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Author Topic: Gutters of Paradise (literate RP about hitch hiking)  (Read 630 times)

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Gutters of Paradise (literate RP about hitch hiking)
« on: October 30, 2009, 03:58:11 AM »

he tory

     There are two couples who have lived on the streets for a few years now. They reside in the deepest dregs of L.A. County, the scum of society. Desperate for food and a bed to sleep in for one night, the couples come across each other in a homeless shelter, and discover they both have the same dream: To travel across America.
After spending the night at the shelter, the couples decide to leave the next day, giving themselves one day to steal food and any supplies they might need on their trip. With no car and no money for bus or train tickets, they couples plan on hitch hiking and train hopping across the states. Going as far as they can. Setteling wherever fate may take them. They were once living a nightmare, now they're chasing a dream.

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Re: Gutters of Paradise (literate RP about hitch hiking)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2009, 04:03:42 AM »

he haracters

The First Couple

Boy 1Boy one grew up in a broken home. His father was a drunk with no job and his mother had resorted to stripping just to pay the bills. He was an only child and often felt like he was a mistake. Every night he would lay in bed with the sheets pulled up over his head, listening to his dads drunken rages. It only started out as yelling, but the night would end with the sound of the kiss of his fathers first on his mothers face. As the years went by, the beating became more brutal, Boy 1 got used to driving his mother to the ER for concussions and broken bones. By the age of 16, Boy 1 had grown a few inches and had become a lot stronger. One night he awoke to the sound of his mothers body being thrown up against the wall. He came outside of his room to find his mother curled up in a ball in the corner with his father towering over her, one hand balled up into a fist and the other holding a bottle of vodka. As Boy 1 advanced towards the scene, his father hit his mother on the side of the head with the bottle. Boy 1 could hear her skull crack. Blood splattered against the wall. She lay motionless in a heap on the floor. Boy 1 tried to tackle his father, but he was too strong and ended up beating him up. after Boy 1 could take no more, his father demanded him to the leave the house and threatened to kill him if he ever came back or called the police. Even after his brutal beating, his mother still lay on the floor, motionless, blood spilling from her left temple.
Now, three years later, Boy 1 is still unsure if his mother survived the blunt blow to her head. He though about it every day, and had nightmares about it almost every night. He tried to move on and attempted to fill that void with drugs and alcohol, but he found it only left him more empty inside. But now he thinks he's found the right thing to fill the empty space in his heart, his girlfriend.

Girl 1: Girl 1 was born in Russia. Her family was very poor and could barely afford food. It was just her, her younger sister, and her mom and dad. Girl 1's family was so poor that they couldn't afford schooling for their children. They had dreamed of a better life for them since they were born. One day, her father got offered a certain job, a very special kind of job... to sell large quantities of drugs. Soon he was pulling in the cash. They could afford food, and even bought a house. It was still in the slums, but it was a house nonetheless. One night, Girl 1's parents came to her and said they have a very special important plan. They were going to illegally smuggle her into the united states to live a better life. They said eventually they would all live together, but it would take time. They thought it'd be a good idea for her to go first because she was the oldest and they needed to stay behind to take care of her sister and continue saving up money so they could all live together in America. Girl 1 agreed. So one night they set off across town, hidden beneath hoods so no one could see it was them. Her father met a man and gave him a briefcase stuffed with hundred dollar bills. There was no words exchanged, the man just glanced at the money and nodded. Her mother and father turned around to say their goodbyes. They promised everything would be ok and they would be together again soon. "I love you"
Girl 1 was told she'd be living in a girls group home until her family came to live with her again. But everything turned out to be horribly wrong. The immigration smuggler who they thought was keeping their daughter safe turned out to be a pimp. Girl 1 was brought to live with the pimp in a house in Hollywood. From then on she learned the game of pimping and whoring. A year later, Girl 1 ran away from her pimp and kept in hiding for months until she discovered the squatter community in L.A. where she met her boyfriend who fell in love with her and has been taking care of her and providing for her as much as he could.
Sometimes when they're desperate, Girl 1 will go out and prostitute for money.

