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August 16, 2022, 12:07:18 pm

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Author Topic: It started as the worst day. (Initial Idea, need Male Roleplayer)  (Read 1016 times)

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It's my first plot creation so please be kind!

I have a start but not sure where its going to go, so it's pretty open ended so any idea's are appreciated, not just the typical Boss/Employee role. I'm looking for (hopefully) a dominating detailed male role player to carry on.

Plot Idea:

Chloe is having the worst luck at the moment, the only thing keeping her sane is the fact she has had the first job interview in a long time. Is this start of something better or does she even make it to her interview?


As Chloe looked out of the window, the dark clouds outside threaten to unburden themselves onto the busy city below. Sighing slightly she started to place various containers in strategic places around the room, underneath the dark water marks on the ceiling.

The knocks at the door signalled the arrival of her landlord, a vile and odious man whose personal hygiene was negligible at best. Knowing that alternative was him letting himself in she opened the door. He stood there 5 feet tall and almost as wide, his dark hair was slick to his head with grease, and his shirt which was left unbuttoned was covered with stains from previous meals.

“Mr Kalbert, can I help you?” She asked trying hard not to register the look of disgust on her face as she looked at him, her nose offended by the smell emitting off him.

“How many times do I have to tell you, you can call me Joey.”

“I'd rather not Mr Kalbert.” She said plainly trying hard not to meet his stare. “

Just a reminder that your rent is due next week,” he paused visibly staring her up and down. “I do hope you cant pay, remember our little agreement.” He smirked running a hand through his greasy hair, licking his lips.

“I'm well aware that rent is due, and it will be paid.” Reaching for the handle she started to close the door.

“Just a helpful reminder.” His yellow teeth flashed as he grinned at her, backing away from the door, she shut it locking it quickly. Leaning against the door she shuddered.

Fastening her coat, Chloe searched for her keys, finding them next to the untouched cup of cold coffee on the table.

Pausing to check herself in the mirror of her tiny apartment she didn't have time to change her outfit having chosen a thigh length black shirt and pair of tight black trousers, figuring it would be smart enough for the position of secretary. 'It will have to do.' She sighed slightly as fastened her fringe out from her face. Wishing she had, had the time to dye her hair Chloe felt a little worried about the purple tinged locks she was currently sporting.

Grabbing her coffee she quickly took a large mouthful, grimacing at the taste she checked her watch and headed out of the door.

It had already started to rain when Chloe reached the bus stop diving under the shelter as she checked when the next bus was due to arrive. Sitting on the small seated bench the rain poured down harder, just as the bus pulled, it rolled through a puddle soaking her from her knees downwards. Cursing under her breath, as she got onto the bus her trousers were soaking and her shoes were filed with muddy water.

Looking out of the window to take her mind off sorry state of her clothes, Chloe watched the decaying buildings of her neighbourhood turn into tall skyscrapers of the business district. As the bus neared her stop she made the journey round pushchairs and old people slowly reaching the door as the driver tried to drive off. Jumping off the bus quickly as the door slammed shut the heel of her shoe snapped on the pavement below, was only break she was going to get, the one in the clouds?

Thanks for reading Tori x