Kanrya's few ideas

Started by Kanrya, October 26, 2009, 02:10:41 AM

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okay i know that these may seem stupid but these are a few starting ideas

the YYH one is this

Kanrya a half-wolf half fox demon is an up and coming thief who stole something from the spirit realm. anyway Koenma sends the reikai tantei to catch her...or something along those lines...anyway they catch her and while they cart her back something i havent exactly figured out yet happens and she and hiei find themselves in a cell they cant escape from.

the Inuyasha one is this...

my idea was that Kanrya ((my OC and yes i took my sn from her lol))a half fox-half wolf demon meets up with the IY gang and they travel together, IY intrigues her or something Naraku could kidnap and rape her or she could be the illegtimate child of a Fox noble and sent to be Lord Fluffy's wife and she doesnt want to.

x-men one

they center around our sexy Cajun and perhaps even Ku-eh-kuwat-su ((Wolverine if you hadn't seen the new X-men movie ^_^)) I was thinking of being perhaps the Cajun's daughter that came looking for him, ((or perhaps Logan's daughter...could go either way)) and get involved with either Gambit or Wolverine...hope you like my idea...^_^

So send me a pm or hit me on this thread.