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Started by Goose, November 15, 2009, 03:29:27 PM

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Okay, so I have a diaper fetish. No, I'm not into little kids or babies or anything like that. I just enjoy wearing diapers and/or writing scenes where I diaper others.

Anyway, it's probably a far shot in the dark, but if any female is willing to do any kind of roleplay (sub, dom, or equal) with any kind of diaper theme - AB,TB,DL,Incon,etc- either send me an instant message or a PM. I'm willing to be sub or dom, so let me know if you want to play either role.

For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology:
AB - Adult Baby
TB - Teen Baby (16+)
DL - Diaper Lover
Incon - Incontinent

Check my profile if you want some more ideas on things I'm into. I'm not limited to just this fetish, so if you see something else you like, feel free to send me a message.

Current Plot Ideas

  • Okay, so my character is... mid to early 20's. Recently got out of college, and can't seem to find a job. He's at a store, and ends up spotting an ad on the bulletin board that says "Babysitter: Wanted". There's fine print, but rather desperate for cash, he just grabs one of the phone numbers. He calls her, she's rather vague with the job description, but he doesn't care because he just really wants to get over there and work for her. She invites him over that night. Now when he gets over there, they start talking, and eventually she asks what he wants her to do to him. He totally doesn't understand. She explains that she is an adult babysitter who's had a fantasy for babying adults. He thinks it's weird and leaves. But a day or two later, he figures it "can't be that bad" and he needs the money, so he calls her back up and asks if she's still looking. She is. She has him sign 'rules' for the job. [I'll leave them up to you.] Eventually he likes it.
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend go to the same college. She ends up on the internet one night, and stumbles upon some strange sight with a diaper fetish. Intrigued, she keeps learning more and more about it. Eventually, she starts trying things out, without her boyfriend's knowledge. She doesn't think he'll accept it, and keeps making excuses so he doesn't find out. He eventually does, and stuff happens.

Updated: Other RP's I'd like to try: Harry Potter, College students, highschool students <(adding diapers to any of these would be total <3, but it's okay if not into it)

Send me a PM or IM or whatever if you're interested. <3


is it okay if i'm a male, who almost always prefers to roleplay as a female?
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It's been a while, so I'd like to throw the idea back out. If anyone's interested, send me a message.