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Author Topic: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn  (Read 750 times)

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The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« on: November 14, 2009, 09:21:14 PM »
Please notice that there are two different but related threads that go with this!

Imagine, if you will, a wonderful kingdom full of all kinds of wonderful creatures, plants, and animals. They live together, accepting each other's differences. The inhabitants don’t have a proper name for this land, they simply call it The Realm.

Representatives from each class of creatures meet every new moon to settle any differences. No one is in charge, no one class has more power than any other. It’s the nearly perfect utopia...until men from another land discover their existence...
They are now in a fight for their freedom. this land, you can be anything you want...EXCEPT human. Humans are the intruders, the bad guys. If you want to play a human, you will be playing the bad guy. (There are rare occasions where a human actually lives in The Realm, but these characters will need to be cleared by me.) Inhabitants of The Realm can be Fae, demons, angels, shapeshifters, any intelligent monster from D&D, NWN,FF, or any other rpg. All characters will need to be approved by me.

The material used for weapons and other items is a strong metal known only to The Realm. There is no steel or iron in The Realm.
ANY creature from The Realm can be restricted by the use of iron. NO EXCEPTIONS. Iron has powerful properties against these creatures. A magical creature wearing or contained in iron cannot perform magic. A shapeshifter cannot change shape, and can actually get caught in the middle of shifting, so be caught as half bird, half human. The inhabitants of The Realm cannot escape an iron cage.

Any creature can be a magic user, even if it wasn’t originally designed to be one. They can even cast both Divine and Arcane magic. Merging of two different creatures to create a new one is encouraged. Anything goes, as long as it’s not too outrageous. All characters will need to be approved by me, MzNurse.

If you can't reach me for some reason, Nimmy can also answer any questions you might have.


The basic premise of the story is the island, peaceful and hidden for millenia, discovered now by pirates. Sunday will play Capn Earnest, a pirate captain who originally discovers The Realm, and brings others back to attempt to conquer it. Any humans need to be approved by her. Humans are the bad guys here, folks. Well, 99.9% of them anyway. There will actually be two concurrent stories going on here. The story on the Realm, and a storyline going on at Port Flyn, the human pirate port. As I said, Sunday will be in charge of the human end, with myself as the back-up, so to speak.


Every pirate has a favored port, one he feels most comfortable trading his goods in. Favored ports have favored dealers, favored women, favored goods…you get the picture. But what kinds of people are these? Are they all evil? All cruel?
Of course not. Like everywhere else, Port Flyn has its own share of good and bad. The town of Port Flyn is a rough one, as is expected of a pirate-based port. The port itself was started by Kristofer Flyn, a fiery haired man, and was actually mainly financed in the beginning by the beautiful Miranda, a close (very close) friend of Kris Flyn. Gai-Li has also been there from the beginning, and it is said that the reason she is under Flyn’s protection is because she holds something over him. And then there is shipping magnate Glen Morgan, said to be as ruthless as his close business associate Kristofer Flyn.
How many others are there? Why don’t you come in for a visit and see…

Port Flyn is the Common Land area of The Realm. Characters may intermingle, if it’s within reason (such as Earnie the pirate and Logan, who will become an associate of Earnie’s.) Game rules remain the same, so please read them. Port Flyn remains on the same timeline as The Realm to avoid confusion.

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Offline MzNurseTopic starter

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2009, 03:30:42 PM »
This game will be entirely role play and no roll play. Not that there won't be fights, because there will be, but in a game like I'm planning with the creatures I want, sheets would be a pain in the ass to create. If you want to play a character on the The Realm, it can be ANY combination of magical creature you want. I am actually encouraging you to make one up, I don't care how bizarre, as long as its a viable creature.

You may play more than 1 character in either setting.

