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Author Topic: Plushie Arsenal!  (Read 1510 times)

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Offline LyrusTopic starter

Plushie Arsenal!
« on: November 20, 2009, 10:05:34 PM »
Here you have a list of plots and storylines which you should be able to expand upon if you're interested! If you would like to play with the plushie, say the word, or send a PM!



Refer to the following links to see a list of monstergirls:

Interested in portraying any of 'em?



Brian Flood is a wanted convict. He was being held in custody for domestic terrorism. Now he's not. But that doesn't mean he's turned over a new leaf. Oh no. What he did was not terrorism. It was an act of patriotism. His beloved country, the United States of America, had become corrupted from the core. It needed a reform. It needed salvation. It needed ... anarchy. Now he's hiding out in a laboratory. Developing a new chemical. Fiddling with a bomb. If this new chemical was released into the air, the resulting gas attack would cause significant ... well, no, not casualties. He would never dream of harming his fellow Americans. No, the gas attack would do something else. It would free them! Freedom from the droll restraints, constraints, and the enforced abstaining of normality!!

Cassandra Williams is a journalist. She's been writing about the dullest of things for the better portion of a month now. Minutes ago, she finally got an interesting assignment sending her off to the Lakeside Mall. The police have surrounded the mall that serves as the entrance to a subway, and even went as far as to block off the underground tunnels leading out of the subway. Underground, in the subway, something appears to be going on. Something big. Somethings newsworthy. Well, the police wouldn't stop her from getting a hold of this scoop. Completely unaware of what she is about to get herself into, she manages to stealthily sneak past a lax police line and enters the mall from the back entrance through a disabled electronically-controlled metal door. As soon as she enters the mall, the door somehow seals itself behind her. She's trapped, but she still wants to find out whats going on.

The Lakeside Mall is a busy place. It is visited by hundreds daily, and the subway below it is frequented by even more as commuters to and fro from work. When the incident occurred, 577 people were in the big mall. 345 people happened to be down at the subway. An additional 81 people serve as assorted staff members and authorities. A grand total of 1,003 were caught in a sudden terrorist gas attack. Only the gas didn't cause anything even remotely close to injury. No, it caused heightened sexual arousal in the males, to the point where the men lost their minds and turned into deranged sex-craving lunatics the equivalent to mindless zombies high on aphrodisiac. It did something else to the females, letting them keep their minds, but somehow warping their bodies' genetic structure and giving them vibrant youth, stunning beauty, and drop-dead gorgeous figures. It did one thing, ultimately: promoting fanatical sexual anarchy. The gas still lingers in the air. The police hesitate, unwilling to break in, unsure of what the situation inside is.

1,003 people. 399 females. 604 males.

Correction... + 1 female.

Fear is the best aphrodisiac, as Cassandra Williams is about to find out.

Meanwhile, Brian Flood sits in the surveillance room, eying the video cameras intently, having been injected with an antibody beforehand.



Valzon. A proud island nation of warrior-women feared for their fighting prowess. They despise men and see them only as a means of reproduction. Their island is rich with mineral resources and their city, Valzon'darla, is rumored to be made of gold.

Galbaria. A powerful empire ruled by a militaristic government that has recently come up with a powerful new chemical which serves as a fast-acting aphrodisiac that affects only women; spread through the air, this gaseous aphrodisiac is odorless and colorless, making its passage swift and silent. When struck by the aphrodisiac, women are sent into a state of extreme heightened sexual arousal, and their sense of touch is amplified a thousandfold: a mere touch would send a regular woman into a climax.

When Galbarian warships armed with catapults loaded with chemical artillery appear on the horizon and sail towards the island of the Valzonians, one suspects that love is in the air...



You may have watched the movie of the same title? Now if you have watched the movie, you might have wondered to yourself ... Just how many times could the main character have made use of that wonderful innovation and started to use it for all manner of sexual fantasies? Thrilling to think about, isn't it? Well, this plot will revolve around an unlucky sort of dude and his victims.

