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Started by That Girl Analise, November 06, 2009, 08:49:32 PM

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That Girl Analise

About me:

Please check my on/off thread and the system to get an idea of what I like before you pm me. And yes, i would prefer pm, as that is the only surefire way that i will read as well as remember to respond to your messages. I only really come here to update.

I'm female, and I play both male and female characters. I also play both dominant and submissive characters. I'll do mm, mf, ff, and I'll attempt threesomes in any combination. (I say attempt because I've never actually played one)

Generic pairings I like:
-teacher x teacher
-teacher x student
-teacher x parent
-employer x employee
-employee x employee
-employee x client
-employer x client
-friend x friend
-friend x parent
-parent x parent
-some sort of affair

Plot Ideas:
Note: those stricken I'm doing now and will not consider. If it is underlined, I'll possibly consider. If it is a link, it is inspired by a picture.

Wolf and Red

More to come!


You got my interest. @___@

I like them all so it is hard to choose, but do you have a story for the school related ones?

That Girl Analise

Which? Teacher, student, or parent?


I would like to do your friend x friend idea it will be a fun idea to do it with you.
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I'd be interested in trying out the teacher x teacher one or the friend x parent one. Feel free to pm me.
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-friend x friend sounds great so PM me if you are intrested ;)


Teacher/Teacher would work for me.  Would we be able to work lesbian incest into it?

That Girl Analise

hmmmm... i think i want some more... Tempt me.

That Girl Analise


I would like to try the student X teacher one if you don't mind.
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