Dark Fairy Tales: Plots from a Princess

Started by Princess, November 08, 2009, 06:48:42 PM

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The Seduction of Persephone
OPEN • Seeking M • Fantasy/Dark

After Hades spots the maiden goddess Persephone in a field of flowers, he decides he must have her as his bride, and the immediately snatches her away in his chariot. Persephone is fearful of the dark god and his underworld kingdom, but he's determined to win her over and bind her to his side, trying to entice her to eat a cursed pomegranate. She may not be convinced by his words, but after her sheltered upbringing Persephone is intrigued by the thought of being with a man. Despite her better judgement, Hades begins to rouse a fervent desire in her, and she starts to long for his touch.

Flower of Carnage
OPEN • Seeking M • Historical/Action

A ruthless kunoichi is assigned to assassinate one of the most powerful warlords in all of Edo. Cocky from her many successful missions before, she has no doubt that she'll have the warrior's head on a platter before nightfall, but when she seduces him and attempts to kill him, his cunning and battle prowess proves to be her match, leading to a competition between the two laden with sexual tension. She's determined to finish her task and not allow herself to feel anything for a man she considers her enemy, and he's equally determined to stay alive and complete his conquest of Japan, as well as cracking the hard shell of his mysterious assassin.

The Joker's Psychiatry Sessions
OPEN • Seeking M • Fandom/Dark

Psychology intern Harleen Quinzel has just begun her job at Arkham Asylum, and she's thrilled to snag the Joker, Gotham's most fascinating and high profile criminal of all time, as one of her patients. Highly anticipating her chance to pick at his brain, Harleen doesn't even realize that she's the one being taken for a ride. Harleen's naivety and inexperience in her field are no match for the Joker's charisma, and she begins to see him as the one truly being wronged as Doctor Harleen Quinzel slowly becomes the Joker's madly-in-love henchwench, Harley Quinn.

The Blood Tithe
OPEN • Seeking M • Supernatural/Dark

A powerful and ancient vampire takes an interest in a university student with a fascination for the occult, and decides he'll fulfill her dream by sharing all his knowledge of the earth's mysteries with her. However, there is a catch - if she wants to be a part of his world, he expects payment. She must allow him to feed off of her whenever he likes, an experience that arouses pleasure in both of them. Entangled in a new world of passion and supernatual suspense, she's torn between her desire to take their bond further and her suspicion that he only sees her as a plaything.

In Which Alice Loses Her Away Again
OPEN • Seeking M • Fantasy/Absurd

In a bizarre and whimsical Victorian fairy tale, Alice is back in Wonderland again years later, but it seems that now that she's less innocent, neither is Wonderland. The magical world of her youth is quite different than she remembers it. How are you supposed to have a tea party when the Mad Hatter wont stop trying to get into your skirt? Really, the whole fiasco is more troublesome than anything, but she supposes there's little use in escaping to a fantasy world if you aren't going to try something new.

Capes & Masks
OPEN • Seeking M • Superhero/Action

She's the city's promising young superheroine, a beacon of strength and justice in a chaotic universe. She's saved the world on multiple occasions, and has happily embraced her status as a household name. In fact, everything's going fantastic for her aside from that annoying archvillain who wont leave her alone. It's getting to the point where she's beginning to wonder if he really wants to destroy the world at all, or is just doing it because it irritates her. Their relationship intensifies as the two start to realize just how much they enjoy their little game of cat and mouse, and give in to their forbidden attraction.

If you're interested in one of them...

PM me! I'd like it if you gave a brief description of your character and what you're looking for, but as long as we're both on the same page we should be able to jump into a game fairly quickly. Additionally, if you have your own storyline that you think I'd be interested in, I'm happy to hear it! Don't worry if an idea you want gets taken. If I really liked the idea, I'm probably still willing to do a variant!

Please read my O&Os before asking me about anything. I'd also prefer if you have one of your own for me to look at.



I'm interested in "In Cold Blood" and "Alice gets lost again". Are either still open?
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Capes & Masks

Sounds like incredible fun :3 since my current addiction is Champions online :3


Updated! All games are currently available, and I actually have time to RP now.


I think I could do "Flower of Carnage" very well. If you're interested, let me know.
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I'd definitely be interested! Is there any ideas of your own you want to add to it? PM me so we can discuss it!