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Author Topic: Cassie's Major Craving...  (Read 1203 times)

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Cassie's Major Craving...
« on: November 18, 2009, 10:59:14 PM »
Please PM me if you would like to join... also, I don't know how I would incorporate sex... but I can say that it is heartily encouraged... I don't want it to be ALL about the haunted house.. ^^

Group Roleplay OR One-on-One with multiple characters

Genre - Fantasy/Horror/Modern

Home of Shades Need Partner or Willing Group

Journey back to the Middle Ages where Scotland and England fought battle after battle. Travel back to before two countries were united as one through a powerful family. In a small town, one house stood out among the rest. A mansion lay upon a hill surrounding over ten acres that over-looked one of twenty-three inland towns. The house was built in the early 1100s, built in brick and wood with tools well beyond their years. The mansion was passed down through one family. The great, great-grandfather of Ar’les Muir built the mansion with his father and had help from his two young sons. The mansion took two long years to become complete.

Many anomalous things went on within the house. Much of the turmoil that came from the commoners had to do with bizarre lights and screams of sacrilegious offerings to a possible demon, mayhaps even to the Devil himself. Denyoré, Ar’les’ father may have been the first victim to the Devil House – the name that was given to the house before its contemporary name. Denyoré was in the dining hall when he seemed to go missing. He was lost for weeks on end before he was found face down in the river that ran behind the house. His head looked to have been smashed in with a blunt object and blood had pooled around the bank of the river.

When Ar’les had the house come into his possession, the young lad of only eighteen wed his lover and quickly took his place as Lord of the Home of Shade named solely by Ar’les who grew fond of the house, living in it as a boy and then gaining it within his father’s will. Within two short years of Ar’les marriage to Erzsébeth McCoy, they were blessed with a son: Ar’les Junior, or Arnie as he had come to be nicknamed.

It was during the concluding years of the thirteenth century; a war had emerged and come out in a glorious victory for Scotland, giving them their independence for the time being. England had been defeated.

As years began to pass, Arnie grew up with his father absent for much of his youth. He discovered that the maids and butlers who looked after him would oft play his queer games of pretend and fantasy; imagining he was his grandfather and father within the walls of the house and acting out experiments he had seen whilst spying on his father in the cellar. His mother usually was off going to parties to show off her magnificent jewelry her husband had gotten for her. She usually left the mansion in colourful cocktail dresses with her hair dazzled up and the aroma of sweet cologne Arnie so loved smelling on his mother. Ar’les Senior was rarely seen, often hiding away within the walls of the house. Not many knew what it was he did whilst hiding away from his wife and child, but many suspected that it wasn’t assembling toy aircrafts for his son to play with.

It all really began in 1306 when the collapse of the library sent many to the infirmary with minor injuries and bruising cuts. The only person who died was Liza Brown, the old librarian. The many books and towers of wooden shelves crushed her when they toppled over. Slowly, the mansion began to open up and many parties began to be held there. When it reached into the wee hours of the morning, many would stay in the guest rooms that were provided in the house. It was in one of those rooms where a guest had gone missing completely. Charles de Logan was his name. His body still had never been found.

The murders and disappearances did not stop there. During the night, Ar’les and Erzsébeth came to find in the morning five of their greatest stallions had been let loose from their crates and couldn’t be found anywhere on the large property. Slowly, as the year 1309 came along, two deaths plagued the demonic house. A butler had been beaten in the greenhouse on the second floor. What worried a lot of the house members as well as partygoers was the death of his Lordship Frederick Aubrey who was found to have all of his flesh peeled from his bones, leaving a bloody mess on the living room floor.

The townspeople began to suspect that they were more than just murders and disappearances. They began to suspect that Ar’les had a thing or two to do with all of the peculiar happenings of the house. One day, Ar’les disappeared himself. The last place he had been seen was in the living room where his Lordship had been brutally murdered. When a full investigation of the house came up, butlers and maids – as well as Erzsébeth and Arnie – went searching around. Arnie had stumbled upon the fire within the living room. It had never looked all that real, but whenever he walked up to it, the flames flickered and warmth protruded from the hearth. While speaking with his mother, he learned that it wasn’t a fireplace, but a secret passageway to almost any room within the house. Intrigued by this discovery, Arnie walked up and down the long corridors many times whilst looking for his father.

