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Author Topic: Lotherio Seeks Quirky Fun  (Read 421 times)

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Offline LotherioTopic starter

Lotherio Seeks Quirky Fun
« on: November 23, 2009, 01:55:10 PM »
I’m returning from a hiatus that involved my personal life and looking for a storyline or two to strike up here.

A quick rundown on what I like in a story and a partner.

Cooperative characters/partners: Our characters in the overall storyline will want to work together.  It doesn’t have to start that way, but it should progress that way and they should end up ‘together’ for whatever purposes.

Good Guys: We’re on the side of good.  Not cut and dry good, but in the end we’re in it for good.  Inevitably the storyline is some form of good versus evil with some shades of indication on what is actually evil/good.  Not quite the bad guys wear black, but the bad guys might have a hard time not kicking the puppy when the situation is presented to them.

Joint World/Storyline:  The story is in some way an exploration of a shared world created by my partner and myself that we explore.  What we bring to the table is our character(s) for the story, everything else we create jointly.  I am good with either of us enacting unexpected surprises and plot twists as part of this exploration.  But together we create things in the world/universe for the characters to explore.

Romance: Doesn’t have to start this way or end this way, but in some way the characters should have an attraction to each other.  I am more of a vanilla sort of player and it’s the erotica I enjoy in my RP.  There could be exploration of the boundaries of this, yet inevitably, the characters want to work together/be together in some way.

Here is the stories I am interested in:

Postmodern Supers/Furries Megaverse:

Seems to cover a lot in the theme, but really, I’m looking for something on the level of slightly futuristic, inter dimensional fun capers with hanky-panky thrown in.  I’m looking for good clean fun but nothing on the level of clown sex.  An interesting concept in here to me right now would be that both characters are inter dimensional travelers of some sort (super/furry and/or both), one has dimensioned into something odd, like an evil clown.  The 'entity' or dimension is actually an alter ego for one of the characters and somehow the other character has made it into this dimension as well and they come together.  This world could be slightly abstract (not so far as Monkey Bone, but close perhaps).  As they work things out, perhaps the dimension hopping is on some level an exploration of themselves.  The real evil could be imaginary (alter ego/make belief) or a real entity of some sort that is getting them stuck in these odd dimensions/worlds.  The characters mostly take it as real or literal, whether they are chasing down robbers, battling odd gravity matrices, or enjoying each other in some alien environment.  Its pretty much open I guess, just as long as you’re interested in character development, heroics of some sort, and slightly abstract themes and settings.
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Offline Selene

Re: Lotherio Seeks Quirky Fun
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2009, 04:45:47 PM »
Hi, i may be interested if the spot is still open. Could you maybe explain a bit more as to what you're thinking of?

Offline LotherioTopic starter

Re: Lotherio Seeks Quirky Fun
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2009, 09:06:47 PM »
The spot is still open.  I thought I'd respond here over a PM in case anyone else is curious what I'm thinking.

Basically, the 'adventure' evolves around two furries (possibly with super powers) that are dimensional travellers in an intriguing megaverse.  The dimensions they visit are curious, quirky and abstract even.

I don't know if that explains it but I can give a simple adventure synopsis as an example.

Say we decide on two rabbit anthros and they find themselves in this obscure dimension, perhaps with amnesia.  They find themselves in an odd bar of sorts.  It looks like a rundown carnie/gypsy joint.  A blind octopus alien is playing blues at the bar while the three armed nightsinger whispers sweet nothings into the microphone.  The bartender is an ogre of a man, ugly and using a dirty towel to clean the glasses.  The two furries are perhaps attracted to each other as being 'similar' in this strange environment and they both discover they both have amnesia.  Maybe a three eyed woman wearing perfume that smells like a musty corpse approaches and tells there futures.  There is a stalker, a mysterious dark man that chases them.  They escape the bar into a strange city.  Perhaps in their excitement, they escape him and explore their physical attraction to each other.  After which, perhaps one of them recalls the city and a nearby forest with a witch who can make sense of the fortune from the three eyed woman and turning down an alley they find a path into the dark forest.  The forest gives way to meadows that are pleasant and sunny with lovely, large mushrooms dotting the landscape.  The mushrooms look lovely but in fact they eat the local butterflies, and shiny, silky butterfly wings dot the landscape.  Maybe the rabbit anthros frolic here and when they climax, a nearby mushroom gulps down a few butterflies, spraying shiny wings into the air. 

All that is over the course of a number of scenes and RP sessions, but it might hint at the quirkiness I'm referring too.  I see it as perhaps a scene sequence of: dialogue to discover themselves, some interlude adventure sequence, some good, clean fun of the erotic sort, mix and repeat and so on.  I referenced Monkey Bone in the original post, but a more recent analogy might by that UK movie, Mirror Mask.  Quirky, intriguing, magical, adventurous.  Instead of being an exploration of one person as in Mirror Mask though, this would be the exploration of the two main characters.

The actual setting and the actual adventure is up to discussion.  I'm interesting in the development of two characters via a storyline that is quirky and entertaining.

Hope that helps,

Offline Selene

Re: Lotherio Seeks Quirky Fun
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2009, 11:05:46 AM »
wow, you seem to really have a great idea there! I'll admit I've never tried this sort of thing so I would be very new to furries etc. I

'm definitely interested in doing it though. Would you mind? you seem to have a strong idea already and I don't know if me being a novice anthro would be an issue