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Author Topic: VinDictive's requests updated  (Read 486 times)

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VinDictive's requests updated
« on: October 26, 2009, 03:40:09 PM »
Well as the title says this is my thread for requests. At the moment I'm only going to post my Rabbit Hole and what I role-play in general. Perhaps tomorrow I will post more.

F/F[if theirs a futa involved--good plot will convince me otherwise or if I'm in the mood.]

I'm dominant when I play males, but can also be submissive and looking to be a submissive male at the moment. I'll be dom though if whatever kinks you have or plot/scenario interests me enough. I'm, usually a submissive female unless she's a futa. I'm open to many ideas so whatever you have just throw em' at me, but after you take a look at my rabbit hole.

Rabbit link >> Look in Profile.

Taking a look at my posts will let you know what level of literacy I'm on.

Interesting pairings to me:

School faculty/student/faculty member
Sister[older if I'm the sis]/Brother
Knight/Royalty[more soon...]

[plots soon]

Any requests? Pm me.
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Re: VinDictive's requests updated
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2009, 02:37:13 PM »
/Ongoing games/

-Long time no see- [Izu]
-How Ironic?- [BrilliantDays]
-Prison Love, Prison Passion- [NekoBoy89]
-Atleast I've got you- [Saku]
-Indulge- [ShadowSho]
-Bow Down- [Sand of Gaara]
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Re: VinDictive's requests updated
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2009, 05:40:14 PM »
These are things that I will play... Charas coming soon

//Fantasy Characters//

1.   Elf
2.   Faerie//Pixie
3.   Angel
4.   Demon
5.   Vampire
6.   Necromancer
7.   Other magic wielding being of some sort[mage, etc…]
8.   Neko
9.   Kitsune
10.   Prince/ess
11.   King/Queen


1.   Modern
2.   Modern-Fantasy
3.   Medieval
4.   Medieval-Fantasy
5.   Moderate-futuristic[hovering cars, teleportation over a short distance, not too advanced]

//Main Occupations//

1.   Necromancy/mortician
2.   Famous Celebrity[rock star, musician, etc…]
3.   Assassin
4.   Member of school faculty
5.   Desk jobs[secretary, cubicles]
6.   Corporate owner
7.   Artist[photographer etc…]
8.   Entertainer[prostitute, dancer…]
9.   Jobless[looking for a job…maid, babysitter etc…]


1.   Narcissistic vampire finds true beauty in someone that rivals his own elegance and grace. Furious with such a discovery he goes off into a fit preying on this other beauty like himself to suck them dry to remain the one and only. “No human shall surpass me!” he always says to himself before every meal. Anyhoo, he ends up falling for the creature kind of self loathing the whole time for such a weakness. With a lot of convincing he accepts his feelings and the uh…sack of blood.
2.   A necromancer obsessed with the beauty of death, finds himself falling for a beautiful new nurse that appears at his stationed hospital one day.
3.   A faerie is forced upon a boy as his guardian. The boy believes in magic no more however, and it creates complications for the faerie who just wants to go home.

Anybody up for being a mark. I'm kinda achin' to be an assassin right now. I got ideas :3 This can be from yaoi, to futa, to het, to just plain ole' yuri. Spunky, or less spunky subs are welcome. Pm me if you are interested.
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