As the maids and butlers gave up the search, mother and son continued on looking for their lost loved one. They found the basement where Ar’les had fled away to many times when Arnie was a young lad. They had come to find books that spoke of dark arts and black magic. It was a full torture chamber and vials of blood lined the walls in orderly fashion. Names were labeled on each vial, Aubrey; Brown; de Logan; Hempridge. The names went on; each from a certain person who was either found dead or still missing. Erzsébeth had begun to get suspicious as she wondered whether or not her loving husband was not the man she had married, but a ruthless madman who sought for blood and torture. Erzsébeth told Arnie to retreat back to his chambers as she looked for her husband; to deal with him properly. The man had grown weary and decided not to argue with his mother and climbed the stairs.

The next morning, Arnie had gone down to the dining area and ate breakfast alone. He didn’t find it too out of the ordinary since both of his parents never really ate with him. It wasn’t until it was reaching high noon that he hadn’t heard a peep from his mother. Maybe she hadn’t found his father? Or worse… she did find him. Things looked grim for the young man. He went to go talk with some of his mother’s maids and ladies and asked if she had returned to bed last evening. Sadly, he got a no from each one. Arnie made his way down to the basement and moved along the shelves once again. Shock came to him when he noticed a new vial in the mixture of blood. E. Muir was written in his father’s elegant scrawl.

After that night, many other disappearances remained going on. Many of the servants left the haunted house; afraid they might be next on whatever list there seemed to be. Ar’les Sr., Ar’les Jr., and Erzsébeth hadn’t been found around the house in a long while.
Anyways, what I was hoping was that I could get a group of characters who are brave enough to go inside the haunted house and try to figure out the truth to the house. In other words, I want ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and mayhem. I hope it is successful.

Now then, I would love it if you made your characters with this:

Code: [Select]
[b]Name of Character[/b]
[b]Username/Display Name[/b]
[b]How you are an asset[/b]

And here's my example:

Name of Character Roslyn Rose
Username/Display Name CassieBear
Gender Female
Age Twenty-Six
Biography/History Born and raised in New York, Roslyn had always wanted to learn about the family on her father's side. She knew her mother was one of four, her grandmother was one of seven; she knew she had exactly twelve cousins on her mother's side and at least four second cousins. Roslyn knew most of her great aunts and great uncles had passed away due to heart conditions and breast cancer and that her grandmother was on the verge with her heart murmur everyone was so worried about. Her grandfather had been an only child and passed away when her mother was just barely three. She knew all of this about her mother's side, but Roslyn only knew that both grandparents had died in a car crash -- her father and his sister Adella surviving by the skin of their teeth -- and as far as she knew, they were both only children. Adella had left her father's side to go off with a rocker named Ted and have children galore. She wasn't even sure of the amount of runts that were running around. All Roslyn knew was that she was the sole child who bore the last name Muir.

At the age of twelve, her mother passed away to cancer -- no surprise there. She was only left with her father who finally began to open up about his family.He told her about a mansion she now owned -- her grandfather leaving it to his son's first child -- that was somewhere in the heart of Scotland. She learned that she had Scots blood -- despite the fact that she didn't really look like a true Scot. Her father explained about how the house was dormant; which left Roslyn trying to figure out what he meant by it. Later that evening, Roslyn went online and looked up the Muir Scotland House, which brought her to a page on dealing with the supernatural. Confused, she checked up on a few other servers and found more about the house.

