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Started by Xaitaira, November 19, 2009, 07:53:54 PM

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I like long and detailed role plays. Without a story line, it's just boring and pretty much just a waste of time. Please keep in mind that I am not looking for quickies, or anything of that sort. Sure, it’s true sex is great but life is not only about sex. Neither is role playing. I enjoy a plot that has action of other sorts and dialogue. I don’t limit my role plays normally. I also love to do Fan-fiction type role plays. I like playing original characters but also the real characters. This also includes crossovers. I’m working on full ideas and more of these partial ideals. I am interested in f/f and m/f.

Sibling X Sibling
Vampire X Human/Werewolf
Werewolf X Vampire/Human
Master X Slave
New Student X Bad Ass Rebel Student
Teacher X Student
Mob Boss’s Child X Innocent Tattoo Artist
Catholic Student X Catholic Student
Boss X Worker
Demon’s Human slave/Demon Hunter X Demon
Royalty X Peasant
Assassin X Target
Masked Individual X Masked Individual (Masquerade theme)

Anime/Manga Based:
Vampire Night
Absolute Boyfriend
Ouran High School: Host Club
Love Hina
Fruits Basket
Black Bird
Her Majesty’s Dog
Fairy Cube

Game Based:
Any Final Fantasy
Any Kingdom Hearts
Any Resident Evil
Any Silent Hill
Chrono Cross
Legend of Dragoon
Magna Carta

Movie Based:
Zombie Land
Nightmare Before Christmas

Ace Flyer

I wouldn't mind a fanfic RP or two. I know a bit about Ouran, that could be a fun one, though I'm game for some of the Final Fantasy game, Fallout (though I only know it from Fallout 3, so the D.C. setting would be nice), and some Resident Evil. Only ever played RE5, but I've read pretty much everything on the Resident Evil Wiki.