A Lab Rat Story [UN]

Started by MercyfulFate, November 17, 2009, 01:31:15 PM

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A husband and wife are looking to conceive, and hear an advertisement for a drug trial that is supposed to improve the odds. The lab conducting the experiment offers them money and lodging in a luxurious house where their every whim will be catered to. They are under the impression they will be monitored for the duration of the pregnancy, but the laboratory will actually not let them leave.

The drug will cause body growth, complacency and an insatiable appetite for sex and food. It also causes the pregnancy to be much faster than normal, as the doctors involved will be taking the children away to indoctrinate them for an unknown purpose.

I'm looking to include weight gain, pregnancy and some other ideas. If interested just PM me and we can work out the details together. The gender of the player does not matter, just the characters :)