Male seeks open-minded, patient female. (MUL, UN)

Started by Winterborn, November 17, 2009, 10:09:32 PM

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Currently not open, since my steel trap of a mind swallowed my face when I had a thought...

Feedback, ways I can improve my proposed stories and such, is heartily and warmly accepted, here and in PMs.

I will admit to anyone who calls me out that I am going to take inspiration from other sources, on site and off. If it bothers you, I will even cite it or remove it, depending on your wishes.

All tags are negotiable. All storylines can be tailored to fit any partner, from the most submissive elf-wench and waitresses to the firiest of female knights and United States Marines. What sort of character you play is up to you in entirety, as I think I get just as much enjoyment out of a romance as a non-con, humans and elves, fighters and subs, whatever you like. The simple joy of interaction with other cree-- I mean, writers, is plenty for me to be gettin' on with.


So what kind of role are you looking to the female in Knight-Brother take?


Oh. Lemme head-desk a moment...

Okay, better. I'm not exactly sure, that's the [UN] part of the thread, but basically it could be any female he might come into contact with. Elf-girl he finds in the woods, girl he catches in the sack of a besieged city, another knight but a woman... Basically, anything my counterpart can come up with, in any given situation, which is the [MUL] part. I'll put a note up, thanks for the nudge.


I might be able to come up with a character for the setting. Tomorrow though, gotta head to bed, work tomorrow.


I'd maybe be interested in That...Thing as I have had a similar sort of setting in my head for something else.

I can be patient, as this will be my first rp here and my first one in a while period, I might require some patience in return.  And I'm always open-minded :D

Let me know if you're interested.