The Second Couple

Boy 2: Boy 2 grew up homeless. He stayed with his mother who had a mental disorder and was unable to hold a job. He never knew his father or any of his other family. His mother always told him that her parents were dead, along with his father. They lived in a broken down old car parked in an alley. Their belongings consisted of only their sleeping bags. His mother taught him how to pan handle, pick-pocket and steal food. Boy 2 made friends with some of the poor kids in the neighborhood and would sleep over as much as he was allowed. He never went to school. At the age of 13 his friends moms told him he wasn't welcome to come over any more because he was stealing. So Boy 1 spent most of his time panhandling. A year later, his mom left him in the car and told him not to leave no matter what, not even to panhandle. Boy 2 stayed in the locked car and waited all night, but his mother never came back. Two days passed before he accepted he might never see his mother ever again. From then on he lived on the streets, fending for himself. Sometimes he would purposly commit crimes so he could go to jail for a bed to sleep in and a warm meal. Homeless shelters wouldn't allow him to stay days at a time. Soon, Boy 2  felt like he had nothing to live for. He fell into a deep state of depression. Sometimes stealing bottles just to drink by himself in the alley, moping and sobbing. Until he met his girlfriend. She is the only thing he lives for. She is his only reason.

Girl 2: Girl 2 grew up in an orphanage. Her real mother got pregnant when she was 15 and was using drugs through her whole pregnancy. Girl 2 was born addicted to crack. Right away Girl 2 was taken away from her mother and put into an orphanage. Because her condition was so ciritical, Girl 2 was unable to be adopted until she was fully recovered. Growing up, Girl 2  never got along with the other kids, she would act up a lot, throw temper trantrums, and hurt the other children.  The orphanage took no interested in child psychology, so they would just punish her for her strange outbursts. Throughout her childhood, Girl 2 was adopted by a few different families at different times. But she was so out of control and so reluctant to live with a family, she was eventually returned to the orphanage everytime. At the age of 13 Girl 2 was still living at the orphanage and was sent to see a therapist. She was diagnosed with depression and bipolar with psychotic features. She was prescribed medication and was taking it for the next 5 years when she left the orphanage. No one wanted to adopt a teenager, especially one who had mental disorders. She was no longer alowed to stay at the orphanage since she was a legal adult. Unable to get a job, Girl 2 was in and out of homeless shelters and living on the streets where she met her boyfriend.

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Re: Gutters of Paradise (literate RP about hitch hiking)
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2009, 04:07:13 AM »


     Literacy is a MUST! Propper grammar and spelling. USE SPELL CHECK. MINIMUM of 3 good chunky paragraphs with 6 sentences each. If you fail to do this, you will be banned. And don't bore me with your morning routine just so you can meet my requirements. If you can't keep me interested with just three paragraphs, you don't belong here. "Talk like this" 'Think like this' Write in third person only. I understand writers block but I will not accept anything with less than the minimum I stated above.

     Make your posts pretty. I require you to have your name clearly posted and a picture of your character. Nothing too big. DO NOT clutter your posts, it's tacky and no one gives a shit how many pics you can post of your character. Speaking of pics, NO SCENE KIDS OR CELEBS! If I see anything that even reminds me of those, I'll ask you to change it.

     If you can't commit to the roleplay, don't join. Title your reservations "Spanging" and Title your profiles "Squatting"
     Make sure you spice things up! Don't be boring, make things happen!

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Re: Gutters of Paradise (literate RP about hitch hiking)
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2009, 04:09:03 AM »

Since this RP has limited characters, I'll be choosing who I want to play who. This is not first come first serve. I'll be judging you on your RP samples which includes, quantity and quality. I will be looking for how interesting and entertaining your samples are. I'll be looking for creativity, imagination, and uniqueness.
Send me your reservations as so:
Character you're applying for:
Two RP samples: