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Author Topic: Slave & Master – but with a real story - RP STARTED  (Read 581 times)

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Slave & Master – but with a real story - RP STARTED
« on: November 29, 2009, 07:11:41 AM »
F desired [VAN, light NC, light BON] Slave & Master – but with a real story

Sorry - This Role Play has now Started
The Opening Scene:

“High heels or ballet slippers?”  She looks at me with that expression women have, head a little on one side and a smile just touching her lips. 

She is clever – better than any slave I’ve had before, I think.  She has dressed for me today in a black flared 60’s style dress with a tight cinched in belt and I know that where she to spin round the skirt would swing out and show her stockings.  Her skin is like milk and her hair as black as spun ebony. 

She is wearing ballet slippers.  She comes down the steps towards me, as light as a dancer.  “I’ll wear high heels if you like.  I know you like me to be just a little bit tarty.”  She rests her hands on my shoulders and gazes into my face, her lips pressed together in a teasing smile.  Her long lashes lower and raise again as though unmasking the battery of her huge violet eyes. 

“First I will dance,” I answer, “and then we will make love.”  I curl my arm round her waist and the music starts – a Viennese waltz.  We pause for one beat of the music and then we are away, spinning across the black glass floor and into the shadows under the arches. 

She is light and supple in my arms, soft flesh over muscle and bone and the subtle frisson of silk and nylon.  I feel her warmth and smell her fragrance.  Her lips slightly parted, smile at me with love and admiration.  At last the music comes to an end and we are back at the steps. 

“And now,” she whispers, “the time for high heels and making love.”  She pirouettes away from me towards the steps. 

Suddenly she freezes and the lights return.

“You like her?” asked the salesman’s matter-of-fact voice, breaking in on my mood after letting his product do the selling for him.  “That’s the Mark XIV f/p, a very popular model.” 

“f/p?” I ask, for something to say.

“Female, Petite,” he answers absently.  “Now if you’ll just sign these papers.”

The World:

The world is the future, but a future in which the clothes, manners and habits of 1810-1850 have come back into fashion.  So – long dresses, petticoats, corsets, stockings, silk, linen and lace for the women and tail coats, cravats and knee-breeches, or pantaloons and top boots, for the men – approximately late English Regency or American steamboat, but varied as may suit the story. 

There are future inventions but they are not intrusive and they are often called by their old names – for example “carriages” have the appearance of polished wood with painted coats of arms and gilt fittings driven by coachmen (more later) but they hover and are silent and can cross the Atlantic at need.  “Phaetons” are fast open carriages like sports cars.  We add inventions only if the story needs them as they are not the point of the story.

Society has a strong class system.  At the top are the “aristocracy”, which itself has several layers from “Earls” and “Dukes” down to simple “Gentleman”, all based on wealth not breeding.  Below that is the “Working Class” – the storekeepers and the factory managers, who are human.  Finally there are the “Slaves” who are all robots.  Slaves vary from beautiful creatures indistinguishable from perfect humans to functional creatures such as road diggers.  The coachman would be a slave, as would the liveried footmen.

The place is a big city – never named, just called “Town” or “The City” – it is probably London or New York.  We can refer to places like “Regents Park” or “Fifth Avenue” and they will have the same connotations as today but may not be the same places.  Only the Working Class and Slaves use public transport. 

James Mooreland is a gentleman, aged 35.  He owns several technology-related businesses and writes books.  He is at times selfish and sadistic, but always a gentleman.  He is a sinister character and people are unaccountably afraid of him.  You may decide what he looks like as we go along, but I suggest he has some physical flaw so that his beauty is less than perfect. 

Faya is a slave, a beautiful Mk XIV f/p robot with long blonde hair.  We start with some variation of the dancing scene above, which I can rewrite slightly as we may agree.  Mooreland purchases her to be his mistress.  He generally only has one mistress at a time, though occasionally he enjoys having a small harem for a private orgy and may invite other humans or rent slaves (male or female) for the purpose. 

Faye is programmed to be demure, submissive, shy and a virgin, so the first event will probably be her seduction and deflowering by Mooreland. 

