Les Femmes Fatale [Probably EX]

Started by DarklingAlice, November 09, 2009, 03:49:28 PM

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So, I have been watching the anime Noir and my new copy of the extended cut of Luc Besson's The Professional and it has given me a desire for a game that focuses simultaneously on the occupational and personal lives of assassins. As may be guessed from the title of this post I am slightly biased to a F/F pairing, but that is open to discussion.

The basic premise is that of a young woman who makes her living professionally eliminating people. She is an independent contractor, not overly associated with any organization, and she does her job extremely well. Nor is she exactly honourless, taking jobs at her discretion and doing her best to avoid the innocent. Her past, and what exactly lead her into this line of work are a closely guarded secret she keeps. Business is good, until one day something goes wrong on a job. She is thrust into something bigger than she had ever intended and her only ally is another assassin. They are forced to live and work together, taking jobs as a team (despite each being used to working alone), until they can figure out exactly what they are mixed up in and how to get out of it alive. Do they begin to fall in love/lust? Can they ever really trust one another? When this is all over, will one of them put a bullet into the other? Or will they die before these questions can be answered?

A few notes:
*I am looking for a detailed psychological exploration into the mind and personal relationships of people who routinely take life. Sex is only part of it, an important part mind you, but it is not the whole of what I am looking for.

*I am looking for well written action as well as well written romance. Their job should not be glossed over and I envision at least a few forays into the field, learning how to work together and having to rely on each other. This does mean that there will be at least a little bit of 'onscreen' death. The more tastefully and elegantly this is done, the better.

*I am not looking to basically be a GM. Both players should be responsible for actions of the antagonists, NPCs, and the circumstances of the world around our characters.

*Settings-wise I am okay with anything from say 1960-present, however the game should be moderately realistic (a little touch of sci-fi is ok, although I think it is better left in the hands of antagonists than either of our characters) and true to its period. We can play in a real city or some anonymous metropolis.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it appeals ^_^ Feel free to ask any questions.
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This sounds like it would be fun. PM me if you're still looking for someone for this.


Please let me know as well, should this still be open. :)