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Started by Brittany, November 08, 2009, 01:48:28 PM

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♥ Playtime with Brittany V2.0 ♥ 
           Cheerleader Love Squad

Welcome to Playtime With Brittany volume 2!  :-)  The first thread I made was just to see how things worked and I was really pleased with the responses so I decided to spend a bit of time to make a proper thread.  I will update as and when. 

What I am looking for in a partner is someone who can take a scenario and surprise me with their approach and grasp of the feel of the game.  Someone who can just run with it.  I can post fairly reguarly and expect the same though of course I understand sometimes things come up.  I would far prefer to be told if something is wrong, or if there is a reason for lack of posts than to feel ignored, and I'm happy to discuss and change anything listed here.  You need to be able to write in long sentances or paragraphs with a fairly good grasp of English, but at the same point I do not need to know the exact angle which the light reflects off of the nearby mirror on to the dark stony pavement outside of the window.  Obviously I cannot play with everyone at the same time, but if you put interest in I will certainly contact you as soon as possible, even if it is for future.  I really hope to play with everyone who is interested at some point.

Due to a BB-Code nightmare, my O/O's are not yet up and running.  In general I am fairly open.  I understand that roleplay is roleplay and my usual interests and limits are expanded heavily while writing.  I am not interested in bodily functions, bestiality, heavy violence.  Bondage and BDSM is an area which I have little to no experience in and while I am open to trying things in this area the lighter it is the easier it will be for me to relate to.  Non-con and Incest are fine and I quite like to play this with the correct scenes, although it isn't something I condone for real and I don't want to be discussing that kind of thing in PM's etc.  Please note any images I use in my threads are not of me, and all credit goes to the original artist/photographer/models.  I am happy to remove them if requested by the artist/model or photographer.

~ Scenarios

1. Cheerleader Love Squad [MUL] : This will take place at a small high school/college in the United States.  A retired professional football coach agreed to join the school this season to run the football team and the school, city and even state is heavily excited about this years team.  There is a real buzz and sense of school pride and everybody is willing the team to do well.  After the opening games the team started winning and the coach is adored by the entire city, all except the cheerleaders.  The coach knows that behind a winning team the boys need good women, and he has turned his attention to the cheerleading team.  The rules are simple, to be a cheerleader you need to motivate the boys.  You need to pick them up when they are down and you need to make sure they are happy and content all season.  If the girls don't know how, the coach will show them.  He freely walks in and out of their locker room before and after games giving them frank talks about how they should and should not behave, praising the ones that party with their boyfriends and discipling the ones who do not fall in line.  Rumors are spreading fast but everyone turns a blind eye, as long as the team wins.  This can have numerous scenarios.  Please see the third post in the thread for further information on this scene.

2. Homebreaker [light] : Essentially a love story, although the characters ages, names, job's, and relationship can be changed.  A young woman (17-20) falls for an older married man that she shouldn't.  For example a neighbour, her father's best friend, her best friends father, an uncle, her daddy's boss or employee, the man she babysits for etc etc.  He is married loyally with children the same age as the girl, yet there is a growing attraction each time he sees her.  She isn't like most people her age, mature and sensitive, understanding and her virginal (or almost-virginal) innocence is a real attraction.  The two are put in situations where they spend a lot of time together and find themselves falling in love.  He is a loving husband and father, and she is a well brought up, bright and intelligent nice natured girl.  The last thing she wanted to be was a homebreaker.  This can be played in a variety of scenarios and roles but the nature of the two people should remain the same.  They don't want to cheat or hurt, they just want to be together.

