Turned to a slut.(Mul) male wanted

Started by Passion Pants, October 27, 2009, 08:09:40 AM

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Passion Pants

Closed thanks for all the interest,

A couple mid thirties have been married for a number of years and everything seemed fine and life was going along on a daily basis he had his career and she had her own.

However for the passed few years unknown to his wife he had been attending swingers nights he had gone along out of curiosity with a work colleague who was a swinger.He had returned many times since and was a participant now and totally enjoyed it especially seeing the way others passed there wives around.

His thoughts had turned to how to get his wife involved he would love to see her being used by other men and women but how could he turn her into a slutty whore.He knew she was more reserved and would never agree by just asking her he would have to get her to agree maybe has one off to save their marriage or has a treat for him.Then afterwards he could get her more involved.

Looking for a guy to play the husband and to take on more than one charcaters
role has it develops.

Pm me if interested wil be willing to play this with more than one other.

my on's & off's at

If you have any ideas for role plays message me and we can discuss anything considered xx

Behind every great woman, is a guy looking at her ass


Hey. I am definitely interested. I sent you a PM.