Looking for Romantic Roleplay :)

Started by YoungOne, November 08, 2009, 12:52:14 AM

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So I am looking for a partner to do a romantic rp with for some of the following roles. (My partner can be female as long as they do a convincing male part.)

Female Human x Vampire
Female Human x Werewolf
Witch x Vampire
Witch x Werewolf
Shapeshifter x Any Male
Friend x Friend
Post Apocalyptic or Zombie RP

Or if you have your own idea just pm me and we can talk it over.

I read a lot soo... plots we could work out with these books/characters would be great. These are just some of the top series I read. There are others I read too so ask, maybe I have read them or are familiar with them.

House of Night Series
Sookie Stackhouse Series
Blackdagger Brotherhood
Argeneau Series (Lynsay Sands Vamp books)
Cat x Bones (Halfway to the grave)
Kerrelynn Sparks Vamp series
Immortal Instruments Series
Morganville Vampire Series

PM with Questions :)
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I would love to do a romance with you. Perhaps one involving zombies, as I've been looking for someone interested in that for a while.

Shoot me a PM if interested :)


Good afternoon, though the sun shines brightly I tend to be a creature of the night...I would most like to visit about your request of human female and either vampire or shapshifter in a romanctic scenario (with a bit of eroticy thrown in of course).  I am fairly well versed in both characterizations, so could likely hold up my end of the tale.

Since we have not played as a team yet, please check out my ons and offs, and perhaps a thread or two that i have or am currently playing in.  I pride myself at being adaptable and flexible, so, female...let us talk and I vow to complete your every need  *hehe*
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