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Author Topic: Tainted Love - Rock Band RP - M/m, M/f, Mmfmffmmfffmmm? BDSM, NC, Fetish, etc.  (Read 19548 times)

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Offline Sasha

 He would more likely just lift her up placing her over it he could carry her back to the bus ..sure it might not make her happy . giggles ... but yea ..he gave her his leather coat . Probably tucking her legs to attempt to keep her warm . Knowing she walked out without thinking .

 He only pretends to not like her ..she more like a sister to him .

Offline Riona

umm we have a posting order or like not to step on anyone toes if we do

Offline Sasha

 It was agreed to wait and let 3 posts ..go past and then post .

 However with the slow post rate ..generally in a conversation or intimate type back and forth is to me acceptable ...but with you know a 2-3 post limit in line allow others to interact if wanted to .

 Kind of a use your best judgement type thing. If your waiting on an answer ...don't post beyond getting it ..unless like 1-2 weeks have went by and no ones seen the other. Then as CurvyKitten did ..move your character appropriately given some reason .  Using her only as an example since it is the latest one ..but has been done by others , myself included.

IRL things come up it's understandable .


Offline Valkyrie1066Topic starter

Vic's been crazy busy.  He says he looks forward to being able to join us, soon.  I think it's safe enough to consider him "asleep" in the back for the time being, he can come back in  (see, the bunks are like a time portal...) when he gets back.   Like Efrica, that way we can work around several day long absences?

Offline CurvyKitten

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Ok was wanting to make sure I read that right. And aww a little sister...damn guess that takes trying to suduse him out of the question. Wanted to see how far he leaded towards men...hehe. But it will shock her, she is used to being the one to take care of everyone. And yes she will be kind of pissed, one cause he just went behind her back and brought on a newbie. But I'm sure Syn will in the end earn her trust. And two because he is all and out scooping her up...she is not used to people seeing the vulnerable softer side...actually kind of scares her. And I was just checking with would hit Tempest hard for him to leave. She already feels resposible for Dak's..?( what was the old bass players name
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Offline Leonis

Is this topic still open? I have a complete band profile available...

What's happened so far in the story?

Offline Sasha

That is the story so far .. Leonis ... think we have all the band accounted for ...well except maybe the Keyboardist ...we seem to have problem keeping someone there ...though not sure if Tristen is still with us or not . He melted into the coats ...back around the holidays. Welcome to send a PM to Valkyrie1066 with regards to it . Or play a Fan/Groupies ..Radio Dude come to spend the day with the band ...whatever. They heading to Cleveland.

Old bass Players name ...think I referenced him one once ...but hell if I can remember ... Wayne I think I used . Oh give him a nickname or something. Cause if I remember correctly Temptest got busted with him over something ..and well john was a lover of his . Assume he swung both ways . Nothing wrong with him thinking she is a little sister ...and prob not much of an issue to get him interested under the right circumstances. He just not prob going to make any first move. 

And your more than able to be pissed with him ..though I think he kind of likes it that way .

She was a cute little drowned Rat ... :P  Besides I love her avatar pic what can I say.

Offline Leonis

Could you give a summary of what has happened in the RP so far?

Offline Leonis

Band Name: The Rockaneers
Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal
Members: From left to right in the photo:
Eddie "Sir Shredsalot" Sherman -- Guitar
Barry Beatnix -- Drums
Travis Tenorman -- Vocals
Hugo Hexxor -- Bass
Label: Silver Hammer Records
Maxwell Edison -- Manager
Billy Shears -- Sound Technician
"Father" Paul Mackenzie -- Public Relations
Danny Steel, Aaron Smith, Acey Dici, Edward Riggs -- Roadies
Career History:
Travis Tenorman was the son of 70s teen idol Barry Tone Tenorman, who wrote chart-topping single after chart-topping single before joining Hair Metal band The Bed Hangers in the 80s with moderate success. Barry and his band fell out of favor when Grunge rolled around in 90s and became a shadow of his former self.
Still, Travis had some very big shoes to fill, but his low self-esteem caused him to buckle and he got a job at a rock and roll-themed restaurant, where he met then-employee Eddie Sherman and regular patrons Barry Beatnix and Hugo Hexxor. They soon became friends and discovered that they all played different instruments, and Travis still never completely gave up his dream of singing.
Hugo invited them to his makeshift studio, and a few jam sessions later, they produced their first song, "Renegade Rocker". When they released it to the public, it became a hit around town, and it was decided they should stay together and start a band. Part of their first song's lyrics, "I'm a-rockin' here all night" was often misheard as "I'm a rockaneer all right", so they turned this mondegreen into their band's name: The Rockaneers.
They went to the nearest record company and presented them with their hit. Maxwell Edison of Silver Hammer Records was impressed and signed them up and became their manager. Over the next few months they recorded and published their self-titled debut album of 17 songs in addition to "Renegade Rocker", it and a few others hitting nationwide charts after the album's release. They gained local publicity by performing live on the stage of the restaurant they used to work at, and just less than a year later they produced a second album before going on a tour around the United States, sharing the spotlight with a few other bands. During the tour it was leaked to the public that Hugo Hexxor was a recovering alcoholic, and that Barry Beatnix used to be involved with a street gang that was particularly notorious in the city he grew up in. After their tour, they produced a third album consisting entirely of covers of other rock band's songs, with mixed reactions among fans and critics. To make up for those that didn't like it, they have stated that they will produce a two-disk album of entirely original songs in the near future.
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Offline Sasha

 So your proposing what exactly ...Leonis ?