Peter North is a downright unlucky person. He's been toiling away at the same boring job for nine years now, and promotion is still nowhere near. His bad luck started in elementary school and tracked him all the way to his adult working life. It hinders his love life too. His first girlfriend was in High School and broke up with him for a burly jock, his second girlfriend dumped him after a week, and he lost his virginity to a prostitute on the streets who later stole his wallet while he was asleep. As if that wasn't enough, she stole his clothes too.

Our unlucky hero's life changes when he goes out to the electronics store to replace a broken laptop that 'accidentally' had a bucket full of water dumped over it by a popular colleague at work. Being the classic technology maniac and geek, his laptop is the equivalent of his limbs, so evidently, the poor man's got to replace it. Whatever would he do without midnight gaming sessions? Blasphemy! Of course, with his horrible luck, the unfortunate Peter North finds the electronics store closed early for the day when he reaches it. Out of desperation, he visits a rickety old electronics store nearby which he has never seen anyone visit. Upon entry, he meets a strange old man who talks him into trading the broken laptop for the a 'Unviersal' remote control. Peter North thinks he's got a good deal, and is under the impression that the remote is 'universal' in the sense it works on all technology appliances.

He was wrong; he's got a better deal than that.

Think about it, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward, and so on, capable of bending time and space itself. So what happens when a man with a grudge, armed with a Universal Remote, decides to test his newfound prowess?



When the beautiful and faithful - or at least ex-faithful wife of a highly-successful business magnate finds out that her beloved husband has been cheating on her with his fast-changing secretaries, she goes into a terrible rage.

Quite understandable, since this drop-dead gorgeous woman worked her way up the ladder as a popular model, and then went into acting and found she had a knack for it. After a successful and fulfilling career, she started to foolishly yearn for a life of normality with opportunity for family. The chance came when her current husband met her at a formal event. They fell in love - or so she thought - and got married shortly after. And now she finds out that she had traded away her promising career for a cheating imbecile. Unacceptable!

In order to get revenge, the enraged wife swears to get revenge thousandfold. If he wanted to play the game of unfaithfulness, well then, she'd give him a taste of his own medicine and make him the biggest cuckold of the century!

Oh she'll do anything for love...



All's fair in Love and War. This is especially true for the mercenary warlord Arcturus Bane, who has just emerged victorious after a great battle where he slew the enemy king and decimated the royal army. This strategic victory allowed him a clear path to secure the much-prized capital of the defeated kingdom: the gleaming city of Silverhaven. Now, after relishing his victory, he marches for Silverhaven at the behest of his employers. Silverhaven's defenders are few. Many have already fled or committed suicide after receiving news of their lord's demise. Nothing stands in Arcturus's way now. There is only one way out of Silverhaven, and his ravenous armies hungry for plunder occupy it. None would leave alive.

Meanwhile, in the city of Silverhaven, the beautiful queen of the defeated king awaits her inevitable doom... but perhaps she can alter her fate? This Arcturus is a mere mercenary, after all; a lone wolf who fights for the sake of monetary gain. A sellsword. If she could perhaps sway him with whatever means necessary and persuade him to allow her to escape, then she could flee to one of the outlying cities of the kingdom and raise a new army with which to fight the interlopers, or promise her pretty daughter's hand in marriage to a foreign prince from another nation to persuade them to help. Yes, she would fight fate with whatever she had at her disposal... Even her body.


The Blackire forest has long been the subject of countless rumors. It is said that a long time ago, a powerful, greedy, and much-feared sorcerer terrorized the land and demanded sacrifices of nubile young women. A band of heroes soon gathered to face him, and when the sorcerer realized he could not best his foes, he fled into the forest, chased by his pursuers. When finally cornered in the very core of the woods, in the middle of the night, the desperate sorcerer released a terrible curse upon his attackers in a last-ditch attempt to save his skin.

The curse backfired.