A slave can have all the feelings and complexity of a real human – how else could she be a good mistress – and Faye is top of the range.  Slaves also have sentience.   Road diggers have a very low sentience level, about 0.3, where 1.0 is the average human level.  Sentience (self-awareness) is distinct from intelligence.  There is a movement afoot in the Council to free all slaves with sentience levels above 0.8 (about the level of an intelligent dog).  Faye actually has a level of 1.2, slightly higher than Mooreland.

The General Storyline: 

Mooreland treats Faye badly, thinking of her as no more than a machine.  He isn’t kind to her and he humiliates her – for example, making her take a walk with him in Regents Park stark naked on a leash while he talks to his cronies and they stare at her and make remarks - or absent-mindedly brushing aside her clothes and fondling her in public.  Faye’s shyness will make her particularly humiliated by being naked in public.  Light bondage and other abuse as we will agree.

At the height of Moorelands ill-treatment of Faye, when it appears that he is about to get bored with her and may trade her in for a new slave, they discover a murdered woman in his apartment.  The woman has been raped and horribly mutilated.  Moreland tries to check her pulse but she is dead.  They report it to the police on his cell phone.

The police arrest Mooreland.  He goes before a Judge (same status as a Duke, higher than Mooreland, who is a mere Gentleman) and is remanded on bail.  The penalty, if convicted, is horrendous – isolation in a dark cell for the rest of his natural life.  On bail, he has to wear a collar locked round his neck so that the police (or anyone else who takes the trouble, including Faye) can check his whereabouts.  After the bail date, if he hasn’t returned to court for trial, the collar will begin to tighten and will eventually strangle him. 

Faye knows he is innocent as he was with her, but a slave’s evidence is not admissible in court.  Mooreland is downcast but Faye starts trying to trace the real murderer by setting herself up as a potential victim.  She pushes him into activity and slowly he gets interested and joins her.  The police aren’t looking because they think they already have the culprit. 

During the story Faye begins to rebel against Mooreland’s treatment of her – subtly at first – making him do things against his will by using her feminine wiles.  Eventually she reaches the point of hurting and humiliating him in punishment of his treatment of her.  He begins to learn that she is a real person and not an object.  Eventually they achieve a more equal relationship.

After a series of adventures, mostly sexual in nature, his bail time is running out and they still haven’t found the murderer.  Mooreland also discovers that he doesn’t like lending Faye to other men, even to help the search – he finds he is jealous when Faye has several men at once, to bribe information out of them.  As Mooreland begins to fall in love Faye is becoming the dominant partner.  Eventually they run out of time and the collar is slowly strangling Mooreland (as a result of which he gets such a huge erection that Faye has to mount him just to satisfy her own lust – she is only human after all). 

At the last moment they discover the real murderer, who turns out to be Mooreland’s business rival, an Earl who used Mooreland’s apartment for the seduction and murder of a Working Class girl in order to that Mooreland will be convicted.  They hand the man over to the police and Mooreland is freed. 

Other random thoughts:

I am going to be quite selective in choosing my partner.  I am looking for a female who can write.  As a published author myself, I may even want to make a major editing pass after the story is finished and then discuss it with my agent. 

I am looking for an active collaborative writing partner who can contribute to the story, so your suggestions matter.  I like lots of OOC discussions as the story develops, and I suggest we keep them in PM so as not to interrupt the story thread.

Please check my O/O and my Introduction thread.  I will be looking for a reasonably O/O compatible partner. 

I like long posts as a rule, about 350 words is good (the same as the opening scene above) so that the story progresses.  You may put occasional words in my mouth and I in yours, though we will never try to take over each other’s character.  If either of us have a problem let’s discuss it.

I suggest Mooreland speaks in first person strictly in his point of view and calls himself 'I' and Faye 'you', while Faye speaks in third person close and stays in Faye's POV - it would make an interesting characterisation differentiation - but we can do it however you feel most comfortable. 

Please change the name Faye to something else if you like.  I think slaves don’t have surnames – in the extreme they have a machine sequence number instead – Faye is Hyundai Mark XIV f/p 217-00045 (one of the first models of her type).

Finally – everything is up for discussion.  I have shown the story as pretty complete but I would be delighted to discuss variations and changes to fit in with your needs or desires. 

*sweeps off his slightly extravagant headgear and bows deeply*

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I am mildly curious about this and have sent you a PM.

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