Sweet blond wants to RP [looking for M][updated 11/28/2009]

Started by sweetblond, November 28, 2009, 09:38:18 PM

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Hello everyone!!

I'm looking for another RP!!

I really want it to be a impregnation RP..

Pregnant by mistake
I have an idea that the two meet in a bar, have annonymous sex, something my character has never done, and then months later she finds out she is pregnant. She has no way to contact the male character but he works down town and perhaps when shes about 5 months pregnant he sees her on the street?? perhaps she collapses because she hasnt eaten and at first he doesnt recognize her and takes her to the hospital and its there where he recogonizes her? I want it to be a love story but he trys to take care of her, but in a way that he comes off demanding instead of caring and she fights him every step of the way.

Its basically a take of the normal romance book plots. I have been craving it for a while.
PM me if you are interested im not firm on the plot and am more then willing to talk ideas!

Friends to babies?
Im currently in a thread that i love the idea of and want to role pay again, it is about two friends just out of high school so 18 who have had a crush on one another since forever, the go on a vacation together for an undifined period of time and find out there crushes are returned, then something happens, (me) the female gets pregnant by mistake...


The base of this is, the women was walking home from aparty, when a man who had been watching her for a while takes her and hides her in his home, using her as he pleases. Perhaps he is a rich man, so he keeps her in his mansion, where she trys to talk maids and anyone to let her free, all of them decline and if the man finds out, He teaches her a lesson. Through all of this though the man has loved her from the beging and that is why he kidnapped her. Slowly she falls for him but keeps her feelings to her self, a few weeks after her kidapping she finds out shes pregnant, and trys to hide that from him as well, even though it could get rather difficult, with the morning sickness and cravings and her stomach growing. i think this could be a long term RP where eventually things turn good for the two of them.

Im basically looking for an impregnation thread, I am open to all ideas if any one has any. I like the idea f it being a suprise and the girl hiding it from the father for a while, perhaps there already in love but she doesnt think he wants babies ( even though he does) so she hides it from him but has terrible morning sickness and cravings and he starts to wonder?

Please PM me if interested dont reply on here!! :)