None know what happened that night, but some say that the sorcerer's body was unable to contain the powerful spirits he summoned to his aid, and as a result the spirits scattered all around the forest itself and cursed the trees forever. Regardless, these rumors have not stopped a settlement being founded near the lush and fertile lands of the forest. Yet, as the settlement prospered and grew into a village, then a town, they begun to sense something was truly wrong. From time to time, for no reason at all, attractive young girls suddenly felt the urge to enter the forest. Incidents of girls who wandered too far into the forest and were never seen again are now commonplace in the town of Belford. However, these incidents are not the most disturbing ones, which are of the girls coming back, covered in a strange mixture of sap and nectar, looking thoroughly dazed and haunted. As soon as these girls return, they suddenly feel a strange urge, and disappear the next night, back into the forest, unable to resist a temptation now manifest in their bodies.

When a wandering heroine feels adventurous and decides to look into the rumors, what happens when she journeys into the cursed woods?

Organic fun and tentacles galore!


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Offline DeviantMunster

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 11:58:55 PM »
I was curious about the remote control. What sort of things did you have in mind with it!

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2009, 10:09:15 PM »
Well basically, imagine being unaware as you're manipulated through functions like Pause, Stop, Rewind, etc. Think of the many ways the holder could abuse it ... Many, many ways. I'll send you a PM wiff details.

Offline Oniya

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2009, 11:13:58 PM »

A medical graduate and scientist by the alias, 'The Doctor', is rejected from his Instituite and shunned by those who were once his friends for attempting a number of unstable and unsactioned experiments. Determined to make continue his research and have his revenge on those who have mocked him, the good Doctor has opted to kidnap young girls and make them his test subjects for, ah ... Anomalous materials.


Unstable and unsanctioned sounds very interesting, whether that is unstable in the physical or mental sense.  I know my own O/Os have many possibilities in this arena - if any of them appeal, drop me a line!  :D

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2010, 09:37:45 AM »
The list has been updated. Have a look-see!

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2010, 06:10:06 AM »
List updated, again!

Offline Le Immortelle

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2010, 07:23:22 AM »
I'm interested in The Collection, what kind of sexual exploits you had in mind? Also is it gonna be excessively smut based RP?

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2010, 08:29:15 AM »
Basically, she goes around looking for 'exploits' which would make her husband the most infuriated at and most publicly shamed. Seducing a corporate enemy of her husband's business, engaging in sexual acts with black people (due to her husband's unmentioned racist nature), and so on, would be the kind of sexual 'exploits' she goes about seeking.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2010, 04:54:34 PM »
Hey there, we once played together for a group starship troopers game, perhaps a year ago or more. Organic = Good interests me, if you're still seeking a partner for it.

Offline Eliza

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #9 on: July 28, 2010, 05:00:45 PM »
Stating my interest in Spoils of War ... it reminds me of the Prince of Persia film. If you don't me putting two cents in, I want to try to make the queen act similar to the woman in the movie ... minus the dagger.

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #10 on: July 28, 2010, 11:26:47 PM »
As in persona, appearance, or both? ... Minus the dagger, of course. XD

I don't mind tweaking with the characters, since they're essentially left as open-ended as possible for you to expand upon.

Offline Eliza

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #11 on: July 29, 2010, 02:41:15 AM »
Well in the Prince of Persia film, the main female lead is a sort of priestess, but I don't want your plot to be the film. I was thinking the female still be a queen or part of royalty (though she will be trained in swordmanship and is equally sly, able to fool the dumbest of men to average men). Her decision to flee be changed to sacrificing herself for the rest of the people, hoping her negotiation with Arcturus will provide her enough time to escape him and flee from her city. Also, she would make a proposal to Arcturus: to tell his men to leave while she and Arc (let's call him Archie for short) negotiate terms, mostly regarding Silverhaven, its citizens, and its hidden treasures.

I also looked at Act of Patriotism just now, and I'm kinda interested in that too.

Offline LyrusTopic starter

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #12 on: July 29, 2010, 03:32:29 AM »
Hmm. I think we should leave the negotiations to when we begin the roleplay itself. But anyway, I like how you're styling the queen. Do you want to PM me with a more detailed explanation of the queen? Name, persona, appearance and such?

Offline Eliza

Re: Plushie Arsenal!
« Reply #13 on: July 29, 2010, 04:21:38 AM »
Sure I'll PM you.