' involved. I do like the idea of reluctance in the beginning, starting off slow. Experimenting with some bondage stuffs would be fun as well. This is probably going to be my only RP for a while so I plan on putting quite a bit of detail into it. PM me a general description of your character if you are interested.