X-Men, Buffy/Angel, or Rurouni Kenshin cravings [Male chars needed]

Started by Callys, November 29, 2009, 02:54:28 PM

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Hi guys! These are my current cravings. I am mostly looking for a few roleplays that center around spanking, where I am the spankee. There is some possibility of a more BDSM relationship with a few of these too, if that's more your thing. These are all fandom based, but I would be willing to play created characters as well for any of them. I tend to post shorter detailed posts, don't do too well with one-liners, and try to give what I receive.

-I'm craving having an older teenaged Bobby, Kitty, or an OC being spanked by Logan very badly right now, in a school setting. (Training session or something like that at Xavier's Institute.) This would be a spanking only type-thing, though I am open to changing it a little to where a female character could be older and in a relationship with him.

-Being a "hostage" of a dominant Deadpool is up there too. Something in the vein of a sexy young not-blind version of Blind Al... a confidant/hostage who he confines to his place and tends to be naughty in his absence. This could have BDSM potential as well.

-I've recently renewed my love for the Buffy/Angel-verse. I am a gigantic fan of the Fanged Four and would love to do something in that style. A historic setting with a young rebellious Spike being taken in hand by an evil Masterly Angelus, BDSM definitely involved.

-Something taking place during Season 5 of Angel after Spike's returned, or with Lindsey. Angel having a relationship with either Spike or Lindsey, in a spanking or BDSM capacity.

-Some version of the previously mentioned with OCs would work too.

Rurouni Kenshin:
-Something between Saito and Sanosuke with Saito being the dominant. Chock-full of BDSM potential.

-I'd love to do something with Misou and Kenshin while they're walking to Kyoto together with Kenshin being the spanker. Or maybe Aoshi and Misou at some point during their relationship. These would be spanking only.

Or if you have any other ideas for these fandoms, I would love to hear them!