Roleplay With Mordant [Mul] [MxM] [MxF]

Started by Mordant, November 03, 2009, 12:40:14 AM

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About my Roleplaying
I can play both a dominant or submissive male, depending on my mood. However, I usually prefer dominant. I don't mind if a female plays a male or vice versa, but I myself don't really play female characters.

My form mimics yours. I can do lengthy posts with established settings and characters, or I can stay within a few paragraphs. Less than that is hard for a real, gratifying story. That being said, I will sometimes, and am happy to, do RPs that focus purely on sex and getting off (with small posts), but as someone who loves to write, that's certainly not all I do.

I mostly want to explore my bisexuality with MxM roleplays, but I often get the urge to play with females too. If I have a plot posted here that you're interested in, and it's set for a male (or female!) partner, just let me know and I may change it.

Lastly, I'm into adapting. I can adapt to your ideas and encompass them. This is, after all, an interaction between us, not a dictation!

- The RPs -

To get to work, nineteen-year-old Eliot Wistle takes the bus every morning. A mundane task at best, until one day he sees a lean teenager sitting on the curb a few stops before his. The stranger, always wearing a tshirt and jeans and clutching a guitar despite whatever weather plagues them, intrigues Eliot in ways he doesn't initially understand. Soon, Eliot gets off two stops earlier just to listen to Randy play for a few seconds, trying to be inconspicuous by dropping spare change into the case.

After a few months of this routine, Eliot is alarmed when discovering Randy is no longer at his stop, and after a brief investigation, finds him at a small coffee shop nearby, acting seemingly normal as though he wasn't homeless like Eliot knew he was. It turns out, the quirky and alluring teenager sold his guitar for drug money, and Eliot, unsure of why he feels compelled, wants to stop Randy's life from its inevitable downward spiral.

That's all for now, but I'll add as I get inspiration. If you're looking to RP anything and want to offer your own ideas, I'd be very much interested.