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Author Topic: Elder Vampire Game (NOT Twilight) - Introspective Female needed  (Read 651 times)

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Elder Vampire Game (NOT Twilight) - Introspective Female needed
« on: October 29, 2009, 03:50:23 am »
This is an idea of mine that has tickled my fantasy and I am willing to repeat and retry despite the fact that (you are warned) it may be really difficult to do properly and there is a slight possibility to end up with a crappy thread (but I do like challenges). I am already contacting someone for this thread but I am willing to 'double' or 'triple' it to explore this idea under different facets.

The idea revolves against a so-called Elder Vampire. A vampire, that is almost a millennia old and, besides being ungodly powerful (but his powers, you will see, are not his main drive - this is NOT a power player thread) is also a bit alien.

Explanation follows:

An Elder Vampire: Is not something you find in books and in TV series because his brain does not function like normal at all. At times he may seem the worst killer and sadist and at times he seems simply completely mad.. although it is difficult for someone to really have the chance to notice that.. since an Elder is strong and powerful enough not to be noticed and he makes himself not noticed.

When you live for a millennia as a Vampire some things happen:

- all the kind of world you are accustomed to is now dust. The society is different.. completely. At first, you try to evolve and adapt to the new society but time keeps flowing and society changes still. Sooner or later you lose interest in evolving since there is no point in it - you do not need evolution to survive since you are greatly powerful as you are.. truth be told evolution could be a hindrance to survival since you have to learn new things.. better to remain ingrained in the old already error-proof ways. And so you settle down and become an anachronism. You keep tabs with the language evolution and dressing habits because you still may need to interact once every long while. Also you keep yourself roughly informed about scientific development. But that is all.

- all kind of relationships you may ever have or have had are dust. People you knew and loved is dead either by old age or because you killed them unwittingly. Relationships with humans need always an ungodly amount of resources and in the end are not worth it since they are almost never true ones (the counterpart must be dominated in some way to avoid he/she try to flee or - worse - kill you). So with the passing of time, you stop having relationships with humans at all - different from drinking from them or killing them. And elder vampire can let decades pass by without even talking to anyone. An elder vampire has the deep ingrained knowledge of being something different from human while having still the general aspect.

- you are now so powerful that you can actually use your powers to separate yourself from everything. You don't need to lure people and seduce them to hunt since you may follow them unseen, drink from them and completely erase their memories. You may kill them and have the bodies disappear. Humanity is now only cattle to you and you treat them as food.. and at times you look at them with the eye of the young boy about to rip off the wings at a butterfly..

- since you need something to cling to, you start to cling to habits. The most powerful and well ingrained of them is always survival. It has been so ingrained in all the long elder's life that an elder vampire will almost never kill himself despite the living hell that his life may now be. So he will continue hunting and surviving, locked in his ever-identical nights. Other habits may be the cure of the exterior.. vampires with this habit are beautiful and always in order despite the fact that they see no one. Another one may be feeding habits or a particular quirk or the keeping of their oaths. And this habits soon take the place of society and relationships and become the most important thing in the vampire's life.

- the vampire loses contact with his humanity this way. And he starts to become jaded and his life is in a way a torture. Things like killing someone are a relief because this is still a form of outside contact although the vampire does not overdo and does not go in killing sprees - out of habit. The vampire would find interesting and alluring every change in his life.. even being deathly afraid, suffering or dieing would be a welcome and interesting event for him although the vampire will try to avoid that at all costs - out of habit - despite being curious and aware that he would like that to actually happen.

So that is what happens. The vampire could have been a noble and good person when he was young but excessive undead life turns him into a monster. But.. does he still remember what he was? Is there a way to have his lost humanity resurface? Is there a way for him to still have a relationship with someone?

As you see.. a REAL difficult character for me to portray and I think a difficult challenge too for those who accept it to even INTERACT with such a thing.. if I manage to portray he as it should be portrayed.


I hope this gives you something to think, just to start. Now about the plot.. the plot is necessarily very hazy since this being a thread mainly introspective... actually what is necessary is to have well defined the 'other' character... the one with which the vampire will interact.

This character should probably be human although if the plot is really good can be something else (a fantasy love affair between a vampire and a fae... O.O). The character should be well defined.. and it is actually up to you. Three things only are requested and seen as paramount:

- she must not be 'evil' in the sense that it would be silly have her use him to 'conquer the world' or turn the city into her personal plaything. Everything in the middle can be ok if it is a good plot.. but using him to rob banks or kill enemies should be a secondary thing

- she must have strength enough to not fall too much in panic. This may seem easy but think about you suddenly having a millennium old immortal thing show up at your door.. she must not curl into an 'interior ball'. She must be strong - or insane - enough to somehow react and still remain credible (so a shock of some thing is expected.. please no things like 'Oh, so Vampires do exist.. wow!').

- she must not be completely out of my O/O (see) although a more stretching than normal is allowed here given the nature of the character.

The story can be vanilla but it is not needed. The point here is to find a contact and relationship of some kind with the vampire and this can be as twisted as they come as long as it allows him to come in contact with his own soul.

The general idea about the plot is something like that (but it is subject to change).

The vampire - when he was still human - had been in love. He had given something (the classic brooch or medallion or maybe something different) to his love along with the oath to always protect her. Then he was turned into an undead and lost contact with her.

Your character is a descendant of that woman and has the token. The vampire notices it and since his oath is still valid - he ALWAYS keeps his word - he contacts your character. He tries to ascertain who he is and what relationship she had with his lost love.. we may start from here. He will also plainly tell her to not tell about him to anyone or he will torture and kill her family/friends.. each single one of them. So your character is sort of stuck up with this creature. But this is not a twilight scene. This one is a monster in the 'monstrum' latin sense.. an alien, wondrous thing.


One last thing. As I said, if the plot is good enough I'm open to discuss relationships with well-developed non human characters. A thing that would be a blast although insanely difficult to portray would be a relationship with another elder vampire... a way for both of them to cling to each other..

An idea I had about that recently (but is subject to change) is that the two vampires are old enemies. They are so powerful that neither of the two has yet managed to kill the other. And since they are the only familiar thing they still have they eventually fall in utter love with each other.

They keep trying to kill each other since this is how they live and they cannot change it. Each of them secretly hopes that the other will succeed in killing him/her one day.. and they know that if one of them manages to destroy the other, he or she will subsequently end his own unlife immediately to reach his/her beloved. In the meantime they keep thwarting each other's plans and they meet in neutral grounds to make love and stay with each other once a year..

This last one could be played as a little group game with the two main vampires and a third (human?) party who suddenly shows up and breaks the delicate balance between the two...


As you see, the possibilities can be many and all impegnative. Feel free to PM me if interested in talking a bit about this one. I won't bite (by PM at least). Actually, I owe you one just for being so kind as to have read this far.

*bows in thanks for your attention*
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