Available races and characters:
1) Humans: They do make an appearance in The Realm, mainly by accident. They are directed to one of the many ports on the Barbarian Coast (see map) for ship repairs, their memories are carefully altered by the Gaeron, and they are led out to sea and safely away from the Realm. Very rarely are humans allowed to stay, but it does happen. Most humans are found in Port Flyn.
2) Elves/halfelves: These do exist on human lands, tho they are rare and their magic is weak compared to those of the Realm. For elves/halfelves in Port Flyn, see Sunday. For those in The Realm, see MzNurse.
3) Kristofer Flyn: Founder of Port Flyn, said to be of noble descent but his true past is a mystery. Close ties to both Miranda Millingham and Gai-Li. Ruthless. Not a good guy. See MzNurse. No magic.
4) Glen Morgan: Shipping magnate, based in Port Flyn, best friend of Kris Flyn, known to Miranda and Gai-Li. Ruthless, not a good guy. See MzNurse. No magic.
5) Pirates: The more ruthless the better. See Sunday. No magic.
6) Inhabitants of Port Flyn: anyone you would expect to find living in a pirate port. See Sunday. No magic.
7) Logan: Good wolf gone traitor. Werewolf captured in the first attack by the pirates, sells out the secrets of the Realm in exchange for his life and the promise the he will get to capture and keep Kindra as his own.
8) Gaeron: an elven/aquatic race that sails the seas to protect the Realm. The women dominate this race, and the men stay behind and keep house. There are exceptions, though, so if you want to play a seagoing male, its possible. As with all races of the Realm, their magic is strong, but specialized to the race. See MzNurse.
9) Demon: All kinds. Mix and match. Demons that can control themselves live on The Realm. Demons that can't are banished to Demon Island (see map).
10) Peacekeepers: Nomadic tribes that roam the Realm, ensuring peace between the nations. Shapeshifters and magical humanlike creatures work best for these. See MzNurse with your concept for this.
11) Ptarmig: A birdshifter, sits on the Council. Does not have a good feeling about the storm or the damage it's caused, tries to prevent Mia from flying off to help. See MzNurse.

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Offline MzNurseTopic starter

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2009, 03:35:22 PM »
special thanks to Nimeneth for help with the names and to Sunday for taking my pitiful attempt at mapmaking and turning it into a work of art...

Online schnookums

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2009, 04:03:42 PM »
This does sound intriguing...I'm interested in playing something of a mythical sort here, if I'm a good fit

Offline MzNurseTopic starter

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2009, 04:55:51 PM »
Mythical creatures work well here. As do the roll your own.

Offline MzNurseTopic starter

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2009, 05:29:49 PM »
Character Sheet Template:






Current residence(s):


Online Nimmy

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2009, 06:59:31 PM »
Hello all! I'm one of the other people involved in this project... the Nurse is just more organized with this sort of thing.

Here's a bit of a run down of a few other types of creatures that are in the Realm that weren't explicitly mentioned. This is the rundown of the characters I will be playing, if anyone is interested. If you want more information on any of my characters or anything else, feel free to PM me.

Faolan: Werewolf. Alpha of a pack consisting of himself and his brother, but young for his position. Has a temper, highly protective of his pack, and looking to strengthen his position. His pack's territory is the beach area and a few miles inland on the eastern side of Were Cove.

Tristan: werewolf, Faolan's younger brother and beta. Shy, nervous around humans in particular, but not really comfortable around most people. Spends most of his time walking around as a wolf. Can communicate via thought projection as a wolf, all werewolves have this ability.

Vice: A young shapeshifter, perhaps around 15 or 16. Was adopted by a group of Peacekeeper when he was around 5, but considers the leader, a Shaman by the name of Naranbaatar (Naran), to be his father. Can change into any animal, but prefers various felines.

Naranbaatar: a shaman and leader of a group of Peacekeepers. Adopted Vice when he was five. A wise and just leader, although he does lead his group in a firm manner that's focused on fairness and behaving. Has telepathic abilities.

I may also be playing two sailors/pirates in Port Flyn, named Skinner and Jemy.

Again, if you have any specific questions on my characters or anything else you want clarified, feel free to PM me.

Offline MzNurseTopic starter

Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2009, 09:37:32 PM »

Name: Ninquecorme

Age: 200

Gender: female

Race: Gaearon (elf)

Appearance: Blonde hair and blue-green eyes, well proportioned. Several piercings in both ears and one in her lower lip. Tattoes in soft hues of blues and greens on her hands, arms and back, as well as feet, ankles and calves. Mask tattoo across eyes in blues and pinks.

Residence: mainly on her ship, but does have small place on Gaear Cove.

Personality/Background: Peacekeeper and guard. Does all she can to maintain the peace. Believes that anyone not native to The Realm should be allowed to enter The Realm, unless their survival depends on it. Escorts injured ships to 'safe' coves for repairs, then escorts them back out to sea. Can be warm and caring when allowed, but can also be gruff and harsh when the need arises.  Mother dead, father on another Gaearon ship. 2 brothers she has long since lost contact with. Sister lost at sea in the big storm three years ago.


Name: Mordechai

age: 257  (looks about 24)

Race:  Demon (mother: Succubus, father: Ice demon)

Appearance:  6' 4", well built and muscular.  Light brown hair with red highlights, one brown eye and one pale blue eye.  Enlongated incisors.  Eyes glow and incisors lengthen when he chooses to use his demon abilities.  Sense of smell is highly increased.

