Prisoner G537K (M/m, NC Solo)

Started by Valkyrie1066, November 27, 2009, 02:27:50 PM

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Prisoner G537K (M/m, NC MULTI ) 

You could be a spiritual advisor trying to convert him; a medical assistant trying to conduct an exam, a legal aide or social worker.  You could be a new cellmate, or a young guard naive enough to trust one of these preditors.  (Let's mix it up a bit; allow for an odd female (death row)  inmate, employee or guard.)

He has survived in maximum security for 8 of his 25 year sentence.  The others call him Big Sig...from the convicts to the guards to the administrators.  His whole name is too much of an effort for most. Two counts of second degree murder, and a felony drug conviction. You and he could be in the General Population...or solitary confinement, for those who prefer the veneer of privacy.   Any way it happens; your fate is sealed. You don't have connections, relatives, or friends in here, for better, or for worse, he is the card you are dealt.  He is bigger and stronger than you.  He works out every day, and spends the rest of his time hustling favors.  Sex is his pet addiction; he prefers it to drugs or alcohol, but he will take anything he can get.  Whether it goes easy, or are next. 

Of course, Sex, drugs and violence are NOT permitted here.  *cough*

Yeah...right.  Fuck that shit. 

It will have to depend on available time and place for a few minutes of risky behavior. 

Looking to play this as a solo; maybe a group at some later time.
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