By the time she was out of college, Roslyn knew possibly everything there was to know about the Muir Home of Shades. She learned everything from who built the house and for whom to when her grandfather's great grandfather mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a soon-to-be wife and young son of barely a few months. Arnie -- the male who had left a legacy to be brought down to her -- was just a few years younger than herself when he was found to be missing. It had been rumored that his father had murdered his mother, leaving a vial of blood with her name on it for his late son to find. Other rumors said that father killed son to have his son's wife and child. Roslyn found things that connected to even as late as her grandfather visiting and -- instead of the bogus story of a car accident -- had as well disappeared in the mansion. Things just couldn't get any weirder for the young woman. She needed to know about the supernatural that supposedly was present in the house. Sending out a worldwide message to anyone and everyone who was interested, she told them that she was going to visit the olden house and try to stir up some old memories. She explained her situation and what she was capable of -- seeing both the past and sometimes the future. As she pressed enter on the keyboard, she waited patiently for anyone who was willing to respond.
Personality She's more of an introvert instead of an extrovert and tends to keep to herself. She finds that because she is different than a lot of people that she will be seen as a freak. Roslyn also has another side to her. She can be caring and overprotective to those she is close with and cares about.
Orientation Bisexual; male preference
Appearance Roslyn
Strengths While she is shy and with a lack of confidence, she knows how to act in stressful situations and sometimes finds the bravery in taking lead and helping others out. She knows how to handle her dagger and is always ready for something to strike.
Weaknesses Roslyn has a lot of trouble communicating with people she doesn't know very well and tends to say the wrong thing at the most inappropriate times. Sometimes she can be very shy and have no self-esteem or confidence in her abilities. She tends to disconnect from a group of people because she feels she is different what with her supposed ability to see the future.
Weapons/Abilities Roslyn owns a dagger hidden away from view and can sometimes see the future (doesn't always mean it's going to come true... actually, it rarely ever comes true). Roslyn also has a deja vu sense a lot of the time -- and will enhance dramatically when she enters the mansion -- that she had seen things before; that she has seen people before.
How you are an asset She starts the group to see if someone can help her figure out the past her father barely remembers.
Extra Being the last true kin to the Muir family, Roslyn wanted to know more about her family heritage and see what went on during her great, great, great, great grandparents' last moments before disappearing off the face of the earth.
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Offline wildstar

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2009, 08:56:56 AM »
Hmm. this sounds interesting. I can play. would it be ok if my character be psyhic? even other powers if ok with you. not to over the top. I had the idea of my character of him using japanese majic. charms and such. 

Offline CassieBearTopic starter

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2009, 01:29:51 AM »
Yeah, that sounds great! Just don't go over the top with powers, though I think I like the combination of both psychosis with the mixture of Japanese Magic including charms and spells... I can barely wait to see your character. ^_^

Offline wildstar

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2009, 09:47:46 AM »
ok. I hope you don't mind me posting it here?

Name of Character Ken
Username/Display Name Wildstar
Gender Male
Age 21
Biography/History Ken was born in America. Illinios state. He was always interested in the supernatural. as a young boy he had these visions and feelings of spirits around him. he could always tell if ghosts or spirits were around him. though it was tough for a young one as him at first. some of the spirits were good, friendly types. others demonic and hatefull. his abilities almost drove Ken mad for he had no control over them.

it wasn't till his 15th birthday that his parents had left America for Japan. his parents were helping at a archological site of a old castle. Ken's father was a archologist and teacher of foreign history. Ken's mother was Japanese and a priestess and teacher. She had tried to help Ken understand his power to help him she taught him Japanese majic. which used charms and spells. though not at first did Ken think it useful but over time he came to understand. though help came from an unusuall source.

one night Ken at the site Ken was outside the old castle. much of it had been excavted Ken was looking around when he sensed many spirits around him. they were the dead spirits of the samurai's that died defending the castle. Ken watched the horrific sence as the battle replayed tht night. but the spirits had noticed and came at him. though they were spirits Ken knew that they could hurt him. Ken ran but the spirits were heading toward the tents of his parents and the team. He couldn't let that happen. he tried to come to their aid but the samurai spirits were too many. before they could enter the tents however a strange white dressed young woman stood before them. she raised a hand and a brilliant light shown out over the old battlefield. the samurai spirits stopped and headed back to the resting places on the field. Ken at first was surprised then more so as the young woman approached him. she was beautiful and cute. she came up to Ken and smiled. Ken asked her who she was but she only smiled and kissed him. Ken didn't understand why she did. but then Ken sees images of her in his mind. who she was. how she lived. and how she died. she was a spirit. the spirit of the princess that lived in the castle. she too could see spirits. she had noticed Ken and wanted to help him with his abilites. the next morning Ken's parents found him sleeping outside. Ken didn't remember what hd happened the night before but a change had come over him. he now understood his ability and wanted to learn more about it.
Personality Ken is a friendly talkive type of sort. he sometimes doesn't show his abilities to everyone if they don't believe in it. in scary situations Ken is protective of those he knows are friends. 
Orientation Straight
Appearance (sorry the name is different than what I have for my charatect but this fits Ken.)
StrengthsKen's strength is in his ability to sense spirits and use Japanese majic. he had trained hard to get to the point with his abilities. he also knows how to use a sword which he carries a boken or wooden practice sword with him at all times. 
Weaknesses Sho doesn't like spiders(which will be told why later). and a little weakness of seeing girls in only their panties . :D   
Weapons/Abilities owns a practice sword. Ken's majic uses charms. some for protection agains't spirits, others agains't demons. 
How you are an asset Ken ability is the asset as he can tell if spirits are close and if they are voilent or not. also he can see into the past to see what had happened in area's of extreme emotion. 
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Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2009, 03:37:44 PM »
That looks great. Hopefully we can get a few more people to get this thing started.

