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Author Topic: King welcomes all! -Edit 01/19/10  (Read 830 times)

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King welcomes all! -Edit 01/19/10
« on: December 03, 2009, 06:39:04 PM »
I'm out here looking for anyone wanting to have fun with a good game/roleplay story, be you male or female.
So if anyone would like to get a little RP going, PM or E-mail me.  :-) ...or even reply below.

I'm looking to get at least one, two, maybe three more roleplays going with anyone using my ideas below, or even Anyone who has ideas they'd like to try and play out as well.
With that being said, I'll typically play as either a Male (Dom-Hetero) or Female (Straight or Bi, Submissive), and am willing to play as myself (Bi-Versitle) as well to some extent. Just try to keep the overal plot simple, yet interesting if you suggest anything not listed below. Either way, I'm willing to discuss nearly any and all aspects of the plot(s) desired including your own.
Click my On's and Off's in the link in the Siggy to see details for both characters On's and Off's (I have two others not listed at the moment) as well as my own should I be a character. Some things are negotiable to change if needed.
I can provide very detailed stats of the normal settings (normal traits) of both characters upon request as well. Obviosuly some things can be tweaked as needed.

I'm open to a wide variety of ideas for now besides the ones below, but of those non listed ideas I'll probably pick ones that I feel like I can make work or that fit decently enough with my characters (or myself). So feel free to suggest nearly anything you have in mind. (or link to a page with your ideas)
I'll contact you back with the ideas interested in and we can work out a bit of a plotline from there before beginning.
Again PM or E-mail your ideas.

At this time for a quick reference:
-I prefer consentual plots. Although I may allow borderline NC to all out NC if playing as a female character or if it's known to please your male or female character in doing so. Also, if it is NC, it would be nice to have a decently happy-ish style ending.
-Stories may contain light to possible moderade bondage if desired as well. It can also go along with an NC theme.
-You may play as a fantasy style character, but for now, I prefer human-like beings such as Cat/Dog people, Elves, Faries, and of the such. I might on occasion make exception to a furry from time to time; but it'll likely be with my female character.
-I don't care if you're a male playing a female or female playing a male. So long as you know how to rp as the sex of the character in a fairly realistic mannor, we're all good. I've been credited as being able to play both sexes fairly well, so be open minded please :) .
-I'm not picky on the length of your posts. Just ensure you give me enough to work with and aren't constantly posting short posts (exception to this will be during a heavy question segment or even some sex/dialogue scenes). I'll do my best to roughly match the length of your posts if able to. At the same time, check your grammar and spelling. It doesn't have to be perfect, but if you're making no sense (grammar wise) or spelling mistakes become frequent, well, I'll lose interest fast. I'm sure most others would agree to that as well.
-Most of my plots listed below is for the modern era. I'm still trying to develop a few to use in a more Medieval setting (especially outside the king/queen/prince/princess style stories) so if anyone has an idea for this era, I'll be more than happy to hear it. Two of my characters can be adapted for both realistic and fantasy settings of this time period or something around it. I may also delge into a slight fantasy realm as well that's semi-relistic in some ways, but mystical/magical in others. (A good example would be like Final Fantasy.)
-Stories may contain pregnancy/impregnation if desired. My characters pretty much hate 'protection' and the use of it (reffering mostly to condoms). But there are ways to skirt around this issue if it's not desired. I'm open to discussion on whether or not this is involved in the story. (Examples: The use of protection/birth control, the knowlege of one of my female characters is quite infirtile, or similar things such as that. In a fantasy setting a magical trait could even influence this as well.)
-My characters are set as virgins by default...however, if the plot calls for some experiance, I'll adjust that as needed. But they usually won't be 'whored' out so to speak (i.e. more than 8 partners in a short time span, even if referenced to such).

Thanks for your input!
Now, onto the ideas!
If really interested/bored/etc., you may even pick more than one. Note: Titles of stories may change if used already. But will still be fitting.

Loaner x Popular Kid* (2 Ongoing)
Friend x Friend* (M/F or F/F possibly M/M)
Student x Study Buddy* (M/F or F/F)
Poor Teen x Wealthy Young Adult* (M/F or F/F) (Probably going to adjust idea...but still open)
Teacher x Student* (2 Ongoing)
Student x Student (M/F or F/F)
Teacher x Teacher
Doctor x Patient
Doctor x Nurse
Nurse x Patient

Male College x Female High School - Probably a decent setup for Bondage or NC, I would prefer to play the female. But could still play either role depending content desires and plot.