Current Residence: Dont have one. I'm a hunter. I hunt down the creatures of the Realm that have gone wild and bring them to the Main Council to stand trial. How can I do this? I have swords.  I can also use a form of mind control to make you come to me and just stand there and let me do what I want.  I can put an entire household to sleep until I tell them to wake.  and I can turn you into frozen food. And my powers of seduction are incredible.  And I do need to feed at least once a week.

Personality: Polite and reserved until he gets to know you, then teasing and playful.  Very protective of those he cares for.  Very deadly when fully angered.

History:  My mom was a succubus who decided she liked the way my dad looked.  I never met my dad.  I got most of the abitlities of both parents.  My mom is not a nice person, but  I guess Dad must have been because I don't much like to hurt people.  I've been chasing rogue beings for about 200 years now, and I'm damn good at my job.


Name:  Kaia Calista

Age: 15

Race: shapeshifter

Appearance: in human form?  I have red hair and deep blue eyes.  But I'm not in human form very often.  I prefer cats.  Of any kind.

Weapons: Whatever the shape I'm in provides.  I have knives and fists as human.  And I can change shapes in a breath.

Personality:  I don't know you, so I don't trust you.  Especially if you push to get close to me.  but once I get to know you, I'm quite friendly.  and I'm very protective of those I care about.  Don't even think about hurting them.

History:  I lived with my tribe until I was almost 12, when a sudden storm blew in and killed almost everyone.  None of my family survived, but I didn't find that out until last year.  I got seperated from them during the storm, and a tribe of nomads took me in.  I've learned to be a Peacekeeper, and I patrol The Realm, mainly along the coasts.


Name:  AeroMia, goes by Mia

age:  18

race: birdshifter

weapons: beak and claws as a bird, knives and fists when I'm human...and I can shift to either form easily.

Residence:  protected cliff on the south side of The Realm

personality:  Soft and shy.  I keep to myself much of the time.  My sister Sela is really the one you want to talk to anyway.  Everyone likes her.

background:  I'm the younger of the first set of twins born to our race in a hundred years.  They didn't think I would make it, so I was very well protected in my early years.  Everyone was so used to protecting me that they continued, especially my twin sister Sela.  I've always been shy, especially around strangers.Sela always made sure that I didn't have to talk to anyone I didn't want to.  She's always been my protector.


Name: AeroSela, goes by Sela


Race: birdhishifterWeapons: claws and beak as a bird, and some wicked scimitars as a human.

Residence: protected cliff on the south side of the island.

Personality/background: Everyone likes me.  I'm very friendly and diplomatic.  I'm the youngest person ever on the greeting team--the people that meet with the other races--and I'll get to go to Council this year.  I have a twin sister.  Don't mess with her.  If she wants to talk to you, she will. And don't even think about forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to.  Just because she doesn't hurt you for it doesn't mean I won't.

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Re: The Freedom of the Realm/Port Flyn
« Reply #8 on: November 19, 2009, 10:18:27 PM »
Name: Mur-zia

Age: 759 give or take 10 years

Race/species: Shapeshifter

Appearance: Varies greatly, but Mur-Zia generally prefers a small white haired centaur with pure white butterfly wings (like my avatar) roughly 4' 10" tall, overall body size cannot exceed that of a tall woman, and cannot be smaller than a mid sized dog, and she always weighs 110lbs.

Personality: Mur-Zia is insane, her personality varies as much as her shape does, and often changes to match (loosely) her shape. Her centaur shape is her dominant personality, and is a sweet girl, always concerned with others health and safety, she is however always sad, she cannot recall what causes her to be so sad, those that know her suspect it has something to do with her past and how she became a shapeshifter.

Current residence(s): Primarily Brightwood

Background: Mur-zia was once known as Mia, was a human sized centauress with butterfly wings, in a beautiful blue-black coat, over 700 years ago. When she was very young she met and fell in love with one of the few pure humans to live in the island, being a largely immortal she couldn't fathom aging, when her love died she was crushed. Feeling abandoned and missing the anchor that kept her sane Mia turned into Mur-zia and forgot her life as a static creature, becoming a true shapeshifter, more a being of dreams and nightmares, than a living being. Mur-zia is not dangerous though she is quite terrifying when angered taking on the shape of the threats nightmares, able to see their dreaming mind, and able to act out many of even the most fevered dreams of thous around her.