3. StarAngel in.. [MUL] : By day she is the young kindergarten teacher Kristen Winters.  Almost inconspicious in the sprawling metropolis of Megacity, Kristen lives in a small apartment on a run down block in the suburban downtown area.  By night however, she is StarAngel.  City defender and resident superheroine.  Having been born with superior speed, agility and reaction the Pink Crusader always felt different.  If a nearby building was on fire she would know about it.  She didn't know how, she just did.  If someone dropped a pen in class, it would be in her hand almost before it had been dropped.  One day Kristen felt warning signs in the back of her head and went to investigate.  It turned out she had walked into the middle of a drugs deal.  Fearing her life she fleed only to be cornered in a dark alley by the thugs.  Each attacked her one by one and without thinking she dodged each attack, knife and even bullet.  From that day she vowed to fight back, studying martial arts in an effort to defend herself.  And now she is the only hope for the city, fighting the cities greatest criminals.  Looking for fun with this, she won't die but otherwise very little limits here.

4. Seduction Of The Dark Side [MUL]: As a self confessed nerd (!!) I have to admit I have watched/read and seen my fair share of fantasy/sci-fi plots and one that always interests me is the long standing Anakin Skywalker/Lich King plot.  She is the hope for the land, going against a dark evil that only she possesses the power to defeat.  It has been her destiny or so she thought.  Having been groomed for this encounter almost from the day she was born it was time to stand up and fight in the name of justice and light.  Only when she got to where she was going, the young woman started to doubt herself.  Hearing whispers in hallways as she continued on to meet her nemesis, feeling the chill around her as her reactions started to wane and her confidence began to give.  As she saw him and approached she realised that perhaps her destiny wasn't what she thought it was.  Basically this scene doesn't have given characters or scenario but the basic idea is there.  It could be a female Jedi role, or something else fantasy based.  The heroine would be seduced to the dark side to become the evil rulers star apprentice.  It's an age old plot but a good one!
           Business and Pleasure

5. Business and Pleasure [MUL] :Chloe had a great life.  Her mornings were spent flying to yet another exotic country to chair a meeting.  Fiery, confident, sexy and intimidating she would own the boardroom in a grace and style most businessmen and women had never seen.  Afterwards it would be lunch, perhaps an extended one to look around the stores and buy those killer heels she'd seen online.  Then back to an office where she would strike a $5million deal before flying back home.  She would be on the phone all day making deals and money for her company.  A flight home, an evening meal and time to go to bed.  Where she would bark like a puppy, graciously accept her partners hard spanking repeatedly while being constantly told what a worthless peasant she was.  The next morning after making sure her remote control toys were in place he would send her out to earn money again.  And she would love every second of it.  Well a girl needs to keep her feet on the ground right? 

6. Student's Pet [MUL] Rebecca was a pianist.  Classically trained in almost every style to the highest level she could play in concert halls around the world.  The problem was that there was just no call for it now.  Having dedicated her entire learning around a skill that had little/no place in the working world the 26 year old woman was forced to take a teaching job at the local high school in order to pay the bills.  She didn't have the aptitude or even the want to become a teacher and the students quickly realised this.  Music lessons became play time as the students dominated the lessons.  One particular boy was a lot of trouble though.  A good looking and arrogant student, he had a bad reputation around the staff room, as a bully and for his manners around girls.  He would openly grope them in classes and treat them badly.  But the teenagers kept coming back for more.  As Rebecca struggles to control the class, the young student sees little difference between her and the teenage girls that he has at his beck and call.  He could discipline her and show her her place in the world.  This afternoon Rebecca plans to speak to him.  He cannot keep his hand between Cassie's legs in music lessons, even if she is too weak to object.  Only is Rebecca any stronger?


James Bond : Bond (Pierce please!! :-) ) x OC female villain, either Eastern Europe, British or Asian.
Dad/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Aunt/Niece : Needs to be an interesting and realistic scene.  Message me on this.
Girl betrayed by female friend into a non-con threesome with friends boyfriend
Sports Star/Coach, colleague (i.e tennis playerxtennis coach.  Female wrestlerxmale wrestler etc.)
Pop Starxfather.  Popstarxmanager
WoW non-con : Human priest captured by forsaken and taken to undercity
Tales of Vesperia : Estellise x Raven (nc), Estellise x Yuri (light), Estellise x Alexei (nc)

If you like anything above just let me know.  If you want to merge any ideas or change something around, I can only say no.  Thank you for reading ~ Brittany x


Hi Brittany, I'm gerald, since we don't know one another you may want to read some of my posts, and surely my O/Os to know whether to reply.  I've read your ideas, seem to be very well thought out, I like that in a partner.  I am uncertain as to which scenario you would really really want to play out, but I am a versitile RP partner...definately male, and in truth older than dirt  LOL, so have been around the block a few dozen times.

