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Started by Junten, December 01, 2009, 01:31:51 PM

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What I would want for my first RP here is simple, I'd like something I'm used to. One thing for sure is that I want to play a girl. My problem is that I need someone to play with.

My interest for now would be those:

Vampire and human
toys and collars
Vaginal virginity
Kidnapping and raping
Dom and Sub

You can offer for other things by looking at my ons and offs, but I'll prefer those for now.


I might be interested in playing with you, Junten. I'm new here as well.  ;)

Do you have any specific plot ideas?


I was thinking about having a human girl getting raped and turned by a vampire. He could then keep her with him as a toy or for some other reason.

There was no real definite plot. We can work out the plot before starting a RP. It can be something completely different too. I prefer to always talk with my playing partner for the details.


Talking sounds good. It's easier when there's some sort of basis to work off of, but working together to form ideas from scratch can be fun too. PM?


It Looks like I found one partner, but... it takes more than one to say I am busy. so I'll keep looking for a second partner.

Feel free to ask me for more than what I listed.

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I'd be interesting in an RP. Send me a PM and we could figure something out ^^


hmm... since I managed to find three partners I'll probably be good for a little while. ;) You can always try. But I'm not use to manage a lot of plays at once. Once those there plays are into place and advanced a bit, I would manage better.

Thanks to those who offered. ^^