Just want to write a crazy story. EXCITEMENT! ACTION!

Started by GrinningHound, October 30, 2009, 05:39:15 AM

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I just want to write.  I need some people who can go with the flow.  We aren't necessarily writing one character, we are cooperating on writing a story.

I'm thinking a modern setting, but super science and magic and all sorts of crazy stuff exists, like in comics.

Our characters are basically adventurers, secret agents, modern day career wizards, whatever.  We do odd jobs for money, the plot of many great episodic shows.  Our characters all of course have a past and goals and stuff that they will pursue, and we will slowly put together an overall plot.

Anyone in?



sounds interesting, would you mind if my character was a power ranger of my own design? If not than I can come up with something else.
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This does sound cool!  Any ideas as to an eventual adversary?  I kinda had an idea that since we're secret agents/doing odd jobs for money, perhaps our more steady employer seems like a good guy but then ... well it turns a bit into Alias Season 1, if you catch my drift!  I'd LOVE to do something kick-ass and comic book-esque!


I don't think there is going to be one adversary.  There may be a couple big issues going on at different times.

Describe your power ranger some more.

I haven't decided what I want to play yet, but I have an idea.