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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 72

Started by Marguerite, October 28, 2009, 05:39:26 PM

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Oct 27th [72] - First Day Of Rush & It Was A Rush

I went to the first night of the sorority's rush week around four in the afternoon. The first day of the second wave of Fall Rush was a party held at one of the Phi's sister's house. The first day was about getting to know the women who were in the process of 'rushing' for the event. Myself, I was a bit hesitant since this is more to cross off my bucket list of things to do in college. I met up with the other 'rush' females and the sorority sisters at a agreed upon location on campus. From there, I started to mingle with the other females with bringing up the topic of what each person planned for Halloween. Somewhere along the lines Rocky Horror Picture Show was brought up and I ever started to sing Sweet Transvestite without shame. A few of the girls joined in while the group of us walked to the house. 

The sorority sisters were on me like a Elliquiy newly approved member on a roleplay request thread. Perhaps even imagine Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct being interrogated by the police about a murder? That was how I felt and while I did not wear a white dress, I still crossed my legs and kept my cool. Still, I sat down on a leather couch while four to five different sorority sisters started to spout off questions one by one. I was asked about my major, my age, my ethnicity, my family life, my social life, anything and everything with the exception of my sexuality and marriage status. I think was I asked at one point for my social security but a pumpkin cupcake was thrust into my hand and I enjoyed ripping the pumpkin to shreds. Remember, I adore pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, all things that can be a food item of pumpkin.

Now, each sorority sister started to fire off these questions and I answered right back, even adding a few jokes along the way. It was one of those slow starting roller coasters where you start to go slowly and gently before getting to the top and racing down. For me, the conversation was stale but then it became interesting when a few of the females noticed the Converse high tops I wore for the party. I enjoy Converse and Vans when I am not wearing high heels. Sometimes, I usually wear the Converse tops when I visit a submissive and find interesting ways to step on their backs with my Converse shoes. The Converse tops I wore wear bought three years ago as a birthday gift from Faja. This is the heart Converse:

(Yes, my room at the familia's place does have handcuffs for curtains that was bought at Claire's a few years back)

Once I picked up on the Converse being a segway into more topics than the boring 'where are you from and what do you do', it went into favorite shows, stupid moments done while under the influence of chocolate/alcohol and I ended up high fiving one of the sorority females a few times until my hand was red. She high fived me every time I mentioned a favorite show and I found she is into Sons of Anarchy. The get together for the first night only last for two hours since the other roommates of the house wanted the party of plus 40 females to get the hell out of their place so they could study for midterms. Overall, I had expected the females to be bitchy and mean like what you would see in the movies depicting their cattiness or horrible personalities. Instead, I enjoyed myself and tomorrow night I go back for Halloween movie night.

Right now, I am getting dressed and about to head out the door for the movie night. I will let you know how it went and who knows I might have pictures of the event.

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments. 
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Those are beautiful Converse; my wife would almost kill for them.  There seems to be an interestingly fetishistic subculture of Converse-lovers, too.

And an interesting sorority experience; my general impression is of them being more like you expected, given what I've seen of the sorority members here (I work at a big university).  However, I suspect that only with the obnoxious ones does one even notice that they're sororistas.
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