Looking for literate RP'ers for hitch hiking across the states RP

Started by Eva Braun, October 28, 2009, 12:49:18 AM

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Eva Braun

I've been thinking about starting an RP about two couples (both hetero) who have been homeless and squatting for a few years. They live in the very dregs of Los Angeles and want to hitch hike and train hop all over the states and settle down wherever they might wind up.
I would like only males to play males and only females to play females.
If anyone is interested, just post here!

Oh and also, literacy is very important to me. I would really appreciate if everyone could post AT THE VERY LEAST 3 paragraphs with AT LEAST 6 sentences. Thank you!
And if you could link me to an RP sample of yours, that would be great!
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I might be interested in this, can you give us some more details as to what you have in mind in the long term for the game?
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Hello Eva. Interesting idea.

You might have more luck posting this under the Groups Wanted section, since it looks like you're recruiting for more than a 1-on-1 game.