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Started by RelentlessSoldier, November 14, 2009, 06:02:15 AM

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I won't ask for a lot of your time.  I won't pretend I can be on all the time for a long-term RP.  I do, however, enjoy brief fun- and in turn, I want to come back for more and more.  Females only please, all things are negotiable to an extent.

A celebration of unity.

Man is gone.  We have our own world.  He will rule his and never remember, never know of us.  We will rebuild our own and make it flourish once more, as it was when mankind was but a primitive cave-dwelling primate.  The times have been good to us.

This year marks the turn of a decade, and the border lines have been erased.  Races once divided now live alongside one another.  Tonight, we celebrate unity.  We celebrate life.  We celebrate ourselves, our passions, and our desires.  Drink deeply this euphoric experience, as we fear we may never join together this way again- and perhaps we shall give ourselves a reason to.  Let all of us become one in extasy.  There is no judgement tonight, all are the same and none are cast away.

-Quick and simple- Orcs, Elves, Halflings, Dwarves, Centaurs, Fae, and nearly every other fantasy race has created a world away from men and disappeared into legend and myth.  There is peace and happiness, and one particular celebration calls upon all races to enjoy one another.

One on one, both playing multiple persons.  Lots of potential for fun and other naughtyness.

Mortal Enemies, mutual respect... and satisfied urges.

They have been locked together in battle for what seems to be weeks, with no quarter given and none taken.  They are locked in a stalemate, and desire nothing more than to crush one another.  No reinforcements coming for either side.  Barren wastelands all around.  This has become a battle of attrittion, with just enough bloodshed for both sides to remain vigilant and fierce. 

When they first met, lust for flesh was nearly overpowering their lust for victory.  He could not take her, and she could not come to him.  However... they both understood that emmissaries could be sent to one another as a token of respect.  And so what if the emmissaries are requesting a private audience with the commanders in their respective tents?  And so what if they seem to be slaves of a fine quality?

The Dark Raven

I;d like to discuss Mortal Enemies with you if it not already taken.

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