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Author Topic: Game Seeking  (Read 520 times)

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Offline PhoenixBlazeTopic starter

Game Seeking
« on: April 24, 2006, 11:03:00 AM »
Recently it has occured to me that despite the games I have going, which are growing day by day, that I am still not satisfied dammit. *game whore* Anyway the following are some one on one idea's if anyone's interested.

1. Night Shift Nurses, for any anime and hentai fans this should ring a bell. Yes I would like to play out a similiar game with someone, or multiple people could work as well. The idea is a perverted doctor has been transferred to a local hospital or clinic which ever. Not long after he settles in, he is called into the big huncho's office, who yes happens to be a woman. Not satisfied with their snotty attitudes, and shitty work habits, and personal life getting involved. She wants the doctor to shape them up using any means nessecary, which of course means pain and sex. Not believing his luck he agree's, and throughout the game uses blakmail, and other things against them to get them to participate in his weird fantasie's. This doesn't have to go exactly like the anime, it could be in america or any other country, and of course the names would be different. It has potential to involve more than one person, as he becomes 'aquainted' with more nurses, but he ends up coming back for more to them all so people could switch in and out. I need people creative for this, to come up with plot twists without me, and also to help come up with things to blackmail them on, etc.

2. Fey Slave - Like AutumnFury I find myself into exploring things involving fey, being a big fan of LKH and all. My idea for this is Ezekiel is a royal guard and torturer for the unseelie court, and has recently found himself with a slave, due to a punishment the female fey has received. The female fey has been senteced to six months in the hands of Ezekiel, who has a nasty reputation among the court, the question is will she survive his attentions, and at what cost.

3. Woes of the Young - Another interesting idea I thought would be good. Futuristic setting this time, with a little Gundam Seed parts thrown into it. Set in 2105, a war rages between what is known as the Naturals and the Coordinators. The United Earth Defense System battles for supremacy against the Coordinators using any means nessecary, which is not easy to say the least, because not only are they battling superhumans but robots. In the midst of this conflict, Shogo a troubled seventeen year old, and natural wonders about his past, and struggles to figure who he is and his place in life. Soon it becomes more clear as he joins the Unted Earth Defense System, and soon learns of his natutal skills as a mobile suit pilot. Mitsuko a spoiled seventeen daughter of a coordinator general struggles with her troubles as well, wanting more to life than what she has, and basically sick of the on going war. On a chance mission the two meet, only for Shogo to be captured by a vessel of the coordinators, which happens to be the one Mitsuko is on. Over hearing a converation her father is having after the battle, her interest is peed by the new youngster on board. Slowly they become friends and more, and Mitsuko is appointed his caretaker, and slowly lust and a romance develops between the two. Eventually the two fall in love, which causes conflict between mitsuko and her father. No longer wanting to stay they come up with a plan to escape forever.

Offline Ariabella

Re: Game Seeking
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2006, 12:06:15 PM »
Oooh ...Fey Slave intrigues me hon. I'd be interested.