Ideas! (Male needed)

Started by FatallyYoursAlways, November 29, 2009, 06:57:21 PM

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Okay, I know I've been gone for a while, but I'm back now! I have some ideas that I'd like to do in a roleplay and here they are.

Just Tell Me What To Do - Two people who meet in a bar are instantly attracted to each other. the only problem is that he has to leave for a mission for the Air Force in three days and doesn't want to get serious. However, all she is looking for, too, is just a casual, no-strings-attached night of fun. And things get fun allright. Getting a hotel, things start getting hot. Then, a game is suggested. Write down 5 fantasies each and play them out. Anything goes. No holding back, and no passing. But after a while, they don't know if the no-strings-attatched  thing is what they really want...things could get complicated. [probably MUL]

Inappropriately Appropriate - A patient has a steamy encounter with the doctor in his office but then things start turning into more than just one, casual encounter. Things start heating up immensely. [VAN]

You can PM me if you want if you're interested.



Okay. I'm just bored and wanting something to roleplay, lol.


i might be interested. just message me i you like.