Runes of Lucid Dreams [NC:H, BON] {M/F or F/F}

Started by Fragile Dreams, November 03, 2009, 03:39:32 PM

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Fragile Dreams

Runes of Lucid Dreams

Dreams are sequence images, sounds and feelings experienced while sleeping,
particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep.
The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood,
though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.
The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Premise: Two strangers, a man and a woman, trying to escape a citadel.
Tags: Non-concecual human, although it might turn into exotic while it's going. Depending on the female character
it might vary to her likes.
Setting: Real world at the current age. Gothic citadel.

Byron Theodor, a man around 27, working as a plain security guard, started having those dreams 2 days ago,
from the start of the game and since then they have been always in his mind. Distracted by the dreams he started
sleepy more than ussualy, especialy in his work at night shifts. Byron reaches about 6'2" height and weights
about 170lbs, he has dark brown hair, that reach almost his shoulders, he has deep blue eyes and some facial hair.
At his back he has a tattoo of a naked fairy sitting on a large mushroom and covers the most of his back.
In the dreamworld, Byron is hesitating to venture more into the citadel, because since now he was alone and affraid,
For two dreams, he is standing in a small room that reminds him of his real bedroom, although everything are dusty and
and rotten.

Of course if we decide to make it an F/F story, then I'll post my female character here. As long the discussion brings it.

The female character is going to be created by you. I don't have any restrictions or requirements as to
what kind of woman she would be although, you must know that might physical appearance might change in the dreamworld.
For example, your character in the dreamworld at one time she might be blonde and look like a schoolgirl,
when another time she might look like a goth girl. It depends mostly on the rune we are seeking
but you can create appearances of your character as well. All I want from the woman that will take the role is to
give as many details about her character's appearance and actions she can, and most important, not waiting for me to lead the entire story while she follows.

Two people, a man and a woman are having the same dream although they don't know each other,
haven't met in their lives. Everynight when they go to sleep they are traveling in a strange citadel,
where demonic figurines are the only habitants, for what they know so far.
The game takes place both in the dreamworld citadel as well in real world, as the two are trying to find
a way to escape. And if like in a game, to escape that citadel they must complete a quest, given to them
mysterious ways. The quest is about finding the 7 Runes of Sinful Bliss, the runes that represent the aspects
of the sexual behavior of humanity. Those runes are:

               lust                   desire   
                          Passion         Seduction           imagination
                stimulation              fetish

Of course obtaining the runes is a must, since they are their only way out. By completing the Rune Guardians' tasks
through riddles, actions or anything the Guardian might ask, they will gain the rune, as well a help for the next rune they must find.
The Rune Guardians are spirits, who ask the couple to proceed into sexual intercourse, related to the rune of course.


Fragile Dreams

Updated: Changed the title, tags and some minor changes in the plot.



Well this sounds like a fun idea. I'd be interested in discussing it further if the spot's still open  :D

Fragile Dreams