Send me a PM and let's talk about what story you would like most to bring a smile to your lovely self.  By the way, you commented about being one to post fairly often, that too is to my likings, normally I reply within 24 hours of reading a post, and that even figures in the detailed characterizations and plot twists that evolve over a game.

Please let me know whether you 'd like to visit about it, perhaps we can go to an IM environment for the expedience of it rather than never ending emails and PMs...

with hope...

We dwell in the abyss between light and darkness. Look to the darkness first for it will bring you satisfactions untold that the brightness of day will not.  Look to the light if you are fearfull, it will comfort you in the abyss of uncertainty and fear.

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Cheerleader Love Squad ~ Possible Scenarios

For further information please see Scenario 1 in the first post of the thread.  If you are interested in these please let me know.  Other characters are definetly possible, this is just some potential ideas I had in mind.

Courtney (left) : Has been cheerleading since she could walk and is the long term girlfriend of one of the teams star players.  She loves him and he loved her until the coach came.  Coach has been letting the girls know their duties if they want to cheerlead, and letting the guys know what they should be expecting.  She had never gone beyond innocent kissing but now her boyfriend is continually pushing her for more, even threatening to leave her for one of the other girls if she didn't put out.  Sweet, kind and loving but she just doesn't feel ready.

Ann-Sophie (2nd left) The exchange student from Europe quickly found herself praised by the coach.  He appreciated her party attitude and much to the annoyance of the rest of the girls she found herself excused from many after game dress-downs and disciplines.  She feared the coach but she liked boys, she liked to party and she followed the rules.  However after dealing with some of the more problematic girls, the coach is sure to bend these rules and Ann-Sophie will find out just how hard she can party.

Lauren (centre) The head cheerleader with too much invested to just quit, she is appalled at the way the coach speaks to her and her girls.  Having sought help from the principal, teachers and even the local press only for everyone to turn a blind eye, her head cheerleading spot is in danger, with other girls more than willing to step up.  There seems to be only one option left.  Under the coach you fall in line or you get out and coach has let Lauren know in no uncertain terms that he can forgive, if she's willing to start over.

Marie (2nd right) Shy and sweet the youngest cheerleader of all, Marie is just doing what she thought she should.  Homecoming, cheerleading, proms and pageants are part of her life, just like they were her mothers.  Having been pushed into it from the start she never felt like a cheerleader.  Doing things to please her rich family.  Coach shocked her from the minute he came into the girls room and she struggles to know what to do.  Too frightened to say no or step down, but dreading the day he sends her to bathe with the boys, Marie is lost and scared.

Taylor (right) If Lauren isn't up for the job then Taylor is.  Confident, athletic, spunky and single minded she has her eyes on cheerleading right the way through college and into the pro's.  She actually wants the team to do well and while she doesn't agree with the coaches methods, a few words in her ear of where she can go if she falls in line is enough to have the pretty blonde teasing the boys.  Like Ann-Sophie though, does Taylor really know exactly what she's getting into?


Just a quick note to thank everybody for their interest via PM.  I have received a lot of different interest and I am going through all of them as quickly as I can and will respond over the next couple of days.  Thanks again x

EDIT : Still getting through the PM's!  Please do not be offended, I'm just real busy and have many to respond to.  Will reply to everyone shortly! x

EDIT 2 : I think I replied to everyone but I fear some PM's may have been deleted while I was organising all of them.  If I didn't respond then please accept my apologies and feel free to write again if you like! ~ Brit x


Just a quick update.  Some scenarios have been removed for the time being, some have been slightly amended.  I have some things underway right now.  Still willing to listen to or discuss any ideas but they may have to be on hold for a while depending on how things go.  Thank you for reading! ~ Bx