 Having like a battle of the bands night in the underground of Cleveland ..where a bunch of bands set up and play in a giant music fest ?

 Assuming your playing a member of the other band Travis  ...

As far as summary of what has happened ...umm ..lets see the band lost the bass guitarist due to overdose ...they just put themselves back together .. played a jig in a backwoods style biker bar to get the proper VIPs in place and on board to fund them ...and are now on the sex mobile buss heading to Cleveland meet with Sandra to sign the contracts ..frolic some more on her boat ..and then do a few more jigs ..promos ...maybe a radio interview ..whatever all new bands do to lift themselves back up .. think it was determined they had a few records out prior ..they just struggling to get on top. Have a loyal fan base.

Currently : Bus stopped at the welcome to Ohio of boredom the freezing icy rain.

You will need to talk to Valkyrie1066 ...he is the GM for this game.

Offline Leonis

One step ahead of you, Sasha. One step ahead.

And I'll be replacing your keyboardist as Hugo Hexxor.

Offline Valkyrie1066Topic starter

I'm a little dim on this, but it has been pointed out that I should have (separate) three threads:
Group Roleplay Wanted
OCC:  Tainted Love: Rock Band RP
Tainted love: Rock Band RP
Got any advice for moving and deliniating an OCC thread?  Most of the stuff on the group roleplays wanted should go into the OCC thread.
Can I buy a clue?

Offline Sasha

 Sent you a PM Valk ....

 If your going to try and move posts out of here ..into  a new OOC Thread ..located the same area as the game thread is going on ...that would require an Admin to do so . Seems awful messy .

 Might be easiest .. to make a Character Profile/ OOC Thread ...asking all those active to move their character profile there .. and then open it up as the place for in game OOC talk. Leaving this Thread here to pick up any new player inquiries.

OR ...Build 2 threads .. Character Profile  <active players move their Character sheet there> ....and OOC Thread  <to have in game discussions > ...

That way this thread Group Roleplay Interests ..can be used to pick up new players wanting to come into the game.

That is my understanding anyways .. but double check with the Admin that addressed the issue with you. Which is the easiest to do for them so you can come into the compliance .


Offline Leonis

Oh, and Sasha...

I heard it costs $400,000 to fire you for 12 seconds.  ;)

Offline Valkyrie1066Topic starter

You're a bud, Sasha.  I'm not new at roleplaying, but this is the first group roleplay I've ever run.  I hope that once I get my "sea legs" things will go much more smoothly.  I'll make it right, and start it right next go round.
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Even I figured out I"d been had.  But that became kind of a gimic.  He went to yard sales, cattle auctions, art festivals.  He was a crazy looking a football in ridiculously long fake fur.  His comb and wattles (those things that hang off their face) were black, and his puffy earlobes were bright turquoise blue.  He was so accustomed to people that he sat absolutely quietly and motionless; most thought he was a puppet of some sort, or some kind of weird parrot.  They asked me how I trained a rooster to let me carry him around.
Cats have trained me to open doors and feed on command.  Oh, wait....Cats have everyone trained.

Offline CurvyKitten

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I post and poof...dang is it just me....?

 and she is going to have a long...discussion with John about this. But she didn't want to undermine him in front of the newbie, she does respect him that much.

Offline Valkyrie1066Topic starter

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
I love her scream.

Offline Leonis

Anyone? Please tell me when to jump into the RP and how.

Offline sinera

Wow. Only 4 bedrooms? So who's sharing with whom... and you do realize these guys will probably want REAL food instead of that frou-frou stuff?

Offline Jecht

Well there's 4 band members right? so atleast one in each then we have the bus driver, Harmony and maybe at least two more. Is Sandra enjoying us? I mean joining us?haha

If anything I think we will have fun with 3 to a bed.  ;D

Offline Sasha

 Well there is breakfast .... eggs , sausage , bacon , sausage gravy  ....croissants , biscuts .
 There is sushi cause some GM wanted it ...rolls eyes ..  A cheese plate ..a pasta salad , salsas .. shirmp .. fresh fruit ..a green salad .. I would think that would cover a nice brunch that would make everyone happy anyways . I just got tired of looking at food pictures . If you want I can remove the pics of the food and you can use your own imagination .

 I will move the bedrooms to 5 if you like ... but they all have a king sized bed ...and it sure the hell ought to be better than sleeping on a bunkbed in a bus that is moving from place to place. Plus the bus is still there if any choose to sleep there instead.

 We have 3 male band members  - Vance , Vic and Heri 
 < think we lost the keyboardist some time back again - unless Leonis is jumping in there.  >

 Two female members - Efrica - Roni

 Extras - John , Temptest and ..Syn the drowned Rat . 
              And the guest groupie picked up by Vance - Harmony.

Vance and Harmony can have their own room anyways .. if that is what your concerned about .

And yes Sandra will probably stay at least one night with the band .

Offline Valkyrie1066Topic starter

*Heri waves his hand*    "Vic???  I'll share a room..."

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

Re: Tainted Love - Rock Band RP - M/m, M/f, Mmfmffmmfffmmm? BDSM, NC, Fetish, et
« Reply #247 on: February 17, 2010, 03:28:44 PM »
Vic likes...

Sounds like a plan to me, Valkyrie.

Offline Riona

ok i think i missed something along the way here

Offline Riona

yeah never mind..i blame lack of sleep...on that stupid posting lol