Teen x Catgirl (M/F or F/F) – I’ll likely play the catgirl, whom is human looking aside from the cat ears and a tail. As for the plot, that is unknown right now. Any ideas?

Futa/Hermaphodite x Teen Girl - I want to play the teen girl whom will mostly be Sub and slight dom. The other character can be more Female (Futa) or more Male (Herm) Plot is unknown at this time. Ideas welcome.

Brother/Sister x Sister – You must have a decent plot idea for this story for me to consider it. For now I’d like to play a Sub-Sister. So your role would be Dom, be it male or female. (Though I may let you decide how Sub my character will be.) I’m also thinking in the 16-21 age range as well. Can be twins.

Cousin x Cousin (M/F or F/F) - Again, need to have a decent plot idea for this one. I'll play either Male or Female cousin, and should be set around ages 16-21.

Threesome – MMF, MFF, or FFF – Can be where one controls 2 characters, or can be 3 persons involved story. No plot ideas yet. I’d like to play a Submissive Female for any of the three pairings. Also willing to play the Male in the MFF/MMF if needed. Open to a lot of different ideas.

Foursome - MMMF, MMFF, MFFF, FFFF - Again, can be either a one on one style where me and you control 2 or 3 characters, or can be a group thing. No plot ideas yet. I’d like to play a Submissive Female for any of the pairings. Also willing to play a Male for Female contact only if needed. Open to a lot of different ideas.

Dad x Daughter - This is potentially a once in a while thing. Of these three in this group, I'll only do 1 at a time. Again, good plot needed. I'll play as the Daughter (16-20)
Mom x Son - Same as above, only I'll play the Son in a more Dom style role (16-20)
Mom x Daughter - Same as the other two. I'll play the Daughter (16-20)
-Reserved for another member in the near future-

Smut or similar - Any pairing style, over any medium...this works best for E-mails/IM. For those not knowing what I mean, basically a sex story with a minor/minimal plot. But still within the o/o's set forth

Anime pairings - This'll be a once in a while kind of thing, PM me with a list of your desired Anime's if interested... if I know something about any of them, I'll let you know which ones I do and we'll go from there. This'll probably be a first come, first serve. In any case, this will be strictly Hetero with the exception of the Yuri anime "Strawberry Panic" or unless OC's are used.
I'm also fairly open to the ideas of Original Characters in the same setting of certain anime's as well (again provided I know them).
This idea also goes wonderful for an Alternate Universe style story in which we can go "What if...?" and diverge from the original plot line (using the main characters involved) to a different one via an event or decision that'd warrent the alternate path.

Any other ideas or desires?

Here's some of the plot line ideas thus far. All are open to tweaking and modification. Some can be more or less "on the fly" as well, where we'd take the basic premise and just write it however the interaction goes and will eventually lead to a similar plot line/goal.
All pairings listed above are also open to your own plot ideas as well. So feel free to suggest things :)

“Untrusting Secret” – Loaner x Popular Kid – One is a stubborn untrusting loaner; the other is a popular heart breaker. The popular kid’s goal is to win over the loaner’s heart in order to crush and humiliate the loaner in front of the whole school. But when the popular kid begins falling in love and inner secrets and desires are revealed; now it becomes a struggle to keep the dirty secrets hidden! Especially after the loaner finds out the original intent of the popular kid! Now it becomes a true test of love in order to keep the relationship together…and the secrets safe. (Likely to contain some bondage elements)
I’ll play Male (Dom) Loaner, Female (Sub) Loaner, or Male (Dom) Popular Kid

“Friends Forever” – Friend x Friend (M/F or F/F maybe M/M) – They’ve been friend’s nearly their whole lives. Went to school together, hung out, nearly everything. Except date each other (if M/F). Keeping your relationship at friendly only, both proceeded to fall in and out of relationships constantly. With none ever getting anywhere, each of you wonder why it was so hard to keep a bf/gf. But you don’t dare ask your best friend out, risking your eternal friendship do you?

