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Author Topic: Crash Landed - Looking for one on one play  (Read 1682 times)

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Crash Landed - Looking for one on one play
« on: May 10, 2006, 11:16:29 am »
((I have found someone to do this story with me. No longer looking for a RP partner to do this story with me))

Hello everyone it is King_Furby with an idea that I hope will get a bite. Basically I am going to do some fishing here for a one on one RP partner…I would like play to be done over PM. I am only willing to do the below idea with one person as I greatly dislike having the same type of RP going with more then one person at once. I welcome whoever wants to play with me to suggest changes as I want it to be enjoyable to both of us. Well I guess I should get on with it…here it goes.

Story Line: In a world of space travel where humans have reached out and populated the universe two sides are locked in a battle to harness the resources of a planetary system. Let’s say one side is called the Republic and the other is called the Federation. This is just to make it simple so it can be easy to remember. With these two sides at war many of those living in this planetary system are caught in a cross fire and some resent it. In certain areas one side is stronger and it’s just a huge struggle of power between these two enemies.
A large battleship (can be for either side) jumps right into an ambush and is quickly outmatched and destroyed. One young female fighter pilot (I would prefer her to be between 20 and 28), ship is hit by a projectile and she is forced into a crash landing into enemy territory. She may think she is in for a lot of trouble but one kind man rescues her and keeps her from being found by her enemies (which would be the other empire of course). I would like to see a hard headed, strong, stubborn character who is possibly a squad leader. She would be unused to non military life and would most likely struggle with it. On the planet she would be forced to try and get by until she could find a way to get off the planet and get back to her own people. There are tons of possibilities here but I am looking for a strong female role.
Ok now here is the part that I feel would really keep it interesting. My character lives a few miles from the nearest town, and technology here is not as advanced as to what the young pilot is used to. The planet is kind of dusty but still has rich forests rich with lumber, which of course to most is a fuel source to laugh at. Eventually things would happen between the two, but to what extent will have to be found out as play went on. I am looking for something long term. I want someone who can be in this for the long haul and can help keep things exciting.
My character for this RP is not rough or violent so rape will not be a part of the story. This is more to focus on the character side of things, I want the RP to happen more naturally meaning I don’t want a bang bang release based story, not saying there won’t be sex in the RP but I don’t want it based around it. My character is 42 years of age and has one child and was married but he and his wife are no longer an item. My character is very resentful of the wars that have began in the system as lives have been torn apart and just getting by can be a challenge. Each side wants to conquer the planets in this system usually at the cost of the locals.  He has a small home but gets by with selling fuel cells to the locals, though he is also forced to provide for the local military bases.  His name is Lamont Daniels and yep I got a character image I use for him.
1.) I have an image example of my character and I would be delighted if you had one you used for yours. I have examples of females who I would love someone to base a character around and I would send to you before play would start. If you have an example image that you have found that is also welcome.

2.) I don’t want what I call power posters. Basically when I say this I mean that I don’t want posts that are over 3 paragraphs in length. I do however require that every post be at least five sentences to ensure that I have enough to reply to. I also follow this rule, so if you hate a one liner as much as I do we will get along just great. Ok now I won’t bite your head off if you make a post a little too long but I ask you do your best not to make huge posts. I like detail just as much as the next person but there comes a point when a post is too long and drags on. If you are used to making what I call power posts I ask you tone it do for me.

3.) I can be reached on AIM almost constantly so if you also have AIM that would be cool. Like if you had a question for me that would be the best place to reach me. My SN is RamMcc which is also listed in my sig. 

4.) Looking for a female who plays female characters.

So basically PM me, give me your e-mail so I can send you char examples though you do not need to use any of the images I send to you as a base and are welcome to find your own. If you would rather just submit to me a char profile that is fine, but keep it brief as I like to find out most information through Rping. I mostly just want to know about your chars personality. Oh and you can ask me as many questions as you like.

*****I am a college student and finals are just around the bend. I have one Thursday night and then another one Tuesday May 16th. I will still have some time to get on and check messages but please give me a day or two to get back to you as I will be forcing myself to remember all the info that will be on the final. I just wanted to put this up while it was fresh in my mind…thanks for reading*****
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