Offline wildstar

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2009, 04:21:23 PM »
cool :) let's hope.

Offline Misery

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2009, 04:46:37 PM »
if you are still looking for characters I may have one in mind...let me know. 

Offline CassieBearTopic starter

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2009, 12:18:20 PM »
Yeah, I am, actually. I'm hoping to have about three to four other people not including my character or wildstar's character.

Offline Misery

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2009, 06:44:54 PM »
Cool, I have it bookmarked will keep an eye for when you are ready for character profiles.

Offline CassieBearTopic starter

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #9 on: November 23, 2009, 07:49:24 PM »
I don't mind taking them now. I really have nothing else to wait for as it is.

Offline Misery

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #10 on: November 23, 2009, 08:20:19 PM »
I will get something posted tonight.

Offline Misery

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #11 on: November 23, 2009, 10:17:07 PM »
Name of Character Cyrille

Username/Display Name Misery

Gender Male

Age 32

Biography/History  Born in an Army hospital on the east coast, he travelled with his father all over the country.  His mother left him very early in life so he doesn’t know much about her, other than a picture that he keeps in his wallet of her.  Believes he is at fault for her leaving.  His father was never around always to busy, leaving Cyrille to take care of himself.  He grew up not caring for much of anything but himself.  Always one to ignore those he did not like and had very few friends as a result of this constant moving.

His excess free time led him into the darker side of the drug scene.  During one particular drug binge that lasted several days he was witness to something that most who he has told racked it up to his drug use.  He knew differently that what he saw was not result of drugs but real.  What he saw was right of his nightmares and could only be explained as supernatural.  The fear he felt that night was like nothing he ever experienced before.  Refusing to let his fear rule him, from this point forward he cleaned up.  Some would even say he got his act together.  Cyrille spent all his time and money searching the globe for proof that the supernatural exists. 

Personality  Cyrille is very quiet type of person, will talk when spoken too and help the team.  He is very slow to make friends of any sort but once he does he is a friend for life.

Orientation Straight

Appearance     Always carries his sword everywhere he goes.  The blade has been blessed by several known religions and a couple that are best left unspoken.  He always carries an array of daggers, and other chemicals within his jacket for many different situations. 

Strengths  Cyrille is an expert with the sword, and has practiced Taekwondo for several years to hone his body into as much of a weapon as possible. 

Weaknesses  His inability to make friends very quickly gives others the impression that he is cold and aloof incapable of showing compassion or empathy .  Because of this people around him find it difficult to trust him.    Also his desire to prove he is not afraid his decision making ability may be flawed when it comes appropriate time to retreat.

Weapons/Abilities  His blessed sword is his most precious weapon.  He also carries a couple daggers stashed in key locations of his body.  He also carries charms and some common ingredients such as salt should the need arise.

How you are an asset  Can fight when the time arises, and will fight no matter the time or need. 

Extra  Will do whatever it takes to prove he is not scared.
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Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #12 on: November 23, 2009, 11:40:00 PM »
Cool! I like him a lot! I'm hoping for two or three more...

Offline wildstar

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #13 on: November 24, 2009, 07:40:51 PM »
wow Misery your character looks cool I like the pic.

Offline Misery

Re: Cassie's Major Craving...
« Reply #14 on: November 24, 2009, 08:14:20 PM »
Thank you wildstar, although I can only take credit for pasting it here.  I have to give credit to the Internet.