“Study Hard” – Student x Study Buddy (M/F or F/F) – One is a struggling student in high school, the other is the smartest kid in the school, who happens to be in your class as well. Assigned to the struggling student as a tutor in attempts to bring their grade up. Bickering and arguing at first, the pair eventually manage to settle down and at least get down to business and get work done. That is until the smart kid seems to have a problem…a certain subject that they’re secretly terrible at! However, ironically the struggling kid is an ace at it. After a kind gesture of a hug as thanks, things get a little carried away and soon the pair began studying each other…
Will play either part…ideal is me playing Female (Sub) Study Buddy

A Helping Hand – Poor Teen x Wealthy Young Adult (M/F or F/F) – A struggling 18-year old teenager can barely scrape by in life as he/she tries to finish school. Having only a step parent who’s usually always gone, he/she usually always fends for their self. Always wearing the same old tattered and patched up clothes, the teen is usually mocked and ridiculed for being so shabby looking and often times dirty. One fateful night, the teen passes out from exhaustion and the lack of food on the way home in the middle of a small park. A young 20-22 year old male/female college student, out for their nightly walk in the park (or something to that effect) happens across the poor teen in which they’ve seen a few times before. Being good natured and kindhearted the young adult manages to escort (carry) the teen to their luxurious family home. Where then the young adult clumsily tries to help clean the weakened teen up a little. Awkward moments and some funny moments occur before settling the teen in your bed. Where then the young adult attempts to make a meal (and mostly fails)…yet is eaten (in bed). The young adult instantly falling for the teen tries to convince him/her to stay more often…only there’s one big problem. The young adults’ stuck up parents whom detest the poor as common trash. Which is kept secret from the teen during his daily secret visits…until they get caught (a funny way would be during a later sex session)! Now the young adult must choose…give up the love of her life and live in the lap of luxury? Or give up everything to be with the one they love? …Or is there really a way to convince the parents?   

“Secret Lessons” – Teacher x Student – A hot young female teacher enters the scene of the senior class (or college class). Catching the eyes nearly the whole male population, especially one boy in particular. A little shy, the boy gets over his fantasies and desires by writing or drawing them. Unfortunately, it’s usually in the middle of class. In which he gets caught often. Starting out as innocent, the messages and drawings seemingly getting more perverted as they were confiscated wordlessly. Wondering why he wasn’t being reprimanded, the writing and drawing continued once more. Until a note from the teacher was given; after confiscating the boy’s latest work. It simply read, “After School Detention: Stay After Class”. Thinking doom, the rest of the day drags on until everyone leaves. Privately, the two discuss the meaning behind the words and/or pictures…and a dirty little secret of the teacher’s. Her hasty confiscation was because she enjoyed his work and turned her on! A sexy romp on the desk or a visit to the teacher’s house is in order as “punishment”! What an afterschool lesson indeed!
I’ll play either the Female teacher or the Male Student. The way all this happens can be written on the fly and happen according to interaction, but in a way should still have something to the effect of being naughty and getting caught.

More Ideas forthcoming!
If any sound appealing, PM or E-mail me the details... all stories are open for tweaking/modification as needed. Also any ideas you may have are also welcomed!
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Re: Easing in...(Males and/or Females) -Edit- Added Ideas!
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2009, 12:06:26 PM »
Salut mon ami,

I am very interested in the student x study buddy. However, I never really got into f/f action. So if you're interested in doing such story with me being the smartie and you the bbuddy, ill make it interesting or try. I'm mostly a Dom female and when in the mood would play a sub character but one of my characters likes to break her toys in...^^

Anyway, if you're interested send a pm my way. Thanks


Offline Carlissa

Re: Easing in...(Males and/or Females) -Edit- Added Ideas!
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2009, 11:07:26 AM »
I'm interested in the freind/freind one. Do you mind pregnancy?

Offline ladyelizabeth

Re: King welcomes all! -Edit 12/11
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2009, 11:09:01 PM »

Have you had anyone else interested in the threesome ideas?  I think I can take a day to come up with some story ideas :)

Lady E.

Offline AngelofShadows

Re: King welcomes all! -Edit 12/11
« Reply #4 on: December 16, 2009, 01:40:36 PM »
I am really interested in your Loaner x Popular Kid idea.

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Re: King welcomes all! -Edit 01/19/10
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2010, 03:32:33 PM »
Added a few more pairing styles and tweaked a few things... open to a few more stories as a few have faded out.